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A charity ball is like a dance except it's tax deductible.
P. J. O'Rourke dance
We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the Secret sits in the middle and knows.
Robert Frost dance
Oh, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free.
Bob Dylan dance
When I play on my fiddle in Dooney, Folk dance like a wave of the sea.
William Butler Yeats dance
We dance along Death's icy brink, but is the dance less full of fun?
Richard Francis Burton dance
When a photon comes down, it interacts with electrons throughout the glass, not just on the surface. The photon and electrons do some kind of dance, the net result of which is the same as if the photon hit only on the surface.
Richard Feynman dance
The subject says "I see first lots of things which dance — then everything becomes gradually connected".
Jim Morrison dance
My first vocation was dance.
Victoria Abril dance
I always want to have more dancers in my company.
Alvin Ailey dance
In the beginning, I didn't dance that much and stuff.
Namie Amuro dance
I really wanted to make it as a ballet dancer to make my mom proud. But it didn't happen.
Tracy Anderson dance
Tim Tebow cannot dance, I know that. Tebow can do a lot of things, but he can not dance.
Erin Andrews dance
I grew up in dance studios. I was forced to be in several numbers in recitals and dance competitions. I took one tap class - literally one class - and then I quit.
Michael Angarano dance
I was a freestyle dancer; I wasn't trained.
Andrea Arnold dance
I've never been innocent, but I don't think I'm a bad kid! I didn't get voted prom king. I was kind of the dancer, the performer, but I was always very athletic, too.
Jake T. Austin dance
The craft Emmys are kind of the kids' table at Thanksgiving. You're not really invited to the big dance. It's still really, really exciting, and the statue still counts.
Hank Azaria dance
Actually I dance really well on the floor.
Oksana Baiul dance
God creates, I do not create. I assemble and I steal everywhere to do it - from what I see, from what the dancers can do, from what others do.
George Balanchine dance
I am not the first straight dancer or the last.
Mikhail Baryshnikov dance
I was a breakdancer as a kid. I was on one of the top break dancing teams in Australia.
Manu Bennett dance
I know that dancers, especially ballet dancers, can't do it forever.
Kelli Berglund dance
For me, as an actress, being a dancer has helped me. I've done it with my feet bloody.
Elizabeth Berkley dance
I won a scholarship with the Brixton School of Building. I screwed around, not putting in a proper attendance.
Ronald Biggs dance
If a ballet dancer falls over, it's knowing how to get out looking clumsy that counts.
Ritchie Blackmore dance
I just play the little guy, except I play him through dance.
Ray Bolger dance
We want to be the band to dance to when the bomb drops.
Simon Le Bon dance
Wine is connected to abundance.
Carole Bouquet dance
I think I can beat Usher on the dance floor.
Chris Brown dance
My running style was kind of just head-on, because I couldn't dance.
Earl Campbell dance
Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears all the rappers, they're doing my dances and they're making billions doing my dances. When they do that little thing they do with their hands that's The Fly and The Pony.
Chubby Checker dance
Each dancer has a different dialect that they speak.
Jon M. Chu dance
On Saturday afternoons, there was a film, of course, and then we did about four shows between the films. And I would do a tap dance, a little military tap.
Barbara Cook dance
I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was bad - I'm not very coordinated. But I always wished I could have been a dancer.
Gia Coppola dance
Almost all of what I learned about mounting and hosting a dance show I learned from Dick Clark.
Don Cornelius dance
I wanted to be Gene Kelly. Well really, I just wanted to dance with Cyd Charisse.
Robin Cousins dance
I was married to a dancer who had a dance company in New York City, and she toured.
John Cullum dance
I don't like the Samba; it's nonsense. With a lot of these Latin dances I can't really understand what they're all about. I like the Rumba and the Paso Doble but the others I could take or leave.
Anton du Beke dance
I didn't know if I could act, but I knew I could be a great ballet dancer, and Balanchine put out the carpet for me.
Jacques dAmboise dance
Selenite occurs in abundance in well formed clear crystals of several inches in length.
George Mercer Dawson dance
I don't know about the whole song-and-dance thing. But if India will have me, the independent cinema scene there is something I'm really interested in.
Manish Dayal dance
It is not a question of who dances but of who or what does not dance.
Ruth St. Denis dance
I have always been running away from dance numbers. That's been my problem.
Sunny Deol dance
I wish I was more of a song-and-dance girl. I sang in a show once. I wish I could be in 'Hair.'
Kim Dickens dance
I keep all my clothes on in House on Haunted Hill, Mary Jane's Last Dance, and The Way of the Gun.
Taye Diggs dance
I was taken to one place by a director, and he bought me a lap dance.
Lexa Doig dance
I was nervous about doing 'Scottsboro Boys' because I'm not a trained dancer, and there is a lot of very athletic dancing involved.
Colman Domingo dance
You just can't take a crash course to be a tango dancer in a movie.
Robert Duvall dance
I'm a terrible dancer. The worst.
Sheena Easton dance
I grew up an athlete. Track and field and dance. In track, I actually went to the Junior Olympics. I've always been very athletic.
Kimberly Elise dance
After the horse dance was over, it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked.
Black Elk dance
I must confess I knew very little about the trance scene, I'm more house and commercial dance but it was really interesting and different.
Sophie Ellis Bextor dance
I dance because it makes me want to explode.
Bill Evans dance
I think it's incredibly cute when a guy can't dance and doesn't care about how crazy he looks.
Briana Evigan dance
While we dance in the streets and pat ourselves on the back for being a nation great enough to reach beyond racial divides to elect our first African-American president, let us not forget that we remain a nation still proudly practicing prejudice.
Harvey Fierstein dance
I would rather be having a burger and beers with my mates but I can't do that when I know I've got to dance.
Michael Flatley dance
My daughter just graduated college and she's a dance major. She's done a couple of dance videos already and won Miss Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago. She's going out for Miss United States the second week of July, out in Las Vegas. She will probably wind up going to New York and trying the Broadway thing.
Doug Flutie dance
They do say, the smaller the feet, the better the dancer.
Bruce Forsyth dance
All of the punk-rock bands of the era would come in and play, and my job on Punk Rock Night was that I would go into the slam pit, and... I was 24 or 25, and I'd slam dance in the pit.
William Forsythe dance
I'm a terrible dancer.
Rupert Friend dance
When the circumstances are right, everything becomes a dance.
Lynette Fromme dance
I'm not looking for guidance.
Liam Gallagher dance
I had been coming to New York, pretty much once a month, to dance on Broadway. I was offered a huge Broadway show but couldn't do it because my brother was having his huge Bar Mitzvah.
Sami Gayle dance
I was obsessed with Chubby Checker and old dances, like the twist.
Laurieann Gibson dance
I don't go to these places where there are belly dancers and this and that.
Jeff Goldblum dance
I honestly find it easier to dance about in heels than I do to walk down the street in them.
Alison Goldfrapp dance
I'm a song and dance girl. I can act enough to get by. But that's the limit of my talents.
Betty Grable dance
My favorite dancer is Sylvie Guillem.
Jerry Hall dance
The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall.
Denis Healey dance
I always wanted to go to Sundance.
Eve Hewson dance
I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom.
Bob Hope dance
Not appreciating what we have now, robs us of our abundance even when it exists.
Marshall Sylver dance
I go to the club and can dance a little. Im known to get down.
Malcolm David Kelley dance
I wanted to do new things with dance, adapt it to the motion picture medium.
Gene Kelly dance
When I perform, I like to wear funky flats, leather boots or knee-high Converse with bright laces. Then I can dance and not worry about falling.
China Anne Mcclain dance
When all is ready, the leaders walk out to the dance place.
James Mooney dance
I copied my brother. He was a natural dancer. Graceful. People always asked did we study ballet. We never did.
Harold Nicholas dance
Democracy cannot survive without the guidance of a creative minority.
Harlan Stone dance
Unmarried couples should get married - thats an excellent tax avoidance measure, if a bit drastic.
John Whiting dance
Clark Kent: Its perfect. Horns outside honk, and Clark awakes from his reverie Thanks for the dance, Lana.
Smallville dance
Dewey gets up and dances: Poopy, poopy, poopy, poopy, poop-y! Poopy, poopy, poopy, poo. repeats over and continues dancing
Malcolm in the Middle dance
According to the philosopher Ly Tin Wheedle, chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.
Discworld dance
Eric: Look, I said I was sorry and I fixed up the shop. Come on Dad, arent we- arent we getting a little old for this whole dance? I mean, here we are, shaking our booties and I mean, discos dead.
That 70s Show dance
Brent: Well uh theres a harvest and then we have a dance. Im not sure where we came up with the name.
Corner Gas dance
I clutched at the brow. The mice in my interior had now got up an informal dance and were buck-and-winging all over the place like a bunch of Nijinskys.
P. G. Wodehouse dance
The first week, he goes down and does his dance. This Sunday, he went down and he looked back first and saw the flag, so he didnt dance. The thing that well all be excited about is when Dennis can get into the end zone and he can dance freely.
Romeo Crennel dance
Marlin: [to Doug] Okay, okay, okay! Enough with the titty dance!
50 First Dates 2004 dance
Miss Maples: [dancing with Max] Its not my break, yet.Bobby: Yeah! Dance with her! Groove with her!
A Goofy Movie 1995 dance
ALF: Alright. Let me see if Ive got this reindeer thing straight. Theresahtheres Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid,Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!
ALF season 1 dance
Sandy Lyle: Raindance!
Along Came Polly 2004 dance
...Black and white picture of her on my wallI waited for her call, she always kept me waitingAnd if I ever got another chance Id still ask her to danceBecause she kept me waiting...
Blink 182 The Rock Show dance
This is like a pants off dance off, Jack! -Si
Duck Dynasty dance
I got, I say I got this boy as fidgety as a bubble dancer with a slow leak.
Foghorn Leghorn dance
I keep a dance jus to nice up the place. Me buy nuff liquor and red up dem face.
Gregory Isaacs dance
Mike Whittier: We are Interpol, and in accordance to section 3 we are transporting an international criminal.Smith Jamison: What criminal?
Hitman 2007 dance
I dont care who Im in the buidin with I do the dance with Nancy Vonchilinwich.
Mac Dre dance
Im never going to dance again
Seether dance
Barf, Lone Starr: [after the chest-bursting alien dances across the counter at the diner] Check please!
Spaceballs 1987 dance
At the still point, there the dance is.
T. S. Eliot dance
Dance, dont hold the wall.
Justin Timberlake dance
[Outside a club]Julian: Theres no male dancers in there, right?Trevor: No, thats every second Tuesday and Thursday.
Trailer Park Boys TV Series 2001–2016 dance
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