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#7430 P. J. O'Rourke

A charity ball is like a dance except it's tax deductible. .

P. J. O'Rourke Quotes about dance
#14182 Robert Frost

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the Secret sits in the middle and knows. .

Robert Frost Quotes about dance
#14249 Robert Frost

We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the Secret sits in the middle and knows. .

Robert Frost Quotes about dance
#29931 Bob Dylan

Oh, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free. .

Bob Dylan Quotes about dance
#34546 William Butler Yeats

When I play on my fiddle in Dooney, Folk dance like a wave of the sea. .

William Butler Yeats Quotes about dance
#35247 Richard Francis Burton

We dance along Death's icy brink, but is the dance less full of fun? .

Richard Francis Burton Quotes about dance
#36474 Richard Feynman

When a photon comes down, it interacts with electrons throughout the glass, not just on the surface. The photon and electrons do some kind of dance, the net result of which is the same as if the photon hit only on the surface. .

Richard Feynman Quotes about dance
#40368 Jim Morrison

The subject says "I see first lots of things which dance — then everything becomes gradually connected". .

Jim Morrison Quotes about dance
#51977 Victoria Abril

My first vocation was dance. .

Victoria Abril Quotes about dance
#54148 Alvin Ailey

I always want to have more dancers in my company. .

Alvin Ailey Quotes about dance
#57720 Namie Amuro

In the beginning, I didn't dance that much and stuff. .

Namie Amuro Quotes about dance
#58468 Tracy Anderson

I really wanted to make it as a ballet dancer to make my mom proud. But it didn't happen. .

Tracy Anderson Quotes about dance
#58745 Erin Andrews

Tim Tebow cannot dance, I know that. Tebow can do a lot of things, but he can not dance. .

Erin Andrews Quotes about dance
#58820 Michael Angarano

I grew up in dance studios. I was forced to be in several numbers in recitals and dance competitions. I took one tap class - literally one class - and then I quit. .

Michael Angarano Quotes about dance
#61116 Andrea Arnold

I was a freestyle dancer; I wasn't trained. .

Andrea Arnold Quotes about dance
#63212 Jake T. Austin

I've never been innocent, but I don't think I'm a bad kid! I didn't get voted prom king. I was kind of the dancer, the performer, but I was always very athletic, too. .

Jake T. Austin Quotes about dance
#63737 Hank Azaria

The craft Emmys are kind of the kids' table at Thanksgiving. You're not really invited to the big dance. It's still really, really exciting, and the statue still counts. .

Hank Azaria Quotes about dance
#65566 Oksana Baiul

Actually I dance really well on the floor. .

Oksana Baiul Quotes about dance
#66259 George Balanchine

God creates, I do not create. I assemble and I steal everywhere to do it - from what I see, from what the dancers can do, from what others do. .

George Balanchine Quotes about dance
#66261 George Balanchine

One is born to be a great dancer. .

George Balanchine Quotes about dance
#69479 Mikhail Baryshnikov

I am not the first straight dancer or the last. .

Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes about dance
#69486 Mikhail Baryshnikov

Dancers are made, not born. .

Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes about dance
#73738 Manu Bennett

I was a breakdancer as a kid. I was on one of the top break dancing teams in Australia. .

Manu Bennett Quotes about dance
#74760 Kelli Berglund

I know that dancers, especially ballet dancers, can't do it forever. .

Kelli Berglund Quotes about dance
#74875 Elizabeth Berkley

For me, as an actress, being a dancer has helped me. I've done it with my feet bloody. .

Elizabeth Berkley Quotes about dance
#76619 Ronald Biggs

I won a scholarship with the Brixton School of Building. I screwed around, not putting in a proper attendance. .

Ronald Biggs Quotes about dance
#77793 Ritchie Blackmore

If a ballet dancer falls over, it's knowing how to get out looking clumsy that counts. .

Ritchie Blackmore Quotes about dance
#80194 Ray Bolger

I just play the little guy, except I play him through dance. .

Ray Bolger Quotes about dance
#80426 Simon Le Bon

We want to be the band to dance to when the bomb drops. .

Simon Le Bon Quotes about dance
#82024 Carole Bouquet

Wine is connected to abundance. .

Carole Bouquet Quotes about dance
#86919 Chris Brown

I think I can beat Usher on the dance floor. .

Chris Brown Quotes about dance
#94458 Earl Campbell

My running style was kind of just head-on, because I couldn't dance. .

Earl Campbell Quotes about dance
#101467 Chubby Checker

Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears all the rappers, they're doing my dances and they're making billions doing my dances. When they do that little thing they do with their hands that's The Fly and The Pony. .

Chubby Checker Quotes about dance
#103396 Jon M. Chu

Each dancer has a different dialect that they speak. .

Jon M. Chu Quotes about dance
#103400 Jon M. Chu

I like to dance, but I'm not a dancer. .

Jon M. Chu Quotes about dance
#109214 Barbara Cook

On Saturday afternoons, there was a film, of course, and then we did about four shows between the films. And I would do a tap dance, a little military tap. .

Barbara Cook Quotes about dance
#110139 Gia Coppola

I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was bad - I'm not very coordinated. But I always wished I could have been a dancer. .

Gia Coppola Quotes about dance
#110557 Don Cornelius

Almost all of what I learned about mounting and hosting a dance show I learned from Dick Clark. .

Don Cornelius Quotes about dance
#110576 Don Cornelius

People who dance well, dress well, are well groomed and know how to behave seem to know others who dance, dress and behave well. .

Don Cornelius Quotes about dance
#111598 Robin Cousins

I wanted to be Gene Kelly. Well really, I just wanted to dance with Cyd Charisse. .

Robin Cousins Quotes about dance
#114368 John Cullum

I was married to a dancer who had a dance company in New York City, and she toured. .

John Cullum Quotes about dance
#115821 Anton du Beke

I don't like the Samba; it's nonsense. With a lot of these Latin dances I can't really understand what they're all about. I like the Rumba and the Paso Doble but the others I could take or leave. .

Anton du Beke Quotes about dance
#116032 Jacques dAmboise

I didn't know if I could act, but I knew I could be a great ballet dancer, and Balanchine put out the carpet for me. .

Jacques dAmboise Quotes about dance
#119415 George Mercer Dawson

Selenite occurs in abundance in well formed clear crystals of several inches in length. .

George Mercer Dawson Quotes about dance
#119693 Manish Dayal

I don't know about the whole song-and-dance thing. But if India will have me, the independent cinema scene there is something I'm really interested in. .

Manish Dayal Quotes about dance
#121484 Ruth St. Denis

It is not a question of who dances but of who or what does not dance. .

Ruth St. Denis Quotes about dance
#121757 Sunny Deol

I have always been running away from dance numbers. That's been my problem. .

Sunny Deol Quotes about dance
#123229 Kim Dickens

I wish I was more of a song-and-dance girl. I sang in a show once. I wish I could be in 'Hair.' .

Kim Dickens Quotes about dance
#123648 Taye Diggs

I keep all my clothes on in House on Haunted Hill, Mary Jane's Last Dance, and The Way of the Gun. .

Taye Diggs Quotes about dance
#124945 Lexa Doig

I was taken to one place by a director, and he bought me a lap dance. .

Lexa Doig Quotes about dance

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