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Ifcorrupts , language can also corrupt thought.
George Orwell language
The formation of different languages and of distinct species and the proofs that both have been developed through a gradual process, are curiously parallel.
Charles Darwin language
Men standing in opposite hemispheres will converse and deride each other and embrace each other, and understand each other's language.
Leonardo da Vinci language
Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.
Walt Disney language
We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.
Oscar Wilde language
Ideas do not exist separately from language.
Karl Marx language
Bilingualism is not an imposition on the citizens. The citizens can go on speaking one language or six languages, or no languages if they so choose. Bilingualism is an imposition on the state and not the citizens.
Pierre Trudeau language
Calvin: Verbing weirds language. p.53
Bill Watterson language
Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.
Robert Benchley language
About the use of language: it is impossible to sharpen a pencil with a blunt axe. It is equally vain to try to do it with ten blunt axes instead.
Edsger W. Dijkstra language
Synergy is the only word in our language which identifies the meaning for which it stands. Since the word is unknown to the average public, as I have already pointed out, it is not at all surprising that synergy has not been included in the economic accounting of our wealth transactions or in assessing our common wealth capabilities.
Buckminster Fuller language
Are designations congruent with things? Is language the adequate expression of all realities?
Friedrich Nietzsche language
is a horrible language. It's made more horrible by the fact that a lot of substandard programmers use it, to the point where it's much much easier to generate total and utter crap with it.
Linus Torvalds language
Philosophy is written in that great book which ever lies before our eyes — I mean the universe — but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols, in which it is written. This book is written in the mathematical language, and the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word of it; without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth.
Galileo Galilei language
That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can't say No in any of them.
Dorothy Parker language
I think it is not helpful to apply Darwinian language too widely. Conquest of nation by nation is too distant for Darwinian explanations to be helpful. Darwinism is the differential survival of self-replicating genes in a gene pool, usually as manifested by individual behaviour, morphology, and phenotypes. Group selection of any kind is not Darwinism as Darwin understood it nor as I understand it. There is a very vague analogy between group selection and conquest of a nation by another nation, but I don't think it's a very helpful analogy. So I would prefer not to invoke Darwinian language for that kind of historical interpretation.
Richard Dawkins language
The miserable's name is Man; he is agonizing in all climes, and he is groaning in all languages.
Victor Hugo language
For remember that in general we don't use language according to strict rules — it hasn't been taught us by means of strict rules, either.
Ludwig Wittgenstein language
Sarcasm I now see to be, in general, the language of the Devil; for which reason I have, long since, as good as renounced it.
Thomas Carlyle language
There is in a word, in a verb, something sacred which forbids us from using it recklessly. To handle a language cunningly is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.
Charles Baudelaire language
The impossibility of penetrating the divine pattern of the universe cannot stop us from planning human patterns, even though we are conscious they are not definitive. The analytic language of Wilkins is not the least admirable of such patterns.
Jorge Luis Borges language
If you want to program in C, program in C. It's a nice language. I use it occasionally...
Larry Wall language
My homeland is the portuguese language.
Fernando Pessoa language
We inhabit a language rather than a country.
Emil Cioran language
Which I wish to remark,— And my language is plain,— That for ways that are dark And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar.
Bret Harte language
This is brave Bear-Garden language!
Jeremy Collier language
He speaks Bear-garden. That is, such rude and uncivil, or sordid and dirty language, as the rabble that frequent those sports, are wont to use.
John Ray language
He's as great a master of ill language as ever was bred at a Bear-Garden.
Ned Ward language
There iz no alternativ. Every possible reezon that could ever be offered for altering the spelling of wurds, stil exists in full force; and if a gradual reform should not be made in our language, it wil proov that we are less under the influence of reezon than our ancestors.
Noah Webster language
I grew, day by day, more moody, more irritable, more regardless of the feelings of others. I suffered myself to use intemperate language to my wife. At length, I even offered her personal violence.
Edgar Allan Poe language
They certainly are not great writers, but they speak their country's language and they make themselves heard.
Alexis de Tocqueville language
We siftthrough screens composed of . (And such ideas have their roots in older ideas.) Such ideaare necessarily limited by , by the ways we can describe them. That is to say: language cuts the grooves in which ourmove. If we seek new validity forms (otherand other orders) we must step outside language.
Frank Herbert language
She was the most intelligent woman of her day and she refused to get married in nine languages.
Will Cuppy language
Writ in the climate of heaven, in the language spoken by angels.
Composer language
The jargon of authenticity ... is a trademark of societalized chosenness, ... sub-language as superior language.
Theodor Adorno language
A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection — not an invitation for hypnosis.
Umberto Eco language
But here's old Ken - he's been crass, he's been insensitive and thuggish and brutal in his language - but I don't think actually if you read what he said, although it was extraordinary and rude, I don't think he was actually anti-Semitic.
Boris Johnson language
A scholar is like a book written in a dead language — it is not every one that can read in it.
William Hazlitt language
The best way to learn a language may be an episode of jail in a foreign country.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb language
... greatest singleever designed. (Aboutprogramming language)
Alan Kay language
The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God - if they call God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That's what I think.
Maya Angelou language
You should take notes whenever you hear interesting or original language.
Randa Abdel Fattah language
I should learn the language of a politician - give away as little and keep the rest to yourself. Not lie, I just want to be more guarded.
Farooq Abdullah language
Everybody needs to understand that I learned Arabic from the United States Army as a second language. I never spoke it at home.
John Abizaid language
It's amazing how, age after age, in country after country, and in all languages, Shakespeare emerges as incomparable.
M. H. Abrams language
I'm really fascinated and you know I've been wondering about that usage of language, various breathing techniques and why in these practices language is being used in another way.
Kathy Acker language
A poem records emotions and moods that lie beyond normal language, that can only be patched together and hinted at metaphorically.
Diane Ackerman language
I analyse in my own way, in very simple, no-jargon language. If somebody is talking in very complicated way, I never like that.
Gautam Adani language
Columbia University, where I went to study in 1993, insisted its undergraduates learn a foreign language, so I discovered French.
Aravind Adiga language
Following my junior year in high school, I went on a camping trip through Russia in a group led by Horst Momber, a young language teacher from Roosevelt.
Peter Agre language
The top 10 verbs in the English language are all irregular, even though irregular verbs make up only 3 per cent of the language.
Erez Lieberman Aiden language
It is wrong to use equal language for unequal actions.
Peter Akinola language
I write in English because I was raised in the States and educated in this language.
Daniel Alarcon language
The best translations are always the ones in the language the author can't read.
Jorge Amado language
No one ever became, or can become truly eloquent without being a reader of the Bible, and an admirer of the purity and sublimity of its language.
Fisher Ames language
Japanese is a very difficult language.
David Anders language
Over the years, I've trained myself to speak using the same language I would use if I were typing: meaning using full sentences in the way that paragraphs and scenes are arranged.
Kevin J. Anderson language
I think kids are excited by language, and they're not always given credit for that.
Matthew Tobin Anderson language
My mum made a conscious decision not to teach me any Indian languages so I wouldn't talk with an accent.
Naveen Andrews language
When a French book becomes an international hit it is because of the author and not because of the language. The same goes for movies.
Jean Jacques Annaud language
I think in general I've never dared compose in Spanish. First of all, it is such an intricate language.
Marc Anthony language
I grew up speaking Spanish and English. My mother can speak Spanish, English, French and Italian, and she's pretty good at faking Portuguese. I wish that I spoke more languages than I do.
Sebastian Arcelus language
Something I miss terribly from the '60s - the most important phrase in the English language was, 'I got hung up.' Somebody says they got hung up, it's unassailable, you know? You don't go near that. Whoa! I know what that can be like.
Alan Arkin language
'No' is the second shortest word in the English language, but one of the hardest to say.
Raymond Arroyo language
All true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar's teeth.
Antonin Artaud language
There are lots of actors who insist on speaking the lines themselves, and you hear the same thing from directors and the audience, but I don't think it's worth getting het up about. I think it makes more sense to use someone who speaks that country's language: that's what voice actors are for.
Tadanobu Asano language
Many poets in Iran have learned to speak almost a secret language, where political issues are talked about in allegorical ways.
Reza Aslan language
Certainly ordinary language has no claim to be the last word, if there is such a thing.
J. L. Austin language
There's a specificity of language that's required in Shakespeare that most drama students in England deal with - a specificity of language that is somehow not as clear in a lot of American schools.
James Avery language
The finest command of language is often shown by saying nothing.
Roger Babson language
Even in India the Hindi film industry might be the best known but there are movies made in other regional languages in India, be it Tamil or Bengali. Those experiences too are different from the ones in Bombay.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan language
I guess anime helped me understand the Japanese culture a little better and makes me want to honor certain language nuances that don't always translate to English.
Laura Bailey language
I consider myself a pretty good conversationalist, but you wind up being downgraded to idiot status when you don't speak the language!
Alec Baldwin language
My ideal vacation isn't about complex maneuvers. I want to arrive somewhere foreign where I don't speak the language, go hiking, then plop down in a sunny square, have drinks, read a book, and see what happens.
Rosecrans Baldwin language
The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?
Hugo Ball language
Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.
J. G. Ballard language
I took some classes in sign language when I was in my early teens because I was told that I would be completely deaf very early. But I never really wanted to learn.
Stephanie Beacham language
Shakespeare is absolutely big in Africa. I guess he's big everywhere. Growing up, Shakespeare was the thing. You'd learn monologues and you'd recite them. And just like hip-hop, it made you feel like you knew how to speak English really well. You had a mastery of the English language to some extent.
Ishmael Beah language
No language is rude that can boast polite writers.
Aubrey Beardsley language
Music is the universal language.
Swizz Beatz language
No one wants one language. There are applications when it's appropriate to write something in C rather than in Java. If you want to write something where performance is much more important than extensibility, then you might want to choose C rather than Java.
Brian Behlendorf language
Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand.
Aphra Behn language
When language is treated beautifully and interestingly, it can feel good for the body: It's nourishing; it's rejuvenating.
Aimee Bender language
Ours is the age of substitutes: instead of language, we have jargon: instead of principles, slogans: and, instead of genuine ideas, bright ideas.
Eric Bentley language
Writers let themselves be enticed by the language.
Peter Bichsel language
I've never been one to throw clubs, break clubs, or use bad language on the golf course. I've played with golfers who've done that, and I really hate to see it. If I did something like that, my dad would come get the putter and hit me upside the head with it. I knew better.
Lucas Black language
Shakespeare is the true multicultural author. He exists in all languages. He is put on the stage everywhere. Everyone feels that they are represented by him on the stage.
Harold Bloom language
Because language is the carrier of ideas, it is easy to believe that it should be very little else than such a carrier.
Louise Bogan language
Music is not supposed to be nationalist. It is supposed to surpass language barriers. It is about generations communicating with each other.
Simon Le Bon language
I'm not a lawyer, and maybe I should have used more specific legal language.
Sonny Bono language
Mechanical difficulties with language are the outcome of internal difficulties with thought.
Elizabeth Bowen language
There is some mysterious thing that goes on whereby, in the process of playing Shakespeare continuously, actors are surprised by the way the language actually acts on them.
Kenneth Branagh language
What is Americanization? It manifests itself, in a superficial way, when the immigrant adopts the clothes, the manners and the customs generally prevailing here. Far more important is the manifestation presented when he substitutes for his mother tongue the English language as the common medium of speech.
Louis D. Brandeis language
All languages had their birth, their apogee and decline.
Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin language
A language is a more ancient and inevitable thing than any state.
Joseph Brodsky language
Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche parked outside?
Jackson Browne language
Well, my first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought up by a Spanish mother and a German father, so I always spoke both languages at home. I'm very thankful that I was brought up in a bilingual house.
Daniel Bruhl language
The Australian way of affirmative action is setting goals and recognising discrimination and lack of opportunity and deciding to take action and setting some goals and targets. I guess I prefer that language to talking about quotas.
Quentin Bryce language
I am a better cook than I am an actor. If I have any ego, it's about cooking. I'm one of the best cooks... and I cook in any language.
Raymond Burr language
Second-generation Hispanics marry non-Hispanics at a higher rate than second-generation Irish or Italians. Second-generation Hispanics' English language capability rates are higher than previous immigrant groups'.
Jeb Bush language
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