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Avoid making irrevocable decisions while tired or hungry. N.B.: Circumstances can force your hand. So think ahead!
Robert Heinlein decisions
Major markets are a key factor in advertise and budgeting decisions.
Alfred Amoroso decisions
We try to make sensible decisions with the facts in front of us. The problem with sensible decisions is that so is everyone else.
Paul Arden decisions
A New Year's resolution that I can never keep? To be able to make decisions.
Ashanti decisions
A wise person decides slowly but abides by these decisions.
Arthur Ashe decisions
Now, I don't make decisions as fast as I used to.
Oksana Baiul decisions
I think that it's important if you run for President that you have to make those important decisions. And your father, if he can help, probably, he helps just by being your father without getting intimately involved.
Birch Bayh decisions
The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.
Otto von Bismarck decisions
I know how to make decisions and stand up to the criticism every day.
Michael Bloomberg decisions
Clinton took very tough decisions on the economy.
Sidney Blumenthal decisions
When you're 20, we all make stupid and impulsive decisions.
Brian Bosworth decisions
I look at decisions like - it's like an Indiana Jones movie. The guy comes to a rope ladder, and he's being chased. There's uncertainty on the other side, but he knows when he gets to the other side, he's going to take his machete and cut the rope ladder behind him. He has no retreat.
Mark Burnett decisions
Bishops are like umpires. You have to have them to call the close decisions.
Frank Butler decisions
I make decisions quickly.
Norbert Leo Butz decisions
A film is a chain of very difficult decisions, and I think one of them is to choose an accurate cast.
Javier Camara decisions
No matter what your decisions are, no matter what your votes are, if you're not playing by the rules, you're taking a big risk.
Shelley Moore Capito decisions
Law is a formless mass of isolated decisions.
Morris Raphael Cohen decisions
Thirty to 40 years ago, most financial decisions were fairly simple.
Scott Cook decisions
After some reflection I have decided that while I am the president of Ecuador, I will not attend any Summit of the Americas until it begins to make the decisions required.
Rafael Correa decisions
And we made decisions on each of those matters which were ultimately upheld by the courts.
Lloyd Cutler decisions
It's definitely a necessity to make split-second decisions when you're doing gymnastics because things don't always go perfect.
Jacob Dalton decisions
We can choose a path that leads us into trouble. It all comes down to our decisions at the end of the day.
Gabby Douglas decisions
My predecessor, P. W. Botha, had an inner circle, and I did not like it. I preferred decisions to evolve out of cabinet discussions. That way, we achieved real co-ownership of our policies.
F. W. de Klerk decisions
I admire David Lynch so much, and I think he made some bad decisions with Lost Highway.
Greg Egan decisions
The last eight years have created a lot of deep-seated hostility. People take political decisions very personally, and today there is a constant, ongoing attack, with one side or the other being maligned.
Fred F. Fielding decisions
I have to make a lot of decisions that aren't in the best interests of individuals, whether they be owners, club executives, players.
Roger Goodell decisions
Almost all politicians are able to have a great one-on-one meeting. But I'm not interested in the candidate who can have a great meeting. I'm interested in the person who can make the right decisions.
Kenneth C. Griffin decisions
I make almost all the decisions on set and have to deal with all the financial aspects.
Michel Hazanavicius decisions
I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.
Stephen Covey decisions
Those who play badminton well take decisions quickly.
Dmitry Medvedev decisions
Spectators often express disfavor of fair decisions.
Helen Wills Moody decisions
Footballs in my blood - and eventually I want to be the one making decisions.
Stuart Pearce decisions
Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.
Todd Phillips decisions
Boredom is usually what spurs either bad decisions or any decision at all.
Amy Seimetz decisions
Win or lose, Ive been fortunate to be able to pitch deep enough into games to get decisions.
Dontrelle Willis decisions
Dont base your decisions on what is easy, base them on what is worth the struggle.
Anmol Andore decisions
Shelving hard decisions is the least ethical course.
Adrian Cadbury decisions
You feel like they take coaching out of your hands. You feel like theyre coaches on the court. Theyre going to make the right decisions and if they get fouled, theyre going to make their shots.
Jay Wright decisions
Parker: Because seeing a uniform in the middle of stealing something could cause you to panic, make bad decisions.
Leverage decisions
President Skroob: Sanders! Sanders! You gotta help me, I dont know what to do. I cant make decisions, Im a president!
Spaceballs 1987 decisions
No, most of the decisions that I make with regard to taking roles, I just look for something thats challenging, something that I think I can accomplish, you know.
Terrence Howard decisions
Yuna Roma Seiran: This country isnt your plaything! Will you stop making decisions based on how you feel?
Gundam Seed decisions
It is only in our decisions that we are important.
Jean Paul Sartre decisions
But as a coach, you want those decisions. They make us a better team; thats the bottom line. Well use them while we can.
Dave Baseggio decisions
We made some bad decisions and we gave the football away. You cant do that,
Jerome Bettis decisions
We have to find out what he can do if we give him lots of reps, ... Thats where we as coaches have to make decisions and we go with them and go full speed ahead.
Mike Gundy decisions
Sandurz, Sandurz! You got to help me! I dont know what to do. I cant make decisions! Im a president!
Spaceballs decisions
When you see how the President makes political or policy decisions, you see who he is. The essence of the Presidency is decision-making.
Bob Woodward decisions
My basic principle is that you dont make decisions because they are easy; you dont make them because they are cheap; you dont make them because theyre popular; you make them because theyre right.
Theodore Hesburgh decisions
Lonnie Machin: What is it with you? Why are you always at the mercy of some guy? You can make your own decisions, Thea. Youre not a pawn. Youre a queen.
Arrow decisions
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