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I now realize that taking drugs was like taking an aspirin without having a headache.
Paul McCartney drugs
Theres this huge industry, this machine, pushing us to hurry up and put our kids on drugs. Well, you know what I say to that machine? I say screw you. Controversy doesnt bother me, because I know what Im saying is right.
Tom Cruise drugs
I remember when the U.S. had a drug problem and then we declared a War On Drugs, and now you can't buy drugs anymore.
Drugs drugs
Just say no to drugs!
Nancy Reagan drugs
I can't remember what my line on drugs is. What's my line on drugs?
Boris Johnson drugs
Rimmer: What's this? Learning drugs? They're illegal, matey! I'm afraid you're in very serious, grave, deep trouble, Lister. Where did you get them? I want names, I want places, I want dates. Lister: Arnold Rimmer, his locker, this morning.
Red Dwarf drugs
I don't do drugs. I am drugs.
Salvador Dali drugs
I smoked some pot as a kid, but I just never did drugs.
Taylor Dayne drugs
But my humble opinion is, I'm not quite sure where I stand on the legalization of drugs - though, if tequila is legal, pot should probably be legal.
Ted Demme drugs
It's so easy for a kid to join a gang, to do drugs... we should make it that easy to be involved in football and academics.
Snoop Dogg drugs
And we used to do a lot of drugs and get very drunk on very cheap wine.
Santiago Durango drugs
Sex and drugs and rock and roll.
Ian Dury drugs
I took drugs because we all took drugs.
Marianne Faithfull drugs
Inevitably, malaria parasites developed resistance to commonly used drugs, and mosquito vectors became insecticide-resistant.
Anthony Fauci drugs
Half of the modern drugs could well be thrown out of the window, except that the birds might eat them.
Martin H. Fischer drugs
At Linfox we have zero tolerance. If any alcohol or drugs are found in any drivers' blood, they are instantly dismissed.
Lindsay Fox drugs
I don't drink any coffee or take any drugs and I don't smoke cigarettes and I don't eat sugar and I don't take any medicine at all. I eat a lot of fish, vegetables, and I stay away from starches.
Vincent Gallo drugs
And as far as I'm concerned, it's like I say, drugs are not the problem. Other stuff is the problem.
Jerry Garcia drugs
Other kids did drugs; I did crafts. I never knew where I fit in.
Kathie Lee Gifford drugs
I still don't know anything about drugs, or who takes them, or what happens.
Michael Giles drugs
I've always considered making it legal for Americans to import their prescription drugs a free-trade issue. Imports create competition and keep domestic industry more responsive to consumers.
Chuck Grassley drugs
If you look at the sponsors who were in the sport 15 years ago compared to now there are a lot fewer. Why? Because those runners who took drugs tainted the sport. They tainted all of us in it.
Maurice Greene drugs
The World Health Organisation has a lot of its medical experts sitting in Geneva while hospitals in Africa have no drugs and desperate patients are forced to seek medication on the black market.
Pauline Hanson drugs
Your denial is beneath you, and thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I see through you.
Bill Hicks drugs
My favorite drugstore product is Clean and Clear makeup removing cleanser. It gets the makeup off in one wash - not three or four.
Keri Hilson drugs
Avoid all needle drugs, the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon.
Abbie Hoffman drugs
I regarded drugs as somewhat like rattlesnakes - its possible to pick one up without getting bit, but why bother?
Elizabeth Moon drugs
Beatles: We are sailing unerwater-ater-ater, all the fishes look delicious, colors, drugs, rainbows and hugs
Robot Chicken drugs
Tom: Im serious. I think we should legalize drugs; having seeing what my sons been through, I think its the only way.
Veep TV series drugs
Jeremy: Relax Mark, everyone does drugs nowadays. Look at Me, Im Mark. Im dying on a street in an Advert in the 80s.
Peep Show drugs
Todd: BoJack, just stop. You are all the things that are wrong with you. Its not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career, or when you were a kid. Its you. Alright? Its you.
BoJack Horseman drugs
The drugs keepin me high I just wanna eliminate everyone thats in sight.
Twiztid drugs
Narrator: Next to dealin drugs, gettin bad grades was the worst thing you could do. It was worse than this.
Everybody Hates Chris drugs
Kitchen Nightmares uncensored drugs
Now as far as the organization selling drugs, no. Individuals selling drugs is something else.
Chuck Zito drugs
John Luke, this is why you dont do drugs. -Willie
Duck Dynasty drugs
DJ: Questions?Chowder: Yes, umm, are you nuts? I dont wanna steal drugs from my Father, I dont wanna go inside a monster, and I dont wanna die!Jenny: I say its worth a shot.Chowder: Yes I agree. Lets do it.
Monster House 2006 drugs
Tami-Lynn: Oh, no-no-no-no-no. Youre just buying weed. Youre just buying drugs; you should fucking talk.
Ted 2 drugs
Rex: Sorry, Doc, no can say. But if I wanted to know where I could get prescription drugs in Los Angeles, no questions asked, then you could make your own conclusions.
Torchwood drugs
Cary Ford: [referring to Henry, after Henry rides off with his drugs] I gotta get that bike.Shane: [referring to China] I gotta get that bitch.
Torque 2004 drugs
Jeff Portnoy: [after catching the bat that stole his drugs] Ha! You O-Ded!
Tropic Thunder 2008 drugs
Quentin Glass: Youre not doing drugs, are you?Spacker Dave: Not right now.
The Punisher 2004 drugs
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap. Well all stay skinny cause we just wont eat.
Nickelback drugs
Getting hold of the drugs had been no problem, but the car and the tape recorder were not easy things to round up at 6:30 on a Friday afternoon in Hollywood.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas novel drugs
The sixties were when hallucinogenic drugs were really, really big. And I dont think its a coincidence that we had the type of shows we had then, like The Flying Nun.
Ellen DeGeneres drugs
Pete: I used to take a tampon, soak it in grain alcohol, and stick it up into my rectum. That got me high, Richard, but not half as high as the drug you just gave me. You know what that drugs called?
Silicon Valley TV series drugs
Dr. Emmett Brown: Im sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drugstore, but in 1955, its a little hard to come by.
Back to the Future 1985 drugs
Brigitte: I dont want any drugs.Sam: Then am-scray.
Ginger Snaps 2000 drugs
Jack: Maybe this is the drugs talking, but I think I got Nixon to agree to come on the show and say Sock It To Me.
30 Rock drugs
I learned why theyre called wonder drugsyou wonder what theyll do to you.
Harlan Miller drugs
Mac MacGuff: Did you see that coming?Bren: Yeah... but I was hoping she was expelled, or into hard drugs.Mac MacGuff: That was my first instinct too. Or a DWI... anything but this!
Juno 2007 drugs
Kitchen Nightmares drugs
Vic: The daughter was a heroin addicted whore. Paid for her drugs with pussy and mouth favors. Other than that, she was Pippi Longstocking.
The Shield drugs
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