comfort quotes

#9022 Bill Watterson

Calvin: One of my baby teeth came out! I have to say, I'm not entirely comfortable holding a piece of my own head. p149 .

Bill Watterson Quotes about comfort
#14073 Emily Bront

She seemed almost over fond of Mr. Linton; and even to his sister she showed plenty of affection. They were both very attentive to her comfort, certainly. It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn. .

Emily Bront Quotes about comfort
#15201 Neil Armstrong

I am comfortable with my level of public discourse. .

Neil Armstrong Quotes about comfort
#16108 Helen Keller

The Bible gives me a deep, comforting sense that "things seen are temporal and things unseen are eternal." .

Helen Keller Quotes about comfort
#17175 Robert Browning

What I aspired to be, And was not, comforts me. .

Robert Browning Quotes about comfort
#18274 Edward Young

Life's cares are comforts; such by Heav'n design'd; He that hath none must make them, or be wretched. .

Edward Young Quotes about comfort
#19111 Matthey Henry

Our creature comforts .

Matthey Henry Quotes about comfort
#29717 The Two Towers

It is a comfort not to be mistaken at all points. Do I not know it only too well! .

The Two Towers Quotes about comfort
#32087 Moby Dick

The act of paying is perhaps the most uncomfortable infliction that the two orchard thieves entailed upon us. .

Moby Dick Quotes about comfort
#36494 Richard Feynman

When playing Russian roulette thethat the first shot got off safely is little comfort for the next. .

Richard Feynman Quotes about comfort
#41194 Sublime

If rhymes were valiums I'd be comfortably numb .

Sublime Quotes about comfort
#46906 Orson Scott Card

Arthur had heard Peggy say that she didn’t wish for more comfortable furniture, because if the chairs were softer, company would be inclined to stay longer. .

Orson Scott Card Quotes about comfort
#51258 Lynn Abbey

It's possible to become so comfortable with one's style and structure that one ceases to grow. .

Lynn Abbey Quotes about comfort
#54410 Bashar al Assad

It would be a mistake to link anything that Israel does to a certain circumstance. And it is a mistake to feel comfortable in any circumstance just because Israel did not act on it. .

Bashar al Assad Quotes about comfort
#54701 Eddie Albert

And so I missed those best years and I find it difficult for me, in groups, to be comfortable. .

Eddie Albert Quotes about comfort
#56372 GG Allin

No one comes to my shows so they'll feel safe and comfortable. .

GG Allin Quotes about comfort
#62060 Les Aspin

Long-term, we must figure out a way that the Kurdish territory within Iraq operates with a certain amount of autonomy so that they feel comfortable and safe going back. .

Les Aspin Quotes about comfort
#67203 Ashleigh Banfield

The hardest thing is that I never do anything the same way twice, and when I'm on the air, I'm very unscripted, and I'm very comfortable in that role. So me being scripted is not a comfortable place for me. .

Ashleigh Banfield Quotes about comfort
#67517 William Banting

The great charm and comfort of the system is, that its affects are palpable within a week of trial, which creates a natural stimulus to persevere for few weeks more, when the fact becomes established beyond question. .

William Banting Quotes about comfort
#69371 Mischa Barton

I like guys who are confident but not cocky, who are comfortable with themselves, and who know what they want. .

Mischa Barton Quotes about comfort
#69835 Angela Bassett

I guess I'm breaking out a little of what's comfortable and easy. .

Angela Bassett Quotes about comfort
#70480 Felix Baumgartner

I feel comfortable with what I do and I guess that my girlfriend feels the same. .

Felix Baumgartner Quotes about comfort
#70572 Kylie Bax

I never feel comfortable modeling when I'm pregnant, even if I'm not showing. .

Kylie Bax Quotes about comfort
#72045 Paul Begala

I was the guy that told Bill Clinton he was going to win. I had gotten the final polling numbers. He had a comfortable lead. He was not going to lose. .

Paul Begala Quotes about comfort
#72516 E. T. Bell

Time makes fools of us all. Our only comfort is that greater shall come after us. .

E. T. Bell Quotes about comfort
#76775 Rachel Bilson

I like to be comfortable, and don't like to be cold, and I don't like to wear anything I'm not in the mood for. .

Rachel Bilson Quotes about comfort
#77035 Birdman

I'm not really a gambler, but I'll bet on the Super Bowl or some boxing. Something I feel comfortable with. .

Birdman Quotes about comfort
#77922 Ruben Blades

You know, it was uncomfortable doing the same thing. I don't like a rut. .

Ruben Blades Quotes about comfort
#79513 Bert Blyleven

I'm from Southern California, so I feel much more comfortable with a golf club in my hand than I do a weapon. .

Bert Blyleven Quotes about comfort
#80405 Matt Bomer

I never feel more confident and comfortable than when I'm wearing a Tom Ford suit. .

Matt Bomer Quotes about comfort
#81820 Kate Bosworth

I felt uncomfortable in cliques. .

Kate Bosworth Quotes about comfort
#83197 Keegan Bradley

Especially in wind, each shot and stance can feel different, so it's important to first get comfortable. .

Keegan Bradley Quotes about comfort
#83655 Michelle Branch

I'm just more comfortable in my own skin now. .

Michelle Branch Quotes about comfort
#89279 Zola Budd

I found them uncomfortable and after that I decided to continue running barefoot because I found it more comfortable. I felt more in touch with what was happening - I could actually feel the track. .

Zola Budd Quotes about comfort
#89915 Tory Burch

I just like easy clothes - comfort. .

Tory Burch Quotes about comfort
#93169 Vince Cable

I don't feel comfortable with luxury, and I try to stay fairly normal. .

Vince Cable Quotes about comfort
#93552 Susan Cain

Shyness is inherently uncomfortable; introversion is not. The traits do overlap, though psychologists debate to what degree. .

Susan Cain Quotes about comfort
#96086 Amy Carlson

I like clothes that are easy to wear. I like to be comfortable and confident. .

Amy Carlson Quotes about comfort
#99645 Two Chainz

I just be comfortable in my own skin; I might wear anything. .

Two Chainz Quotes about comfort
#100461 Stockard Channing

I'm rather uncomfortable with celebrity, to be honest. .

Stockard Channing Quotes about comfort
#102289 Billy Childish

My favourite things are jokes, friendliness and feeling comfortable. .

Billy Childish Quotes about comfort
#106154 Jonathan Coe

Writers never feel comfortable having labels attached to them, however accurate they are. .

Jonathan Coe Quotes about comfort
#106931 Lily Cole

People do make assumptions about models. That's their issue, not mine. It doesn't bother me because I'm comfortable enough in my own skin - I know who I am. .

Lily Cole Quotes about comfort
#110781 Andrea Corr

I have a high tolerance for discomfort. .

Andrea Corr Quotes about comfort
#111149 Nikolaj Coster Waldau

I like to be comfortable. .

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Quotes about comfort
#111887 William Cowper

The innocent seldom find an uncomfortable pillow. .

William Cowper Quotes about comfort
#113956 Billy Crystal

I'm comfortable being old... being black... being Jewish. .

Billy Crystal Quotes about comfort
#114135 Amy Cuddy

Being a comfortable public speaker, which involves easily being able to go off-script, strongly signals competence. .

Amy Cuddy Quotes about comfort
#116319 Roald Dahl

The Bristol Channel was always my guide, and I was always able to draw an imaginary line from my bed to our house over in Wales. It was a great comfort. .

Roald Dahl Quotes about comfort
#117000 Hugh Dancy

Well, fluffy shirts are, by definition, very comfortable. .

Hugh Dancy Quotes about comfort

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