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#1485 Oscar Wilde

If it took Labouchere three columns to prove that I was forgotten, then there is no difference between fame and obscurity. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about fame
#1916 Ambrose Bierce

Mark how my fame rings out from zone to zone: A thousand critics shouting: "He's unknown!" .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about fame
#16410 Vergil

Quid non mortalia pectora cogis, Auri sacra fames? .

Vergil Quotes about fame
#16471 Vergil

Vestibulum ante ipsum primisque in faucibus Orci Luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae, Pallentesque habitant Morbi tristisque Senectus, Et Metus et malesuada Fames ac turpis Egestas, Terribiles visu formae, Letumque Labosque; tum consanguineus Leti Sopor. .

Vergil Quotes about fame
#17841 John Milton

Fame is no plant that grows on mortal soil. .

John Milton Quotes about fame
#19334 Marcus Aurelius

All is ephemeral — fame and the famous as well. .

Marcus Aurelius Quotes about fame
#27016 Richard Savage

May see thee now, though late, redeem thy name, And glorify what else is damn'd to fame. .

Richard Savage Quotes about fame
#27953 Edmund Spenser

Dan Chaucer, well of English undefyled, On Fames eternall beadroll worthie to be fyled. .

Edmund Spenser Quotes about fame
#48134 William Hazlitt

There are names written in her immortal scroll, at which FAME blushes! .

William Hazlitt Quotes about fame
#64962 Kevin Bacon

Fame is very much a double-edged sword. .

Kevin Bacon Quotes about fame
#71111 James Beattie

Ah, who can tell how hard it is to climb the steep where Fame's proud temple shines afar? .

James Beattie Quotes about fame
#77594 Jimmy Carl Black

My drum sticks are in the 'Hall of Fame.' I know that. .

Jimmy Carl Black Quotes about fame
#79511 Bert Blyleven

I knew that I wasn't a first-ballot Hall-of-Fame inductee. .

Bert Blyleven Quotes about fame
#87082 Foxy Brown

I was falsely arrested twice, slandered and defamed. .

Foxy Brown Quotes about fame
#104735 Claudius

Acquaintance lessens fame. .

Claudius Quotes about fame
#106876 J. Cole

I had a lot of resistance, and not just to fame. I was always conscious of not changing. .

J. Cole Quotes about fame
#107724 Lily Collins

But the thing is, I was never looking at a strategic way of gaining fame. That's not why I'm doing this. .

Lily Collins Quotes about fame
#112066 Nikki Cox

You're asking the wrong girl about fame. I'm hardly famous. I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone else. .

Nikki Cox Quotes about fame
#114275 Macaulay Culkin

I had all the fame anyone could want, and I ran away from it. .

Macaulay Culkin Quotes about fame
#117994 William Davenant

Fame, like the river, is narrowest where it is bred, and broadest afar off. .

William Davenant Quotes about fame
#119234 Warwick Davis

I don't crave fame. I mean, it's nice to be recognized. It is useful. .

Warwick Davis Quotes about fame
#125087 Micky Dolenz

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not a public democratic organization; it's a private club basically. It's like a private golf club and they decide who they're going to let in the club. .

Micky Dolenz Quotes about fame
#128541 Jack Dunphy

I never wanted fame. .

Jack Dunphy Quotes about fame
#132634 Britt Ekland

Fame overcomes everything. .

Britt Ekland Quotes about fame
#144972 Samantha Fox

I always wanted it, the fame. When it come, I didn't want to let it go. .

Samantha Fox Quotes about fame
#147913 Sia Furler

Fame made me develop a panic disorder. .

Sia Furler Quotes about fame
#152264 Rose George

I find Maersk fascinating. It is the Coca-Cola of freight with none of the fame. Its parent company, A. P. Moller-Maersk, is Denmark's largest company, its sales equal to 20 percent of Denmark's GDP; its ships use more oil than the entire nation. .

Rose George Quotes about fame
#167807 Alexander Hanson

I'm a career actor. And I question this constant reliance on TV fame and celebrity. .

Alexander Hanson Quotes about fame
#168613 Jane Harman

Maybe it's my 15 minutes of fame, maybe it's longer. .

Jane Harman Quotes about fame
#168907 Woody Harrelson

It's an odd beast, fame. It's got multiple personalities. .

Woody Harrelson Quotes about fame
#173953 Paul Henderson

I didn't handle fame very well at first. I got a little resentful. .

Paul Henderson Quotes about fame
#174893 Woody Herman

My only claim to fame, if I have one, is that I'm an editor. .

Woody Herman Quotes about fame
#185616 Bert Blyleven

I knew that I wasnt a first-ballot Hall-of-Fame inductee. .

Bert Blyleven Quotes about fame
#193189 Chris Hughes

My real big Internet claim to fame is the fact that I was first to jailbreak the iPhone. .

Chris Hughes Quotes about fame
#194478 Alex Kingston

Having been in Hollywood as a shadow, as someone who is almost invisible, I can see fame for what it is. .

Alex Kingston Quotes about fame
#688695 Jack London

If cash comes with fame, come fame; if cash comes without fame, come cash. .

Jack London Quotes about fame
#467924 Seneca the Younger

Is qui scit plurimum, rumor.That most knowing of persons – gossip.Letter XLIII: On the relativity of fame, line 1. .

Seneca the Younger Quotes about fame
#630560 Counting Crows

Im an idiot walking a tightrope of fortune and fame. I am an acrobat swinging trapezes through circles of flame. .

Counting Crows Quotes about fame
#783889 Ralph Kiner

Darryl Strawberry has been voted to the Hall of Fame five years in a row. .

Ralph Kiner Quotes about fame
#318339 Sana Dabbas

I have enemies I dont even know - thats fame! .

Sana Dabbas Quotes about fame
#318362 Sana Dabbas

Darling, I have enemies Ive never met. thats fame! .

Sana Dabbas Quotes about fame
#650541 Edward R Murrow

Fame is morally neutral. .

Edward R Murrow Quotes about fame
#322297 A J Benza

Fame, aint it a bitch .

A J Benza Quotes about fame
#983336 Troy Aikman

To go into the Hall of Fame, it continues the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys. .

Troy Aikman Quotes about fame
#983360 Troy Aikman

In my biased opinion, if there ever was a Hall of Fame receiver, its Michael Irvin. Why he didnt get in - I dont know why he didnt get in. .

Troy Aikman Quotes about fame
#983361 Troy Aikman

If we went in together it would mean a lot. Im biased. If there was ever a receiver that had a Hall of Fame career, in my opinion its Michael Irvin. .

Troy Aikman Quotes about fame

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