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#8682 Samuel Johnson

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about information
#22176 Isaac Newton

Published posthumously by his nephew Benjamin Smith -For background information on these quotations, see .

Isaac Newton Quotes about information
#37517 William Gibson

He felt the shark thing lose a degree of substantiality, the fabric of information loosening. .

William Gibson Quotes about information
#41924 Muhammad Saeed al Sahhaf

The information was correct but the interpretations were not. I did my duty up to the last minute. .

Muhammad Saeed al Sahhaf Quotes about information
#43203 Stephen King


Stephen King Quotes about information
#47401 David Weinberger

The cure to information overload is more information. .

David Weinberger Quotes about information
#49189 Nassim Nicholas Taleb

For the robust, an error is information. .

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quotes about information
#49213 Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Information is antifragile; it feeds more on attempts to harm it than it does on efforts to promote it. .

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quotes about information
#70940 Melissa Bean

The IRS is currently considering a rule that would make it easier for tax preparers to disclose the private information contained in tax returns - including name, address, Social Security number, employer, income, and charitable donations. .

Melissa Bean Quotes about information
#73688 Bo Bennett

An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information. .

Bo Bennett Quotes about information
#112733 Francis Crick

It seems likely that most if not all the genetic information in any organism is carried by nucleic acid - usually by DNA, although certain small viruses use RNA as their genetic material. .

Francis Crick Quotes about information
#113318 David Cross

My biggest problem is retaining the exact information. .

David Cross Quotes about information
#118151 Adam Davidson

The Internet is, among other things, a massive, chaotic marketplace. Too much information, it turns out, is a lot like no information. .

Adam Davidson Quotes about information
#131643 Sibel Edmonds

The information I requested under the Freedom of Information Act has been blocked for two years. .

Sibel Edmonds Quotes about information
#200080 Jp Rangaswami

We were hunter-gatherers of information, and we moved from that to becoming farmers and cultivators of information. .

Jp Rangaswami Quotes about information
#202421 John Maynard Smith

Genetics is about how information is stored and transmitted between generations. .

John Maynard Smith Quotes about information
#202754 Katie Jacobs Stanton

The more up-to-date the information, the more valuable it is. .

Katie Jacobs Stanton Quotes about information
#369742 Henri Fayol

Fiche de lecture dAdministration industrielle et générale, Claude Remila, Cours d’organisation et systèmes d’information. in French .

Henri Fayol Quotes about information
#1845236 Stacey King

We typically dont share a lot of fishing information, but maybe a little bit if one of the guys is struggling. .

Stacey King Quotes about information
#1513723 Fadel Gheit

The biggest disaster was the lack of information: The refineries - are they up or down? What happened to the platforms? .

Fadel Gheit Quotes about information
#571962 Great Recession

Tracking the Global Recession accurate and useful information from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis .

Great Recession Quotes about information
#317292 Sanat Thakkar

Information Delayed is Infirmation Denied. .

Sanat Thakkar Quotes about information

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