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I know of no one who has done more for humanity than Jesus. In fact, there is nothing wrong with ChristianityThe trouble is with you Christians. You do not begin to live up to your own teachings.In conversation, attributed by James E. McEldowney
Mahatma Gandhi christianity
Christianity and Judaism
Albert Einstein christianity
Christianity was literally born in the Middle East, and we must not forget our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters in Christ.
Prince Charles christianity
National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable.
Martin Bormann christianity
I am the third Jenkin Jones to preach that liberal interpretation of Christianity generally known as Unitarianism.
Jenkin Lloyd Jones christianity
Hank Hill: Cant you see youre not making Christianity better, youre just making rock and roll worse?
King of the Hill christianity
Were going to protect Christianity, and I can say that. I dont have to be politically correct. Were going to protect it.
Donald Trump christianity
The highfalutin aims of democracy, whether real or imaginary, are always assumed to be identical with its achievements. This, of course, is sheer hallucination. Not one of those aims, not even the aim of giving every adult a vote, has been realized. It has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.394
H. L. Mencken christianity
Christianity is the companion of liberty in all its conflicts — the cradle of its infancy, and the Divine source of its claims.Alexis de Tocqueville, p. 379
Liberty christianity
Reid: Actually, they were originally used to protect the birthday celebrant from demons for the coming year. As a matter of fact, down to the fourth century, Christianity rejected the birthday celebration as a pagan ritual.
Criminal Minds christianity
Vicisti, GalilæeTranslation: You have won, O Galilean Who: Emperor Julian, having attempted to reverse the official endorsement of Christianity by the Roman Empire.
Last words christianity
In speaking of Jesus, I must speak about Christianity because I do not think it possible or profitable to divide the two.
Lionel Blue christianity
Stephen Fry: It was in 686 AD, almost a century after the rest of the country. Subjugated by Cædwalla who was king of the West Saxons and who had killed most of the Pagan population to Christianize it. Good ol Christianity.
QI christianity
Simpler manners, purer lives; more self-denial; more earnest sympathy with the classes that lie below us, nothing short of that can lay the foundations of the Christianity which is to be hereafter, deep and broad.Frederick William Robertson, p. 545.
Simplicity christianity
Christianity is the enemy of liberty and civilization.
August Bebel christianity
Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.
Gilbert K. Chesterton christianity
There is nothing in Christianity or Buddhism that quite matches the sympathetic unselfishness of an oyster
H H Munro christianity
If all the animals and man had been evolved in this ascendant manner, then there had been no first parents, no Eden, and no Fall. And if there had been no fall, then the entire historical fabric of Christianity, the story of the first sin and the reason for an atonement ... collapsed like a house of cards.
H. G. Wells christianity
For, if Christ be simply an ideal picture, the man who sketched it will be as difficult to account for as the Being himself.George Sexton, a leading 19th century skeptic who converted to orthodox Christianity. Victorian Skeptics on the Road to Damascus
Jesus christianity
If ISIS represents Islam, then the KKK represents Christianity
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar christianity
While some who downplay Christs divinity have imagined Jesus as a great social worker being kind to old ladies, small dogs and little children, orthodox Christianity has not wanted Jesus to have a political message.
N. T. Wright christianity
The mocker will not have the last laugh. You see, dancing on the grave of an extinguished Christianity is farcical at best. Because the grave is empty. And the one who knows the way out of the grave sits in the heavens and laughs.
Ravi Zacharias christianity
No Christian can be a pessimist, for Christianity is a system of radical optimism.
William Ralph Inge christianity
He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.
Benjamin Franklin christianity
It is fatal to let people suppose that Christianity is only a mode of feeling; it is vitally necessary to insist that it is first and foremost a rational explanation of the universe.
Dorothy L. Sayers christianity
Historically, even in the greatest minds of the Enlightenment, they could be at variance. Rousseau, the most advanced political thinker of his generation, was emotionally a pietist; Voltaire, politically at ease with a benevolent absolutism, scorned the consolations of Savoyard Christianity. For Timpanaro, Leopardi had represented the possibility of a synthesis beyond either: firm republicanism, unswerving atheism.
Perry Anderson christianity
Christianity means a lot more than church membership.
Billy Sunday christianity
Christianity does not remove you from the world and its problems; it makes you fit to live in it, triumphantly and usefully
Charles Templeton christianity
It would be easy to show how much there enters of the conjectural, of superficial resemblances, of debatable interpretation into the systems of the Drews, the Robertsons, the W. B. Smiths, the Couchouds, or the Stahls The historical reality of the personality of Jesus alone enables us to understand the birth and development of Christianity, which otherwise would remain an enigma, and in the proper sense of the word, a miracle.
Christ myth theory christianity
NEGRO   Member of a subgroup of the human race who hails, or whose ancestors hailed, from a chunk of land nicknamed—not by its residents—Africa. Superior to the Caucasian in that negroes did not invent nuclear weapons, the automobile, Christianity, nerve gas, the concentration camp, military epidemics, or the megalopolis.context 6 “One Comes Out Where”
John Brunner christianity
They will think me very narrow whatever that means if I say that the remarkable thing about Christianity was that it was the first to preach Christianity. Its peculiarity was that it was peculiar, and simplicity and sincerity are not peculiar, but obvious ideals for all mankind. Christianity was the answer to a riddle, not the last truism uttered after a long talk.
Orthodoxy book christianity
It is certain that this concept forms a fundamental moral bases of religious whose cable markers are more than two-thirds of the worlds population, while special influence on the capacities of each of them, by a superhuman idealism in Christianity, a nihilism antihuman in Buddhism, and an incipient but eclectic pandeism progressing in Bramanist Indian beliefs; and those who admit the principle ideal of universal brotherhood, it is worthwhile scientific naturalism aesthetic greek-roman and modern inhales, substantially, all the teaching European audience, and against which they protested always very logically and the Orthodox Christians, Pope Paul II to Joseph Maistre.
Pandeism christianity
Organized Christianity could be defined as the ever renewed effort to get around these sayings without repudiating Jesus.Section 59 p. 232
Walter Kaufmann philosopher christianity
Christianity helps us face the music even when we don’t like the tune.
phillips brooks christianity
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