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The most validating thing was when my picture was on my first bubble gum card. That was in '68 for me. I was finally on the Topps card.
Johnny Bench dating
I've had a little bad, bad media luck the new year. Well, apparently I'm dating Bill Clinton, which makes me nervous. I didn't know, though.
Julie Bowen dating
I realize Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods; he's intimidating.
Keegan Bradley dating
Who would want to get back together with Taylor Swift after having dated her? I'm sure dating her is like talking to a white sheet of paper with a little bit of vanilla ice cream on it that doesn't say anything.
Kurt Braunohler dating
I'm finally dating. It's fun.
Kristin Chenoweth dating
It's really intimidating to go on the beach in a bikini.
Helena Christensen dating
People tend to look at dating sort of like a safari - like they're trying to land the trophy.
Henry Cloud dating
I'm not old-fashioned when it comes to dating, but there's something nice about a guy pulling out a girl's chair and opening the door for her, even if it's just in the beginning.
Lauren Conrad dating
I really liked Yale, although it was extremely intimidating. When I visited the campus, I was hiding behind trees, I felt so unworthy.
Claire Danes dating
I'm not great at dating, but I need to do it to relax.
Lena Dunham dating
Performing in front of a live audience can be pretty intimidating, so having a full head of hair was important to me.
Joey Fatone dating
I'm dating a very high-maintenance career.
Aimee Garcia dating
It's just me and my 6-month-old puppy. I am not dating anyone.
Bridget Hall dating
Uniforms are intended to make the wearer look as strong as possible. Soldiers could fight in leotards, but thats never going to happen because leotards arent intimidating.
Erin Mckean dating
The only thing more intimidating than a huge international film star is your mother-in-law.
Benjamin Walker dating
Its always been my personal feeling that unless you are married, there is something that is not very dignified about talking about who you are dating.
Luke Wilson dating
Felicity: Yeah, its kind of like Im dating Barry but in Olivers body. A sentence you will never repeat to anyone.
The Flash TV series dating
Danny: Thats very cute. You got a Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan. Thats like the Capulets and the Montagues.
Hawaii Five 0 dating
Judge: Nothing. Its just whenever I addressed you in the previous trial, your response was Youse talkin to me? It was a little, well intimidating.
Ace Attorney dating
Brett: Talking to Kim about online dating Why dont you try logging on to WWW dot bretty dot com - hey you, come here! grabs Kim
Kath & Kim dating
Carmela Soprano: If you want her to be with him, just keep it up. Keep playing the race card. Youre gonna drive her right into his arms. about Meadow dating Noah
The Sopranos: Season 3 dating
Maggie ODonnell: Why are you dating him? Hes bullying your brotherMaggie ODonnell: Who are you, my father?
17 Again 2009 dating
Caroline: Please, you know I would have told you if I was dating someone who had a car. Look, its the abandoned bike from in front of the shop!
2 Broke Girls dating
Henry: Its gonna be alright, Luce.Lucy: [to Henry] Dont call me Luce. I barely know you.Marlin: Sweetie, youre sorta dating him.Lucy: [Lucy looks at Henry]Henry: Sorry Im not better looking.
50 First Dates 2004 dating
Did you know being unattractive is just playing the dating game...on All Madden.
Chad Ochocinco dating
Jeremiah: Blaine, lets just be clear here. You and I got coffee twice, were not dating. If we were Id get arrested, considering your age.
Glee Season 2 dating
Agent 47: [sedating Mr. Price] Thank you for the introduction to Udre Belicoff.
Hitman 2007 dating
Bubbles: You have made a show of accommodating my bulk. You have hushed me. I ought to be livid. And yet, somehow, I cannot be angry at you.
Questionable Content dating
Scott Pilgrim: So what youre saying is were dating?Ramona V. Flowers: I guess.Scott Pilgrim: Does that mean we can make out?Ramona V. Flowers: Sure.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World 2010 dating
Eddie: to Cory Well, look at it this way. In four years, youll be fourteen, but then Chelsea will be nineteen and she still wont be looking your way. But by then, Ill be dating college girls!
Thats So Raven dating
I’ve done a lot of Super Bowls and appeared in a lot of big, big events and places and the Masters and what have you, but there was nothing as intimidating as speaking with Billy Graham.
pat summerall dating
[the C.L.I.T. is being discussed on TV]Holden: Nights like this... I miss dating a lesbian.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001 dating
Chuck: Talk to Chuck, buddy. You and Blair have been dating forever. All of a sudden theres a problem?
Gossip Girl dating
Dave: No, no I am not. I mean, just because Lisa and I are dating, that doesnt mean Im going to give her the Big Bonus.
NewsRadio dating
Kemo: Sarah Marshall.Peter Bretter: Yes. How did you know I was dating Sarah Marshall?Kemo: Dwayne told me. Chuck told me. Even Rachel told me. I heard about it from everybody. You gotta stop talking about it. Its like the Sopranos. Its *over*. Find a new show.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008 dating
Mary Cooper: Dont send it back yet. Your sisters married and Im not letting your brother give my grandmothers ring to that whore hes dating.
The Big Bang Theory dating
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