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Democracy may become frenzied, but it has feelings and can be moved. As for aristocracy, it is always cold and never forgives.
Napoleon I of France feelings
Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings — always darker, emptier, simpler.
Friedrich Nietzsche feelings
It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger after them. How can we ever be satisfied without them until our feelings are deadened?
George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) feelings
The boy was fully occupied with his own cogitations for the remainder of the ride, till we halted before the farmhouse garden gate. I watched to catch his impressions in his countenance. He surveyed the carved front and low-browed lattices, the straggling gooseberry bushes, and crooked firs, with solemn intentness, and then shook his head; his private feelings entirely disapproved of the exterior of his new abode. But he had sense to postpone complaining — there might be compensation within.
Emily Bront feelings
Knowledge can last, principles can last, habits can last; but feelings come and go...
C. S. Lewis feelings
Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, and not by the intellect.
Herbert Spencer feelings
Each day used to be individually felt by me in its reference to the foreign post days; in its distance from, or propinquity to, the next Sunday. I had my Wednesday feelings, my Saturday nights’ sensations.
Charles Lamb feelings
My feelings, gratitude, for instance, are denied me simply because of my social position.
Fyodor Dostoevsky feelings
homeowner envy - feelings of jealousy generated in the young and the disenfranchised when facing gruesome housing statistics. (page 144)
Generation X: Tales For An Accelerated Culture feelings
Mankind are governed more by their feelings than by reason.
Samuel Adams feelings
I've suffered too much to hide my feelings.
Isabelle Adjani feelings
Basically, what I'm saying is there is nothing fake about what I do. I'm up-front, I'm real, I'm honest and I'm open with my feelings.
Christina Aguilera feelings
I would never intentionally want to hurt someone's feelings.
Sara Bareilles feelings
I guess I've grown to admire Queen Elizabeth II more. I've always struggled with my feelings about the Royal Family. I am a supporter. I'm not someone who thinks we should get rid of them. But what I've struggled with is the lack of emotionality that the Queen seems to share.
Samuel Barnett feelings
Idealism springs from deep feelings, but feelings are nothing without the formulated idea that keeps them whole.
Jacques Barzun feelings
God knows, I never want to hurt someone's feelings.
Selma Blair feelings
She goes from one addiction to another. All are ways for her to not feel her feelings.
Ellen Burstyn feelings
It's okay to eat fish because they don't have any feelings.
Kurt Cobain feelings
Writing is my therapy. My feelings build up inside of me and then I sit down and write a song.
Colbie Caillat feelings
There's not a thing that any of you guys can say bad about me that would hurt my feelings... I'm not coming at you, what I'm saying is that, I'm willing to take that heat for my team, if we're playing well or if we're not playing well.
Vince Carter feelings
I was a master at keeping my feelings in.
Mark David Chapman feelings
I don't think you learn how to act. You learn how to use your emotions and feelings.
Marion Cotillard feelings
I drove through the stockyards of Texas on a motorcycle. It doesn't let you escape what surrounds you and what it smells like and feels like - and what hit me was the realization that something that was alive and had feelings will suffer before a piece of it is placed on our plates.
James Cromwell feelings
I continue to be fascinated by the fact that feelings are not just the shady side of reason but that they help us to reach decisions as well.
Antonio Damasio feelings
Of what use is a philosopher who doesn't hurt anybody's feelings?
Diogenes feelings
Emphasis in the Marine Corps isn't on talking about your feelings.
Adam Driver feelings
Anybody who wears their feelings on their sleeve and has a harder, crusty shell - like I do - is definitely protecting an inner sensitivity.
Fred Durst feelings
I went into acting because I'm easily bored. Acting seemed to give vent to a lot of different feelings.
Chad Everett feelings
Music is what our feelings sound like.
Vera Farmiga feelings
And I don't believe that melodramatic feelings are laughable - they should be taken absolutely seriously.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder feelings
I have lucky boots for military embeds, a lucky scarf for road trips, a lucky handbag, and lucky days of the week. I tap into my gut for 'right' or 'wrong' feelings about such simple things as whether I should go grocery shopping.
Farnaz Fassihi feelings
My feelings are those of a schoolboy getting in sight of the holidays. Or more seriously, my feelings are perhaps those of a matador who has decided not to enter the bull ring.
Geoffrey Fisher feelings
None of this was written to hurt anybody's feelings.
Ric Flair feelings
I just think I've always been sensitive and had difficulty containing my feelings, and I've always searched for outlets for that, because otherwise those feelings come out in chaotic ways that aren't always great.
Andrew Garfield feelings
I'm not an activist per se, but I have strong feelings about things. People can jump on celebrities for being ill-informed or naive, but I've got a right to say what I believe.
Ed Harris feelings
I'm incapable of hiding my feelings when I'm around someone I don't like.
Joanne Harris feelings
So it's sheer terror, but then, this is the whole reason that we went so long to Doctor Simons, was to get rid of all these... mixed feelings that we had.
Betty Hill feelings
First feelings are always the most natural.
Louis Xiv feelings
Im excited, happy, nervous, anxious, all those feelings about playing for the Jets again. If I didnt have high expectations, I wouldnt come back here.
Vinny Testaverde feelings
As regards my feelings about drummers - theres Buddy Rich, and then theres everybody else.
Mel Torme feelings
I try to see what the priorities are and not get terribly fussed about things that dont matter. Not be swept away by feelings and emotions, which is my tendency.
Penelope Tree feelings
Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.
Mooji feelings
Clark Kent: Ive always liked Lana, but I can never get near her. I just found out that Chloe likes me and I think I may have feelings for her too.
Smallville feelings
Ace: Catch? You offend me, Lucky. This is simply an olive branch to show our feelings are genuine. So, what do you say? You call the rest of your team up here and have yourselves a celebration.
Pound Puppies 2010 TV series feelings
Hank: Uh, huh, you know, uh, feelings of, uh, fondness, and more, uh, heh, uh, you know what I mean, dont you, boy?
King of the Hill feelings
Darla: No. No, I havent been nourishing it. I havent given this baby a thing. Im dead. Its been nourishing me. These feelings that Im having, theyre not mine. Theyre coming from it.
Angel 1999 TV series feelings
Ilsa: I know how you feel about me, but Im asking you to put your feelings aside for something more important.
Casablanca film feelings
Bringing in a wounded soldier is getting to be rather like waving an American flag at the end of an act. One cannot harbor feelings of unmixed admiration for the playwright who will hide behind either of them. p. 250
Dorothy Parker feelings
Robin: Im sorry. Its just that seeing you with Barney has run up some old feelings - and I really dont like feelings, but thats not your fault or Barneys fault. Its just really hard seeing you with him.
How I Met Your Mother feelings
Lou: This Grinch act of yours, just-just stop it. You know you like me. You just have difficulty expressing your feelings.
Hawaii Five 0 feelings
Imogene: I heard the rumors, but I didnt actually believe it was true! Now I dont like to hurt anyones feelings, but if these boys hadnt been doing what they were doing, they wouldnt be getting whats coming to them now.
Designing Women feelings
Rigby: What?! Why? Thats just some stupid chick-flick! And not even the good kind. I saw the preview. Theyre just gonna sit around talking about their feelingsfully clothed
Regular Show feelings
Feelings are so high. What can I do...
Inna feelings
Hannah: Im sorry. I was trying not to hurt your feelings, its just that Im just not interested. Okay?
Hannah Montana feelings
The Boulder: The Boulders over his conflicted feelings, and now hes ready to bury you in a rockalanche!
Avatar: The Last Airbender feelings
Reverend Sikes: Im sure she didnt mean to hurt your feelings, but the only way you can know Paradise is by repenting your sins.
Desperate Housewives feelings
I have no hard feelings, ... I decided when the team needs me, Ill be there for them.
Jae Seo feelings
I thought I would be more inspired to have all these new feelings to talk about, but I really just want to hang out with my daughter.
Jay-Z feelings
It began to be borne in upon Lord Ickenham that in planning to appeal to the Duke’s better feelings he had omitted to take into his calculations the fact that he might not have any.
P. G. Wodehouse feelings
No one can depress you. No one can make you anxious. No one can hurt your feelings. No one can make you anything other than what you allow inside.
Ritu Ghatourey feelings
May: Look we lost Trip, and it hurts like hell, but you cant shut those feelings out. Cant sustain that.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. feelings
Diggle: Oliver, if you still didnt have feelings for this girl, you would have followed a different solution than letting her extort you into killing someone.
Arrow feelings
Tyrell really did a job on Rachael. Right down to a snapshot of a mother she never had a daughter she never was. Replicants werent supposed to have feelings neither were blade runners. What the hell was happening to me? Leons pictures had to be as phony as Rachaels. I didnt know why a Replicant would collect photos. Maybe they were like Rachael they needed memories.
Blade Runner feelings
Fisk: I know that you have feelings regarding this matter. I respect that. But if Detective Blake chooses to speak out of turn the result would be unpleasant, for you and for me.
Daredevil TV series feelings
Piccolo: Ive never had real feelings about anyone before... Grr... I dont like it!
Dragon Ball Z TV Series 1996–2003 feelings
Id forgotten how much feelings hurt.
Elizabeth Scott feelings
I know how it feels to be completely alone and helpless, and the last thing you want to hear in that situation is, Its going to be OK. The only thing that seems to really help is that someone else who has felt that low expressing those feelings to you.
Evanescence feelings
What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?To Cloud after Aerith is killed
Final Fantasy VII feelings
This was a great college atmosphere. I had mixed feelings coming into the gym.
Jay Wright feelings
Who ever has no fixed opinions has no constant feelings.
Joseph Joubert feelings
Biggs: Whatd I do wrong? I was born with these feelings. I dont know why I have them. They were always there. Wasnt exactly like I had a choice.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit feelings
Jessica: Oh, Amelia, for heavens sake! Only a blind person would misread your feelings for Edmund, who it seems is in desperate need of a very good optometrist.
Murder She Wrote feelings
Matheson: [to Budlosky] I may act tough, but i got a lot of feelings, and you hurt damn near everyone of them.
Pineapple Express 2008 feelings
Anthony Tony Soprano Sr.: I wipe my ass with your feelings.
The Sopranos TV Series 1999–2007 feelings
Fred: Thank you for crushing my feelings. Now, Im not gonna post any more Fred videos. Ever, again. Internet, I click you goodbye. displays good bye from Fred
iCarly feelings
Sweets: Well, subconsciously hes sensitive to her vulnerability. He knows that acting upon his feelings for her would amount to a kind of assault.
Bones Season 5 feelings
You drove Al Steele to his grave and now youre trying to stab ME in the back?!! FORGET IT! I fought worse monsters than you for years in Hollywood! I know how to win the hard way!You dont know what hard feelings are until I come out publicly against your product, and youll see how much you sell.
Mommie Dearest feelings
When youre involved with someone for a while, and they decided to express their feelings to the public - thats not my personal way of therapy, but I guess everyone takes split-ups differently.
Rita Ora feelings
Heather: Confessional If youre watching, Lindsay, Im sorry I hurt your feelings! You are an awesome friend, and Beth, ditto for you! Miss you guys. BFFS forever!
Total Drama Island feelings
The Public - a thing I cannot help looking upon as an enemy, and which I cannot address without feelings of hostility.
John Keats feelings
Will Graham: I have to deal with you and my feelings about you. I think its best if I do that directly.
Hannibal TV series feelings
Larry: [looks up at Dexter] Hey, Dex, so, look. No hard feelings, all right?Teddy Roosevelt: [Dexter slaps Larry in the forehead and Larry raises his clipboard to hit him] Lawrence!Larry: You saw - you saw what he did just then...Teddy Roosevelt: [interupting him] Whos evolved?Larry: I am.Teddy Roosevelt: Whos evolved?Larry: I am!
Night at the Museum 2006 feelings
To keep up even a worthwhile tradition means vitiating the idea behind it which must necessarily be in a constant state of evolution: it is mad to try to express new feelings in a mummified form
Alfred Jarry feelings
Brian Stevens: Motion for continuance is denied.Denny Crane: You know what Im going to do, Brian, just to show you there are no hard feelings? Im going to sleep with your wife.
Boston Legal TV Series 2004–2008 feelings
Lyla: For Jason, Tim. What, what happened with us came from all these feelings about Jason and what he’s going through. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Do you understand?
Friday Night Lights TV series feelings
Teddy Deserve: In the old days ya could just wack a guy and be done with it. Now everyones feelings are involved.
Knockaround Guys 2001 feelings
Yoda: Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him, you will.
Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith 2005 feelings
Clown: Hey, be careful. Dont hurt the little guy.Skinny: Aw, cmon. Elephants aint got no feelings.Clown #2: No, theyre made of rubber.
Dumbo 1941 feelings
Gaston: If I didnt know better, Id think you had *feelings* for this monster.Belle: Hes no monster, Gaston, *you* are!
Beauty and the Beast 1991 feelings
Plerumque dolor etiam venustos facit.A strong sense of injury often gives point to the expression of our feelings. Pliny the Younger, Epistles, III. 9.
Injury feelings
There is never any end...There are always new sounds to imagine; new feelings to get at. And always, there is the need to keep purifying these feelings and sounds so that we can really see what weve discovered in its pure state.
John Coltrane feelings
A fact is like a sack -- it wont stand up if its empty. To make it stand up, first you have to put in it all the reasons and feelings that caused it in the first place.
Luigi Pirandello feelings
This feelings tearing me up. Here we go now.
Metro Station feelings
Carol Burnett: Kermit, I dont want to hurt your feelings, but this is one of the three worst shows Ive ever seen.
The Muppet Show feelings
since feelings come first, who cares about the syntax of things?
e. e. cummings feelings
It is a hard, embittering thing to have ones kind feelings and good intentions cast back in ones teeth.Ch. XXXVI : Dual Solitude; Helen Graham
Anne Brontë feelings
Hardison: What the problem with getting emotionally butt naked? Im just trying to share my feelings.
Leverage feelings
Grif: All I hear is you guys talking about your feelings for Donut. And I have to say, Im not really comfortable with that.
Red vs. Blue feelings
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