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#7105 Albert Camus

In order to cease being a doubtful case, one has to cease being, that's all. .

Albert Camus Quotes about doubt
#7678 Fran Lebowitz

I doubt there’s ever been a true thing said on . Maybe the weather report, maybe not. .

Fran Lebowitz Quotes about doubt
#13873 Alfred, Lord Tennyson

For nothing worthy proving can be proven, Nor yet disproven: wherefore thou be wise,Cleave ever to the sunnier side of doubt, And cling to Faith beyond the forms of Faith! .

Alfred, Lord Tennyson Quotes about doubt
#15923 Ludwig Wittgenstein

Scepticism is not irrefutable, but obviously nonsensical, when it tries to raise doubts where no questions can be asked. For doubt can exist only where a question exists, a question only where an answer exists, and an answer only where something can be said. (6.51) .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about doubt
#15939 Ludwig Wittgenstein

I must plunge into the water of doubt again and again. .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about doubt
#20959 William Blake

He who shall teach the child to doubt The rotting grave shall ne'er get out. .

William Blake Quotes about doubt
#22247 John Ralston Saul

The Doubter's Companion: A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense (1994) .

John Ralston Saul Quotes about doubt
#23733 George Santayana

Profound skepticism is favorable to conventions, because it doubts that the criticism of conventions is any truer than they are. .

George Santayana Quotes about doubt
#24470 Larry Wall

When in doubt, parenthesize. At the very least it will let some poor schmuck bounce on the % key in vi. .

Larry Wall Quotes about doubt
#25189 Cyril Connolly

I greet you, my educated fellow bourgeois, whose interests and whose doubts I share. .

Cyril Connolly Quotes about doubt
#25630 Blaise Pascal

This is what I see, and what troubles me. I look on all sides, and everywhere I see nothing but obscurity. Nature offers me nothing that is not a matter of doubt and disquiet. .

Blaise Pascal Quotes about doubt
#25745 Philosopher

Philosophy goes no further than probabilities, and in every assertion keeps a doubt in reserve. .

Philosopher Quotes about doubt
#26567 Emil Cioran

Nothing deserves to be undone, doubtless because nothing deserved to be done. .

Emil Cioran Quotes about doubt
#26577 Emil Cioran

Not to be born is undoubtedly the best plan of all. Unfortunately, it is within no one's reach. .

Emil Cioran Quotes about doubt
#26583 Emil Cioran

When we are fixated on doubt, we take more pleasure in lavishing speculations upon it than in practicing it. .

Emil Cioran Quotes about doubt
#26832 Carl Becker

June 7, 1776, , on behalf of the Virginia delegation, submitted to the Continental Congress three resolutions, of which the first declared that "these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved. This resolution, which may conveniently be called the , was finally voted by the Continental Congress on the 2 of July, 1776. Strictly speaking, this was the official declaration of independence; and if we were a nation of antiquaries we should no doubt find an incongruity in celebrating the anniversary of our independence on the 4 of July. .

Carl Becker Quotes about doubt
#31145 John Heywood

Time trieth troth in every doubt. .

John Heywood Quotes about doubt
#32256 Robert Heinlein

“Dr. Russell, I concede that Washington has an atrocious climate. But you will have air-conditioned offices.” “With clocks, no doubt. And secretaries. And soundproofing.” “Anything you want, doctor.” “The point is, Mr. Secretary, I don’t want them. This household has no clocks. Nor calendars. Once I had a large income and a larger ulcer; I now have a small income and no ulcer. I stay here.” “But the job needs you.” “The need is not mutual.” .

Robert Heinlein Quotes about doubt
#36150 Luis Bu±uel

If you were to ask me if I'd ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I'd have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead. .

Luis Bu±uel Quotes about doubt
#36181 Donald Rumsfeld

And it is not knowable if force will be used, but if it is to be used, it is not knowable how long that conflict would last. It could last, you know, six days, six weeks. I doubt six months. .

Donald Rumsfeld Quotes about doubt
#37959 Thomas and Friends

[after the accident] Henry: The signal was down, Sir. The Fat Controller: Cheer up, Henry. It wasn't your fault. Ice and snow caused the accident. I'm sending you to Crewe, a fine place for sick engines. They'll give you a new shape and a larger firebox. You'll feel a different engine, and you won't need special coal anymore. Won't that be nice? Henry: [doubtful] Yes, sir. .

Thomas and Friends Quotes about doubt
#51751 Spencer Abraham

Scholars and historians have dubbed the last 100 years the American Century, and I think there can be little doubt that the Council on Foreign Relations helped to make it so. .

Spencer Abraham Quotes about doubt
#59234 Jean Anouilh

Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God. .

Jean Anouilh Quotes about doubt
#64403 Rahman Baba

There is no doubt in the sanctity of Mecca, but a donkey won't become a Hajj pilgrim by just going through the motions. .

Rahman Baba Quotes about doubt
#65274 Julian Baggini

The very act of questioning whether you exist proves you do, because you must be there for the doubt to be entertained in the first place. .

Julian Baggini Quotes about doubt
#68065 Charles Glover Barkla

The Nobel Prize is without doubt the highest honour, the most coveted honour, which can be bestowed on a scientist. .

Charles Glover Barkla Quotes about doubt
#76524 Ambrose Bierce

When you doubt, abstain. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about doubt
#78514 Bill Blass

When in doubt wear red. .

Bill Blass Quotes about doubt
#79505 Nellie Bly

I always made a point of telling the doctors I was sane, and asking to be released, but the more I endeavored to assure them of my sanity, the more they doubted it. .

Nellie Bly Quotes about doubt
#80292 Usain Bolt

I'd like to say to all my fans out there, thanks for the support. And to all my doubters, thank you very much because you guys have also pushed me. .

Usain Bolt Quotes about doubt
#80294 Usain Bolt

Yeah, I am lazy. There's no doubt about that. .

Usain Bolt Quotes about doubt
#81422 James H. Boren

When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in charge, ponder. .

James H. Boren Quotes about doubt
#83316 Robert Brady

There can be no doubt that the transportation sector is the most critical sector of our economy. .

Robert Brady Quotes about doubt
#83716 Russell Brand

As a person... I'm a little more doubtful, introspective and analytical. .

Russell Brand Quotes about doubt
#88596 William Cullen Bryant

Nothing can be more striking to one who is accustomed to the little inclosures called public parks in our American cities, than the spacious, open grounds of London. I doubt, in fact, whether any person fully comprehends their extent, from any of the ordinary descriptions of them, until he has seen them or tried to walk over them. .

William Cullen Bryant Quotes about doubt
#88932 Pat Buchanan

I don't doubt a number of those ballots, of those votes that were cast for me, probably were intended for Vice President Gore. .

Pat Buchanan Quotes about doubt
#89845 Luis Bunuel

If you were to ask me if I'd ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I'd have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead. .

Luis Bunuel Quotes about doubt
#91912 Geezer Butler

Without a doubt, Ozzy is the craziest person I've ever met. Son of Sam is a close second. .

Geezer Butler Quotes about doubt
#91960 Joseph Butler

Thus there is no doubt the eye was intended for us to see with. .

Joseph Butler Quotes about doubt
#92602 Lord Byron

There is something pagan in me that I cannot shake off. In short, I deny nothing, but doubt everything. .

Lord Byron Quotes about doubt
#96249 Robert Carlyle

Vancouver's a very child friendly city, there's... no doubt about that. .

Robert Carlyle Quotes about doubt
#98568 Barbara Castle

Britain in the 1970s was undoubtedly an economic mess because of the oil price explosion. .

Barbara Castle Quotes about doubt
#100560 Harry Chapin

When in doubt, do something. .

Harry Chapin Quotes about doubt
#102587 Anna Chlumsky

Even on the worst days I am without a doubt still happier doing this than I am doing anything else. On acting. .

Anna Chlumsky Quotes about doubt
#103149 Claudia Christian

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. .

Claudia Christian Quotes about doubt
#103460 Anatoly Chubais

There was no doubt that sooner or later we will fight. But we will fight not in the way of the dissidents' protests. We understood that we needed to be as professional as possible. .

Anatoly Chubais Quotes about doubt
#104130 Frank A. Clark

I'd rather see folks doubt what's true than accept what isn't. .

Frank A. Clark Quotes about doubt
#112659 Martin Van Creveld

Assuming China does not become destabilized and continues to grow, it will no doubt develop a military program in proportion to its resources. .

Martin Van Creveld Quotes about doubt
#115025 Caleb Cushing

The right of petition is an old undoubted household right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins. .

Caleb Cushing Quotes about doubt
#116195 Genelia DSouza

No doubt, my role in 'Urumi' has been one of my best so far. It surprised me as an actor and made me more confident. .

Genelia DSouza Quotes about doubt

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