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#11752 Friedrich Nietzsche

To become what one is, one must not have the faintest idea what one is. .

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes about idea
#12435 Heinrich Heine

Christianity is an idea, and as such is indestructible and immortal, like every idea. .

Heinrich Heine Quotes about idea
#17648 Thomas Carlyle

To the very last, he had a kind of idea; that, namely, of la carri .

Thomas Carlyle Quotes about idea
#23747 George Santayana

The idea of Christ is much older than Christianity. .

George Santayana Quotes about idea
#25969 Fernando Pessoa

Faithful to the word given and the idea had. All else is up to God! .

Fernando Pessoa Quotes about idea
#31228 Stephen Hawking

I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers. .

Stephen Hawking Quotes about idea
#33300 Carl Sandburg

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. .

Carl Sandburg Quotes about idea
#46916 William James

All ourandideals are altars to unknown . .

William James Quotes about idea
#50528 Joseph Stalin

The idea of a concentration camp is excellent. .

Joseph Stalin Quotes about idea
#51833 Casey Abrams

I had no idea I could make it this far. And the fact that they told me I made it this far and that America is going to vote for me, I freaked out. .

Casey Abrams Quotes about idea
#54836 Amos Bronson Alcott

Our ideals are our better selves. .

Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes about idea
#54919 Jason Aldean

I had no idea 'Big Green Tractor' was going to be as big a hit as it was. You just can't predict those things. .

Jason Aldean Quotes about idea
#56455 Mose Allison

I have no idea what I'm doin'. I've never seen me. .

Mose Allison Quotes about idea
#56582 Chris Van Allsburg

The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what's fascinating to me. .

Chris Van Allsburg Quotes about idea
#58959 Colin Angle

Hollywood likes to imagine robots as mechanical copies of ourselves - which is a terrible idea. .

Colin Angle Quotes about idea
#62631 Richard Attenborough

Pier Angeli was in the movie called Sea of Sand that Guy Green directed where this idea came up. .

Richard Attenborough Quotes about idea
#63362 Eric Avery

I just didn't like the idea of doing reunions, period. I could only see it as I'd just be going over the same old ground. I'm only years older and fatter and I'll just do an older, fatter version of me. .

Eric Avery Quotes about idea
#63381 Milton Avery

The idea is in my head to put it down is nothing. .

Milton Avery Quotes about idea
#69060 Ethel Barrymore

The face of Garbo is an Idea, that of Hepburn an Event. .

Ethel Barrymore Quotes about idea
#72722 Ahmed Ben Bella

Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe. .

Ahmed Ben Bella Quotes about idea
#77375 Bjork

Seventy per cent humidity is ideal for vocal cords. .

Bjork Quotes about idea
#79537 Mark Boal

I had no idea what it would be like to be a bomb tech in Baghdad until I got there so I didn't know what to expect. It was very eye-opening. .

Mark Boal Quotes about idea
#84505 Rory Bremner

I've no idea what they make of me. People usually don't recognise themselves in an impression. .

Rory Bremner Quotes about idea
#87787 Jackson Browne

The idea that I wrote something that stood for the way I feel about things, and that it lasts, that's probably my favorite thing that I've done. .

Jackson Browne Quotes about idea
#91120 Lance Burton

I have no idea what's next. I simply don't have a clue. .

Lance Burton Quotes about idea
#94830 Elias Canetti

It doesn't matter how new an idea is: what matters is how new it becomes. .

Elias Canetti Quotes about idea
#94887 Bobby Cannavale

I'm an idealist. .

Bobby Cannavale Quotes about idea
#95268 Jim Capaldi

Far From Home was also my idea from a magazine I'd seen. .

Jim Capaldi Quotes about idea
#99717 Hussein Chalayan

I am an idealist, which can be tiring. .

Hussein Chalayan Quotes about idea
#101415 Malcolm de Chazal

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels. .

Malcolm de Chazal Quotes about idea
#109488 Calvin Coolidge

There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal. .

Calvin Coolidge Quotes about idea
#110809 Caroline Corr

But I do have an idea in my head before I go in about what I'm going to do. .

Caroline Corr Quotes about idea
#112879 Michael Cristofer

I don't have a game plan. I have no idea what I'll be doing next. .

Michael Cristofer Quotes about idea
#114118 Brunello Cucinelli

The whole idea of wearing clothes is not to look ridiculous. .

Brunello Cucinelli Quotes about idea
#117222 Greg Daniels

I had my idea of what the series finale of 'King of the Hill' would be, but that's not what the actual series finale was. .

Greg Daniels Quotes about idea
#119512 Charlie Day

The idea of doing stand-up is terrifying to me. .

Charlie Day Quotes about idea
#123370 Janice Dickinson

The idea of the extreme makeover is disturbing. .

Janice Dickinson Quotes about idea
#124206 Christian Dior

A country, a style or an epoch are interesting only for the idea behind them. .

Christian Dior Quotes about idea
#125513 Emma Donoghue

Any parent knows how to be the ideal parent. .

Emma Donoghue Quotes about idea
#126055 Aaron Douglas

I would be the worst acting coach ever, because I have no idea what I'm doing. .

Aaron Douglas Quotes about idea
#130550 Charles Eames

In architecture the idea degenerated. Design allows a more direct and pleasurable route. .

Charles Eames Quotes about idea
#132284 Barbara Ehrenreich

Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable. .

Barbara Ehrenreich Quotes about idea
#139267 Craig Ferguson

The idea of having Australians upset at me is just awful. .

Craig Ferguson Quotes about idea
#140645 David Fincher

I like the idea of R-rated franchises. .

David Fincher Quotes about idea
#149566 John Galsworthy

Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem. .

John Galsworthy Quotes about idea
#167518 Daryl Hannah

My ideal is to wake up in the morning and run around the meadow naked. .

Daryl Hannah Quotes about idea
#171812 J. Milton Hayes

Then India, everyone has his own idea of India. .

J. Milton Hayes Quotes about idea
#198042 George Murray

With Carousel I had an idea and it all came out quickly. .

George Murray Quotes about idea
#199912 Bill Pullman

There was an idea of accepting everyone; there was no sense of exclusion. .

Bill Pullman Quotes about idea
#202046 Mike Shinoda

Who cant relate to the idea of leaving one chapter behind and moving on to the next? .

Mike Shinoda Quotes about idea

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