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#13343 George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)

Childhood has no forebodings; but then, it is soothed by no memories of outlived sorrow. .

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Quotes about memories
#20526 George Orwell

I have the most of , but I have very few bad memories of Spaniards. .

George Orwell Quotes about memories
#23367 Jorge Luis Borges

That one individual should awaken in another memories that belong to still a third is an obvious paradox. .

Jorge Luis Borges Quotes about memories
#30069 Bob Dylan

Take care of all your memories. said my friend Mick, For you cannot relive them. .

Bob Dylan Quotes about memories
#33301 Carl Sandburg

Under the summer roses When the flagrant crimson Lurks in the dusk Of the wild red leaves,Love, with little hands, Comes and touches you With a thousand memories, And asks you Beautiful, unanswerable questions. .

Carl Sandburg Quotes about memories
#33959 Dune

I tell you we are a marvel and my memories leave no doubt of this. .

Dune Quotes about memories
#50031 Kurt Vonnegut

Old Norwegian Proverb: Swedes have short dicks but long memories. .

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes about memories
#57522 Martin Amis

When I go back to the core of my childhood, my cousin Lucy seems always to be in the peripheral vision of my memories. She is off to one side, always off to one side, with a book, with a scheme or a project or an enterprise. .

Martin Amis Quotes about memories
#60934 Neil Armstrong

As a boy, because I was born and raised in Ohio, about 60 miles north of Dayton, the legends of the Wrights have been in my memories as long as I can remember. .

Neil Armstrong Quotes about memories
#72939 Saul Bellow

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. .

Saul Bellow Quotes about memories
#73623 Alan Bennett

Those who have known the famous are publicly debriefed of their memories, knowing as their own dusk falls that they will only be remembered for remembering someone else. .

Alan Bennett Quotes about memories
#74955 Nate Berkus

Everywhere in my house are these little things that have meanings and make me think of great memories. .

Nate Berkus Quotes about memories
#82497 Hamish Bowles

My childhood memories seem to be wreathed in the twin and far from harmonious olfactory sensations of patchouli oil and caustic soda. .

Hamish Bowles Quotes about memories
#87283 John Mason Brown

So often we rob tomorrow's memories by today's economies. .

John Mason Brown Quotes about memories
#89200 Jeff Buckley

Thinking so hard on her soft eyes and memories of the signs that it's over. It's over. .

Jeff Buckley Quotes about memories
#92349 Amanda Bynes

This is how memories are made... by going with the flow. .

Amanda Bynes Quotes about memories
#96386 Richard Carmona

When I was 5, 6 - so you know, memories aren't that great - I remember coming home and I remember seeing all of our belongings on the street and a Salvation Army truck picking them up. We got taken to a shelter. And then we moved around a lot, finding places to stay. .

Richard Carmona Quotes about memories
#98714 Willa Cather

Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again. .

Willa Cather Quotes about memories
#99290 J. R. Celski

I can say I'm a little scared of racing. It brings back memories, of course. But it's nothing I can't handle. .

J. R. Celski Quotes about memories
#106295 Paul Coffey

I have great memories of my years in Edmonton and the players who were my teammates. .

Paul Coffey Quotes about memories
#107002 Paula Cole

I'm a songwriter who's put my childhood memories and teenage angst into songs. .

Paula Cole Quotes about memories
#108788 Kevin Connolly

What I think happened to the new arenas is that you need some memories. I remember going when the Staples Center first opened and it was like, 'OK,' but a couple championships later, and all of a sudden it becomes your house. You have to stake claim to it. .

Kevin Connolly Quotes about memories
#115335 Salvador Dali

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant. .

Salvador Dali Quotes about memories
#115730 Bob Dylan

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. .

Bob Dylan Quotes about memories
#118902 Judy Davis

Lorna was quite young when her mother died, and I think she's blocked out some of the memories. I talked to her a little bit about that, but I wasn't prepared to go around and poke and hurt her. .

Judy Davis Quotes about memories
#121131 Iris Dement

And I've been walking 'round with memories way too long. .

Iris Dement Quotes about memories
#121385 Tom Dempsey

The hurricane flooded me out of a lot of memorabilia, but it can't flood out the memories. .

Tom Dempsey Quotes about memories
#134700 Juan Enriquez

It's not completely inconceivable that someday you'll be able to download your own memories. .

Juan Enriquez Quotes about memories
#141282 Danielle Fishel

Some of my favorite memories happened in the 'Boy Meets World' classroom. .

Danielle Fishel Quotes about memories
#142785 Joshua Foer

As bad as we are at remembering names and phone numbers and word-for-word instructions from our colleagues, we have really exceptional visual and spatial memories. .

Joshua Foer Quotes about memories
#143012 Tom Folsom

Hopper's best friend, Dean Stockwell, who starred with him in 'Blue Velvet,' let me watch golf with him while parsing out memories of when he and Hopper went off the deep end in Mexico. .

Tom Folsom Quotes about memories
#146961 Fred Frith

I write with a mouse, because it has no psychological associations or memories or habits associated with it. .

Fred Frith Quotes about memories
#148557 Stefano Gabbana

My memories are of denim. I remember being 12 in my Levi's. Wow! .

Stefano Gabbana Quotes about memories
#149641 Michael Gambon

My only memories of school are of being beaten, of being hit in the playground, of masters poking their fingers in my chest all day. .

Michael Gambon Quotes about memories
#153095 Frida Giannini

I think the '70s are always inspiring to me. I was born then, so I have a lot of memories about how my parents were and what kinds of movies I was watching. .

Frida Giannini Quotes about memories
#155493 Ruth Glick

The hero of 'Dark Powers' can touch murder victims and read their last memories. .

Ruth Glick Quotes about memories
#156736 Andy Goldsworthy

A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories. .

Andy Goldsworthy Quotes about memories
#165581 Carla Hall

One of my early childhood memories was my grandmother always having a bowl of Nestle chocolate bars at her house. My sister and I would argue over who could eat the chocolate bars. Looking back, I don't know why we just didn't share. We could have split them. .

Carla Hall Quotes about memories
#176462 Betty Hill

You can't recover memories of a missing event. That's a fallacy. .

Betty Hill Quotes about memories
#178225 Dustin Hoffman

I did a movie called Marathon Man and it was one of my best memories. .

Dustin Hoffman Quotes about memories
#191939 Carla Hall

One of my early childhood memories was my grandmother always having a bowl of Nestle chocolate bars at her house. My sister and I would argue over who could eat the chocolate bars. Looking back, I dont know why we just didnt share. We could have split them. .

Carla Hall Quotes about memories
#192734 Betty Hill

You cant recover memories of a missing event. Thats a fallacy. .

Betty Hill Quotes about memories
#193897 Raul Julia

A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it. .

Raul Julia Quotes about memories
#197082 James Vincent Mcmorrow

I have some vivid memories of walking around as a child with a cassette tape. .

James Vincent Mcmorrow Quotes about memories
#198049 Joel Murray

I have a lot of fond memories of St. Patricks Day in Chicago. Vague, but fond. .

Joel Murray Quotes about memories
#198794 Bobby Orr

Minor sports in the community is fun and recreation for everyone, not just the elite. I think back to my days in minor hockey and those are my fondest memories, having fun. .

Bobby Orr Quotes about memories
#201818 Sebastian Seung

The brain is behind the really big questions we have. Who am I, what is my identity? What is that based on? If memories are encoded in connectomes, your personality might be in your connectome. If thats the case, thats the basis of your uniqueness as a person. .

Sebastian Seung Quotes about memories
#202117 Algernon Sidney

Liars need to have good memories. .

Algernon Sidney Quotes about memories
#202683 Mark Spitz

The memories of the Munich games for me are of triumph and tragedy. .

Mark Spitz Quotes about memories
#203555 Keith Thibodeaux

The first thing I think of when I hear the name of Lucille Ball is a Hollywood legend. I have fond memories of growing up at her house, but she was a different person off the set than she was on the set. .

Keith Thibodeaux Quotes about memories

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