fall quotes

#1655 Oscar Wilde

Now don't stir. I'll be back in five minutes. And don't fall into any temptations while I am away. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about fall
#2803 Napoleon I of France

From triumph to downfall is but a step. I have seen a trifle decide the most important issues in the gravest affairs. .

Napoleon I of France Quotes about fall
#11611 Friedrich Nietzsche

Die Leugner des Zufalls. — 'Kein Sieger glaubt an den Zufall.' .

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes about fall
#12608 John Stuart Mill

To refuse a hearing to an opinion, because they are sure that it is false, is to assume that their certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty. All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility. .

John Stuart Mill Quotes about fall
#14780 Edmund Burke

Applaud us when we run, console us when we fall, cheer us when we recover. .

Edmund Burke Quotes about fall
#18368 Josh Billings

I kno plenty ov folks who are so kondem kontrary, that if they should fall into the river, they would insist uopon floating up stream. .

Josh Billings Quotes about fall
#18639 Joseph Addison

The Fear of Death often proves Mortal, and sets People on Methods to save their Lives, which infallibly destroy them. .

Joseph Addison Quotes about fall
#19275 Epictetus

Appear to know only this,—never to fail nor fall. .

Epictetus Quotes about fall
#19326 Marcus Aurelius

Many the lumps of frankincense on the same altar; one falls there early and another late, but it makes no difference. .

Marcus Aurelius Quotes about fall
#24092 Miguel de Unamuno

To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be. .

Miguel de Unamuno Quotes about fall
#28358 George Herbert

And make me giddy; Lord, I fall, .

George Herbert Quotes about fall
#28362 George Herbert

And fall to nothing: thou dost reign, .

George Herbert Quotes about fall
#28536 Ecclesiasticus

He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it: and he that setteth a stone for his neighbour, shall stumble upon it: and he that layeth a snare for another, shall perish in it. .

Ecclesiasticus Quotes about fall
#28552 James Howell

He falls in the pit he digs for others. .

James Howell Quotes about fall
#30177 Paradise Lost

Awake, arise, or be for ever fall'n. .

Paradise Lost Quotes about fall
#33183 Emily Dickinson

More than the Grave is closed to me — The Grave and that Eternity To which the Grave adheres — I cling to nowhere till I fall — The Crash of nothing, yet of all — How similar appears — .

Emily Dickinson Quotes about fall
#39127 Leonardo da Vinci

He who walks straight rarely falls. .

Leonardo da Vinci Quotes about fall
#39177 Leonardo da Vinci

The ball of snow when, as it rolls, it descends from the snowy mountains, increases in size as it falls. .

Leonardo da Vinci Quotes about fall
#43034 Sherlock Holmes

When one tries to rise above Nature one is liable to fall below it. .

Sherlock Holmes Quotes about fall
#47091 Swedish proverbs

Anfall .

Swedish proverbs Quotes about fall
#51291 Berenice Abbott

I didn't decide to be a photographer; I just happened to fall into it. .

Berenice Abbott Quotes about fall
#53505 Aesop

United we stand, divided we fall. .

Aesop Quotes about fall
#69426 Bernard Baruch

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why. .

Bernard Baruch Quotes about fall
#73170 Peter Benchley

Reputations rise and fall almost as regularly as the tides. .

Peter Benchley Quotes about fall
#81540 Hal Borland

October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again. .

Hal Borland Quotes about fall
#82780 William Boyd

I have this lock of hair that keeps falling across my forehead. It drives me mad. .

William Boyd Quotes about fall
#84524 Gerald Brenan

Wisdom is keeping a sense of fallibility of all our views and opinions. .

Gerald Brenan Quotes about fall
#89129 Marcus Buckingham

Innovation and best practices can be sown throughout an organization - but only when they fall on fertile ground. .

Marcus Buckingham Quotes about fall
#91057 Cliff Burton

Every once in awhile we may fall on our face, but we insist on doing what we wanna do. .

Cliff Burton Quotes about fall
#93021 Paulo Coelho

You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it. .

Paulo Coelho Quotes about fall
#95632 Orson Scott Card

Ulysses, obviously. It was an elaborate prank, and our supposed intellectual elite continue to fall for it. .

Orson Scott Card Quotes about fall
#97736 Barbara Cartland

I'll keep going till my face falls off. .

Barbara Cartland Quotes about fall
#101491 Parvesh Cheena

My big downfall is deep-dish pizza from Chicago. That is why I can't go vegan - I can't give up cheese. I can't give up dairy. .

Parvesh Cheena Quotes about fall
#109285 Peter Cook

I would much prefer to be a judge than a coal miner because of the absence of falling coal. .

Peter Cook Quotes about fall
#116743 Carson Daly

NBC's priorities are Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno, and then there's me. .

Carson Daly Quotes about fall
#124050 David Dinkins

I went to Israel when the missiles were falling there. .

David Dinkins Quotes about fall
#126283 Michael Douglas

Every empire eventually falls. .

Michael Douglas Quotes about fall
#141346 Frances Fisher

I was not meant to go deer hunting every fall. .

Frances Fisher Quotes about fall
#141627 Edward Fitzgerald

The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop, The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one. .

Edward Fitzgerald Quotes about fall
#143767 Richard Foreman

Quite the opposite. I might fall on my face, but I feel born again. .

Richard Foreman Quotes about fall
#147112 Martin Frost

The level of discourse in this country is falling to a depth that cannot be sustained. .

Martin Frost Quotes about fall
#162316 John Grogan

I collect old rusty hand tools and sharpen and polish them, then use them to build things out of walnut and cherry that I harvest from fallen trees in the woods. .

John Grogan Quotes about fall
#162508 Robert Grosseteste

Know that each acre of fallow ought to support yearly two sheep at the least, then a hundred acres of fallow can support two hundred sheep, two hundred acres, four hundred sheep and so on. .

Robert Grosseteste Quotes about fall
#166335 Alexander Hamilton

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. .

Alexander Hamilton Quotes about fall
#166802 Dashiell Hammett

The roof might fall in; anything could happen. .

Dashiell Hammett Quotes about fall
#173354 Laurie Helgoe

I am very troubled by the tendency to define introverts by what they lack. Introversion is a preference, not a fallback plan. .

Laurie Helgoe Quotes about fall
#173566 Arthur Helps

Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away. .

Arthur Helps Quotes about fall
#175549 Charlton Heston

Shakespeare is the outstanding example of how that can be done. In all of Shakespeare's plays, no matter what tragic events occur, no matter what rises and falls, we return to stability in the end. .

Charlton Heston Quotes about fall
#176780 Walter Hill

Well, I'm about to do another western, a pilot for HBO this fall. .

Walter Hill Quotes about fall
#198638 Heather Orourke

They used a doll when I fall through the ceiling. .

Heather Orourke Quotes about fall

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