expectations quotes

#11015 George W. Bush

Look, the key for me is to keep expectations low. .

George W. Bush Quotes about expectations
#73699 Bruce Bennett

All clients' needs and expectations are vastly different. .

Bruce Bennett Quotes about expectations
#83971 Ann Brashares

It's so much easier to have no expectations than to have big ones. .

Ann Brashares Quotes about expectations
#101877 Gerald Chertavian

One can fall into the 'soft bigotry of low expectations.' .

Gerald Chertavian Quotes about expectations
#109226 Dane Cook

I don't have to do anything for anyone else's benefit anymore. I just want to exceed my own expectations. .

Dane Cook Quotes about expectations
#113806 Nelson Cruz

I always have high expectations for me. .

Nelson Cruz Quotes about expectations
#116077 James Darcy

I don't have any expectations as an actor, and being rich and famous is not my driving force. .

James Darcy Quotes about expectations
#135879 Edith Evans

I can't imagine going on when there are no more expectations. .

Edith Evans Quotes about expectations
#142545 Doug Flutie

Any game is important to me. At Boston College, when I went out for the spring games, I wanted to win. Maybe it is more important than other preseason games. It's just that everyone is expecting a lot from me in my first week of professional football. I want to confirm my expectations. .

Doug Flutie Quotes about expectations
#151634 James Geary

Metaphor matters because it creates expectations. .

James Geary Quotes about expectations
#152470 Steven Gerrard

We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high. .

Steven Gerrard Quotes about expectations
#163987 Stephen Hawking

When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have. .

Stephen Hawking Quotes about expectations
#194036 Alex Kapranos

Theres a difference between expectations and aspirations. .

Alex Kapranos Quotes about expectations
#202094 Elisabeth Shue

I dont have high expectations anymore. Maybe theyve just been beaten out of me. .

Elisabeth Shue Quotes about expectations
#202707 Steven Squyres

This whole mission has surpassed all of our expectations. .

Steven Squyres Quotes about expectations
#206083 Unknown

Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity. .

Unknown Quotes about expectations
#445160 Sonic the Hedgehog

Combat ability of these two is beyond my expectations. when standing still; presumed reference to Shadow and Rouge .

Sonic the Hedgehog Quotes about expectations
#728450 Kobe Bryant

Expectations for us this season arent very high at all. .

Kobe Bryant Quotes about expectations
#316928 Susan Laurson Willig

Limited expectations yield only limited results. .

Susan Laurson Willig Quotes about expectations
#321260 Werner Lesar could it really be an original thought

All frustration comes from unmet expectations. .

Werner Lesar could it really be an original thought Quotes about expectations
#1513712 Fadel Gheit

Operationally they exceeded expectations in terms of production; their production volume was up significantly from year ago. .

Fadel Gheit Quotes about expectations
#1128656 Jeff Bagwell

Hes gone far beyond any expectations of hot. .

Jeff Bagwell Quotes about expectations
#2363864 Matt Ryan

They have high expectations, and theyre really tough on themselves because they know what it takes to win. It keeps them humble. .

Matt Ryan Quotes about expectations
#1487826 Ray Evernham

Weve qualified for the Chase for the championship for the second year in a row, but we have high expectations for this team, both for the remainder of the 2005 season and for next year, .

Ray Evernham Quotes about expectations
#1806713 Wendy Kopp

When kids are met with the highest expectations and given the extra supports they need, they can be as motivated as kids anywhere. .

Wendy Kopp Quotes about expectations
#2681904 M. Wolfe

Weaker results would tend to improve expectations that theres not much if any tightening to come. .

M. Wolfe Quotes about expectations

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