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#2988 Henrik Ibsen

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. .

Henrik Ibsen Quotes about community
#50377 Lincoln

Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights. Nor is it denied that there is, and probably always will be, a relation between labor and capital producing mutual benefits. The error is in assuming that the whole labor of community exists within that relation. .

Lincoln Quotes about community
#55199 Jason Alexander

There is no community service in 'Seinfeld.' But rather than lauding that, I think it shows the insane banality of it. .

Jason Alexander Quotes about community
#55936 John R. Allen

We don't see that the Taliban ultimately can succeed, and it's a combination both of what the international community can do to support Afghanistan, not just in the short term, but over the long term. .

John R. Allen Quotes about community
#56559 Gloria Allred

I'm entitled to collect my fair share of community property without being called names. .

Gloria Allred Quotes about community
#62007 Reza Aslan

The Muslim community is completely fractured - it doesn't really exist anymore; the only place it does exist is online. .

Reza Aslan Quotes about community
#63286 Alan Autry

Your Mayor must seek new ways to bring jobs and industry to our community. .

Alan Autry Quotes about community
#65140 Michael Badnarik

Communities don't have rights. Only individuals in the community have rights. .

Michael Badnarik Quotes about community
#69782 Karen Bass

You know, I was a community activist, so I'm used to standing out in front of an elected official's office and protesting. .

Karen Bass Quotes about community
#70500 Michael Baumgartner

The threshold of the Dream Act is not high enough. One year of community college is not enough... No, I do not support the Dream Act. .

Michael Baumgartner Quotes about community
#70991 Amanda Beard

The swimming community is really conservative. I don't know why, because we're in no clothing whatsoever. .

Amanda Beard Quotes about community
#71346 Xavier Becerra

Diabetes occurs at twice the rate in the African American community as it does in white Americans. .

Xavier Becerra Quotes about community
#72337 Harry Belafonte

I've always been supportive of the right of Israel as a state, and I've always fought against anti-Semitism, even in my own community. .

Harry Belafonte Quotes about community
#74893 Seth Berkley

You'd see little shallow graves, lined up, one after the other - babies. That's what happens when measles goes through a nutritionally deficient community. It's a horrible disease, and it spreads incredibly efficiently. .

Seth Berkley Quotes about community
#75291 Sandra Bernhard

I've become this sort of icon for the gay community. I don't like the position. .

Sandra Bernhard Quotes about community
#78026 Dennis C. Blair

There's sort of a theory that's going around in the China-watching community about a perfect storm coming up with the 2008 Olympics, a U.S. election and a Taiwanese election, some sort of mutually reinforcing explosion and crisis. .

Dennis C. Blair Quotes about community
#83135 Ed Bradley

So I just got on the phone and the engineer just patched me in and I did reports. I'd get a community leader and bring him to the phone, call up the station and do an interview over the phone with the guy. .

Ed Bradley Quotes about community
#83504 Lakhdar Brahimi

In Rwanda that genocide happened because the international community and the Security Council refused to give, again, another 5000 troops which would have cost, I don't know, maybe fifty, a hundred, million dollars. .

Lakhdar Brahimi Quotes about community
#83939 Hjalmar Branting

I do not overlook the fact that the appearance of these new, free nations in the European political community not only celebrates the return of the prodigal son but also creates new sources of friction here and there. .

Hjalmar Branting Quotes about community
#86426 Mo Brooks

You look at the Pew Hispanic Center study on the number of illegal aliens in America and the number of jobs they have, that's 7.4 million, illegal aliens in America. A quick way to create jobs in America is to remove those illegal aliens from our community. That frees up 7.4 million jobs that American can seek. .

Mo Brooks Quotes about community
#87430 Pat Brown

Telling the community a serial killer is out there stirs up a lot of unpleasant attention. .

Pat Brown Quotes about community
#87845 Thom Browne

I'm not Amish, but I grew up in that same area of Pennsylvania and became very attracted to the inherent strictness and uniformity of that community. .

Thom Browne Quotes about community
#90372 Solomon Burke

If we could buy these properties and then invest in the Black community, with our own McDonald's, with our own Kentucky Fried Chickens, it was gonna be a great move. .

Solomon Burke Quotes about community
#104820 William Lacy Clay, Jr.

We have to have a national conversation about how police forces should interact with the African-American community, who happens to be paying their salary, who want to be served and protected, who these officers are take an oath to do so. .

William Lacy Clay, Jr. Quotes about community
#108636 Michael Connelly

A newspaper is the center of a community, it's one of the tent poles of the community, and that's not going to be replaced by Web sites and blogs. .

Michael Connelly Quotes about community
#116038 Anthony J. DAngelo

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. .

Anthony J. DAngelo Quotes about community
#116401 Steve Daines

You talk to the farmers, the ranchers, our small community bankers, and boy, one of the No. 1 issues is the regulations coming out of Washington. .

Steve Daines Quotes about community
#119560 Dorothy Day

The legal battle against segregation is won, but the community battle goes on. .

Dorothy Day Quotes about community
#122863 Anita Diament

Since 1985, I have written about contemporary Jewish practice and the Jewish community. .

Anita Diament Quotes about community
#127008 Adam Driver

I was in a mountain biking accident and broke my sternum about three months before my unit was supposed to deploy to Iraq, and it's such a close-knit community that the idea of not getting to go is hugely jarring, so I tried to get put back in training and wound up injuring it worse. .

Adam Driver Quotes about community

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