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We have a right to expect that the Negro community will be responsible, will uphold the law, but they have a right to expect that the law will be fair, that the Constitution will be color blind, assaid at the turn of the century.
John F. Kennedy law
Thus, for example, tanks, battleships and bombing planes are inherently tyrannical weapons, while rifles, muskets, long-bows, and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon — so long as there is no answer to it — gives claws to the weak.
George Orwell law
It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid.
Albert Einstein law
Its possible to shape a law that upholds our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.
Barack Obama law
Whenever you are going after something that is yours, you are within your legal rights to lay claim to it. And anyone who puts forth any effort to deprive you of that which is yours, is breaking the law, is a criminal.
Malcolm X law
Possession isnt nine-tenths of the law. Its nine-tenths of the problem.
John Lennon law
He can who thinks he can, and he cant who thinks he cant. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.
Henry Ford law
My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.
Ronald Reagan law
I will tell you Kings First Law of Recognition: You never get it when you want it, and then when it comes, you get too much.
Billie Jean King law
We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.
Emmeline Pankhurst law
There's no rule, no law, no regulation that says you can't come back. So I have every right to come back.
Lance Armstrong law
When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler.
Al Gore law
The laws of circumstance are abolished by new circumstances.
Napoleon I of France law
Judges ought to remember, that their office is jus dicere, and not jus dare; to interpret law, and not to make law, or give law.
Francis Bacon law
It is true I wished to escape; and so I wish still; is not this lawful for all prisoners?
Joan of Arc law
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
Mark Twain law
But capitalist production begets,with the inexorability of a law of Nature,its own negation. It is the negation of negation.
Karl Marx law
The office of the lawyer, however poorly filled, is too delicate, personal and confidential to be occupied by a corporation.
Robert H. Jackson law
Laws are never as effective as habits.
Adlai Stevenson law
The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.
Lao Tzu law
Necessity has no law.
Fran§ois Rabelais law
Judge — A law student who marks his own examination-papers.
H. L. Mencken law
As long as I'm sitting in the chair, there's not going to be any Jew appointed to that court. [No Jew] can be right on the criminal-law issue.
Richard Nixon law
The first essential of civilization is law. Anarchy is simply the handmaiden and forerunner of tyranny and despotism.
Theodore Roosevelt law
Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advancedis indistinguishable from .
Arthur C. Clarke law
are entirely too disbelieving of . They are far too ready to dismiss it and to build arcane structures of extremely rickety substance in order to avoid it. I, on the other hand, see coincidence everywhere as an inevitable consequence of the laws of probability, according to which having no unusual coincidence is far more unusual than any coincidence could possibly be.
Isaac Asimov law
No we won't -- no we won't break the law Sharon.
Ozzy Osbourne law
I should have been a pair of ragged claws Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
T. S. Eliot law
"If you are not the heiress born, And I," said he, "the lawful heir, We two will wed to-morrow morn, And you shall still be Lady Clare".
Alfred, Lord Tennyson law
A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.
Robert Frost law
Laws, like houses, lean on one another.
Edmund Burke law
Though a state of affairs that would contravene the laws of physics can be represented by us spatially, one that would contravene the laws of geometry cannot. (3.0321)
Ludwig Wittgenstein law
And, through the heat of conflict, keeps the law In calmness made, and sees what he foresaw.
William Wordsworth law
When the Law shows her teeth, but dares not bite.
Edward Young law
The charge is prepar'd, the lawyers are met, The judges all ranged,—a terrible show!
John Gay law
Brushing with hasty steps the dews away, To meet the sun upon the upland lawn.
Thomas Gray law
The law: It has honored us; may we honor it.
Daniel Webster law
And finally remember that nothing harms him who is really a citizen, which does not harm the state; nor yet does anything harm the state which does not harm law [order]; and of these things which are called misfortunes not one harms law. What then does not harm law does not harm either state or citizen.
Marcus Aurelius law
Old father antic the law.
Henry IV, part 1 law
The brain may devise laws for the blood; but a hot temper leaps o’er a cold decree.
The Merchant of Venice law
Law is mighty, mightier necessity.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe law
Our universities produced lawyers and doctors for the old social system, but did not create enough agricultural extension teachers, agronomists, chemists, or physicists. In fact, we do not even have mathematicians.
Che Guevara law
Professional philosophers are usually only apologists: that is, they are absorbed in defending some vested illusion or some eloquent idea. Like lawyers or detectives, they study the case for which they are retained.
George Santayana law
Uselessweaken thelaws.
Montesquieu law
The law was .
Blaise Pascal law
Good laws lead to the making of better ones; bad ones bring about worse.
Jean Jacques Rousseau law
In a republic, that paradise of debility, the politician is a petty tyrant who obeys the laws.
Emil Cioran law
The true laws of God are the laws of our own well-being.
Samuel Butler (novelist) law
Reason to rule, mercy to forgive: The first is law, the last prerogative.
John Dryden law
He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides.
Charles Lamb law
Good cable, to enforce and draw, And be thy law, While thou didst wink and wouldst not see.
George Herbert law
No laws, however stringent, can make the idle industrious, the thriftless provident, or the drunken sober.
Samuel Smiles law
He reckoneth without his Hostesse. Love knoweth no lawes.
John Lyly law
You've been with the professors and they've all liked your looks. With great lawyers you've discussed lepers and crooks.
Bob Dylan law
Every law that was ever written opened up a new way to graft.
Robert Heinlein law
Stop quoting laws, we carry weapons!
Pompey law
The Law of Fives is one of the oldest Erisian Mysterees...
Principia Discordia law
I must rule with eye and claw — as the hawk among lesser birds.
Dune law
His praise is reserved for: — Lives Lived in obedience to the inner law Which cannot alter.
Richard Francis Burton law
Know all ye mortals who have entered this contest, that according to our laws and decrees the victor is allowed to exult but the vanquished must not complain.
Julian (emperor) law
Stroke of the pen. Law of the Land. Kinda cool.
Paul Begala law
“There’s a law,” Chuck said, “which I call Rittersdorf’s Third Law of Diminished Returns, which states that proportional to how long you hold a job you imagine that it has progressively less and less importance in the scheme of things.”
Philip K. Dick law
If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
Guns law
Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws
Jim Morrison law
We stated openly that Steven Pagones, the assistant district attorney, did it. His lawyers say he may or may not sue us. If we're lying, sue us, so we can go into court with you and prove you did it.
Al Sharpton law
Music is natural law as related to the sense of hearing.
Webern law
looks for laws. Good. But he looks for them where he will not find them.
Schoenberg law
Why is pot against the law? It wouldn't be because anyone can grow it, and therefore you can't make a profit off it, would it?
Bill Hicks law
Master Leveret (A hare): You're going to be stew. I mean me and Master Redlaw here, we're fairly used to the idea of endin' up in a cookpot. Master Redlaw (A hedgehog): So to speak, Master Leveret, although mostly us hedge-pigs is encased in clay and roasted in embers, 'cos of us havin' us's prickles. Master Leveret: Stands corrected, Master Redlaw. Stands corrected and grateful to yer, I mus' say.
The Books of Magic law
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Aleister Crowley law
You aren't the kind of guy who takes the law into his own hands. You left the law in other hands and it screwed you over pretty badly.
Orson Scott Card law
I despaired of the possibility of discovering the true laws by means of constructive efforts based on known facts. The longer and the more despairingly I tried, the more I came to the conviction that only the discovery of a universal formal principle could lead us to assured results.
Fact law
"Reverence for parents" stands written among the three laws of most revered righteousness.
Aeschylus law
Like all real , Charley had a fatal flaw. He refused tothat he had gonorrhea, whereas thewas that he did.
Kurt Vonnegut law
There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.
Lincoln law
Power always thinks... that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws.
John Adams law
We cannot build foundations of a state without rule of law.
Mahmoud Abbas law
The question at the end of the day was, the courts having found there was no defense, a producer about to go to jail, should CBS in effect tell the producer go to jail even though there is no law at all that we can use to get you out of jail?
Floyd Abrams law
Be assured, fellow citizens, that in a democracy it is the laws that guard the person of the citizen and the constitution of the state, whereas the despot and the oligarch find their protection in suspicion and in armed guards.
Aeschines law
Facts are stupid until brought into connection with some general law.
Louis Agassiz law
Where there are laws, he who has not broken them need not tremble.
Vittorio Alfieri law
Law is king of all.
Henry Alford law
I learned law so well, the day I graduated I sued the college, won the case, and got my tuition back.
Fred Allen law
Lawyers are the first refuge of the incompetent.
Aaron Allston law
I'm a trained lawyer, after all, so I don't have to admit to anything.
Clive Anderson law
It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity.
Kofi Annan law
You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw.
Diane Arbus law
Law is a bottomless pit.
John Arbuthnot law
This is the sheriff you're talking about, with a gun and badge that enforces the law. Nothing is going to stop me from cracking down on illegal immigration as long as the laws are there.
Joe Arpaio law
Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing.
Kate Atkinson law
If I am going to pick and choose the laws I defend, I wouldn't be doing my duty as attorney general.
Kelly Ayotte law
No one in the Emirates is above the law and accountability.
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum law
If you laid all our laws end to end, there would be no end.
Arthur Baer law
I use the rules to frustrate the law. But I didn't set up the ground rules.
F. Lee Bailey law
I've always had an affinity for lawyers. My dad is a lawyer. He's retired now. My brother is a lawyer.
Scott Bakula law
I will forever be thankful to the Malawians and international community, and my professional army and army general, who said: 'No, we will follow the constitution.' That's why I'm here.
Joyce Banda law
I'm still strongly opposed to antismoking laws, strongly opposed to any law that regulates personal behavior.
John Perry Barlow law
There certainly is a lot of political pressure for states to adopt the new federal tax codes. But there is no law that requires them to do so.
John Barry law
What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?
Marion Barry law
Playing for Yogi is like playing for your father; playing for Billy is like playing for your father-in-law.
Don Baylor law
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