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#51705 F. Murray Abraham

The difficulty is capturing surprise on film. .

F. Murray Abraham Quotes about film
#52737 Maud Adams

I feel I've made the transition from model to actress, but I'm not that secure about it. Lauren Hutton, Jennifer O'Neill - we all know that a few films don't mean all that much. .

Maud Adams Quotes about film
#56974 Fede Alvarez

I always say that I am a big fan of films but I am an even bigger fan of the filmmaking craft. .

Fede Alvarez Quotes about film
#58943 Kenneth Anger

I've made several films that haven't been shown. .

Kenneth Anger Quotes about film
#59160 Jean Jacques Annaud

The financing of my films has always been international. .

Jean Jacques Annaud Quotes about film
#59161 Jean Jacques Annaud

The French have got to understand that a film is so expensive that it can no longer afford to be regional or even national in scope. .

Jean Jacques Annaud Quotes about film
#59811 Michael Apted

I've never much been interested in doing films that no one gets to see. .

Michael Apted Quotes about film
#60234 Dario Argento

There's nothing gratuitous about my films. .

Dario Argento Quotes about film
#61249 Darren Aronofsky

I'm Godless. I've had to make my God, and my God is narrative filmmaking. .

Darren Aronofsky Quotes about film
#62113 Armand Assante

I never pursued Hollywood banging my drum, because I was never in a film big enough to do that. .

Armand Assante Quotes about film
#66129 Ralph Bakshi

I had the X rating on my films. Now they do as much on The Simpsons as I got an X rating for Fritz the Cat. .

Ralph Bakshi Quotes about film
#66131 Ralph Bakshi

Film has to describe and show. .

Ralph Bakshi Quotes about film
#66616 Christian Bale

An actor should never be larger than the film he's in. .

Christian Bale Quotes about film
#68943 Kevin Barry

'City of Bohane' has been optioned for film, and I've finished a first draft of the script. .

Kevin Barry Quotes about film
#76902 Mike Birbiglia

Louis C.K. directs his show, which is very much like a series of short films. .

Mike Birbiglia Quotes about film
#77574 Jack Black

I'd just like to be in films that I would like to see. .

Jack Black Quotes about film
#78665 Brenda Blethyn

I've never done a big studio film, I've only ever done little ones. .

Brenda Blethyn Quotes about film
#82787 William Boyd

There is a disconnect between the film Bond and the literary Bond which is their contemporaneity. I don't suffer from that. .

William Boyd Quotes about film
#85658 Barbara Broccoli

People go to extraordinary lengths to get films made. .

Barbara Broccoli Quotes about film
#90612 Edward Burns

The way I see it, when I go out as an actor, it should be on a type of film I'm never going to do as a director. .

Edward Burns Quotes about film
#90694 Ken Burns

In a sense I've made the same film over and over again. In all of them I've asked, 'Who are we as Americans? .

Ken Burns Quotes about film
#91262 Carter Burwell

Music is the subliminal connecting adhesive in film, or at least in narrative feature films. .

Carter Burwell Quotes about film
#94448 Earl Campbell

After watching films of Jim Brown, I noticed that he never ran out of bounds. He always ran North and South and that's what I turned my style into. I was a North and South runner. .

Earl Campbell Quotes about film
#94805 Guillaume Canet

I'm an absolute fan of 1970s New York in films like 'Mean Streets' and 'Dog Day Afternoon.' .

Guillaume Canet Quotes about film
#95573 Leos Carax

I'm not only my films, but I'm pretty much my films. .

Leos Carax Quotes about film
#97539 Helena Bonham Carter

A film actor is just a victim of directors and editors. .

Helena Bonham Carter Quotes about film
#98605 Keisha Castle Hughes

When I found out this was going to be the last 'Star Wars' film that was ever going to be made, I felt pretty privileged to be in it. .

Keisha Castle Hughes Quotes about film
#99545 Claude Chabrol

I am a Communist, certainly, but that doesn't mean I have to make films about the wheat harvest. .

Claude Chabrol Quotes about film
#99671 Mithun Chakraborty

Many Hindi films that are Tamil remakes rake in huge moolah in Bollywood. .

Mithun Chakraborty Quotes about film
#101039 Chevy Chase

Most of the films I've done were ruined in the postproduction, not during filming. .

Chevy Chase Quotes about film
#101259 Osric Chau

I try to do as much as I can, every facet of filmmaking. .

Osric Chau Quotes about film
#102856 Yash Chopra

I'm not making films just to be bold. .

Yash Chopra Quotes about film
#103160 Claudia Christian

I'm more embarrassed about some of the films that I've been in than I am about Playboy. Playboy I'm actually quite proud of. .

Claudia Christian Quotes about film
#106548 Rob Cohen

No two directors make the same film the same way. .

Rob Cohen Quotes about film
#110109 Francis Ford Coppola

When I was going for my graduate degree, I decided I was going to make a feature film as my thesis. That's what I was famous for-that I had my thesis film be a feature film, which was 'You're a Big Boy Now.' .

Francis Ford Coppola Quotes about film
#110169 Roman Coppola

Film is like eating to me. It feels completely natural. .

Roman Coppola Quotes about film
#110285 Anton Corbijn

Directing film is the hardest thing I have ever done. .

Anton Corbijn Quotes about film
#111918 Alex Cox

No, I did a film called 'Death and the Compass' as well. .

Alex Cox Quotes about film
#112947 James Cromwell

I have a film called 'A Lonely Place For Dying,' which is the most watched film on the Internet, over 3 million hits, more than any of Hollywood's films. .

James Cromwell Quotes about film
#114126 Maria Grazia Cucinotta

I decided to an actress because of the film 'La Dolce Vita.' .

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Quotes about film
#114547 Colin Cunningham

Making films is hard. Awesome, but hard. .

Colin Cunningham Quotes about film
#116629 Beatrice Dalle

I didn't so much choose the film as director Claire Denis chose me. .

Beatrice Dalle Quotes about film
#119806 Roger Deakins

I don't approach films purely in context of genre. .

Roger Deakins Quotes about film
#121739 John Denver

I know I'm incapable of orchestrating an entire film. .

John Denver Quotes about film
#127604 Troy Duffy

As far as I'm concerned, the coolest word in film is 'cult.' .

Troy Duffy Quotes about film
#128505 Griffin Dunne

I came to New York to be an actor and I became a film producer first. .

Griffin Dunne Quotes about film
#131116 Christopher Eccleston

I don't see a lot of films. I'm quite choosy, but there's certain films that stick out. .

Christopher Eccleston Quotes about film
#132648 Michael Eklund

Xavier Gens is probably the busiest filmmaker that I know. .

Michael Eklund Quotes about film
#132955 Danny Elfman

I'm trying to interpret the film through the director's head, but it all comes out through me. So, a composer is kind of like a psychic medium. .

Danny Elfman Quotes about film
#134016 Cary Elwes

It's deliberate that a lot of my films have been period pieces. .

Cary Elwes Quotes about film

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