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We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.
John F. Kennedy moon
US Presidentspoke to Aldrin and Armstrong during their walk on the surface of the moon (20 July 1969) -
Neil Armstrong moon
Thought the moon was made of green cheese.
Fran§ois Rabelais moon
It was quite impossible to describe. Here is what it looked like. It looked like a piano sounds shortly after being dropped down a well. It tasted yellow, and it felt Paisley. It smelled like the total eclipse of the moon.
Terry Pratchett moon
There's something in a flying horse, There's something in a huge balloon; But through the clouds I'll never float Until I have a little Boat, Shaped like the crescent-moon.
William Wordsworth moon
I cast before the Moone.
John Lyly moon
Ye set circumquaques to make me beleue Or thinke, that the moone is made of gr
John Heywood moon
Moon rocks are OK when everyone is eating.
Goodman Ace moon
If there are bases on the moon, that would be the end of the moon as we know it.
Laurie Anderson moon
We knew it was going to be difficult to get to the moon. We didn't know how difficult.
Alan Bean moon
I'd like to go to the Moon.
Jeanne Calment moon
I promise to be an excellent husband, but give me a wife who, like the moon, will not appear every day in my sky.
Anton Chekhov moon
In the '20s they were telling us we'd all have our own private plane and take vacations to the moon.
Jay Chiat moon
I don't think the space station is innovative. Going to the moon was innovative because we had no idea how to do it.
Peter Diamandis moon
My walk on the moon lasted three days. My walk with God will last forever.
Charles Duke moon
I haven't shaken my fists at the moon.
Ian Dury moon
Bleaching my hair for Two Moon Junction... my hair was fried and I looked like an idiot.
Sherilyn Fenn moon
I would still like to go to the moon before I die.
Richard E. Grant moon
I remember; I was 15 years old when Neil Armstrong put feet in the moon.
Umberto Guidoni moon
That will only happen if I have a bout of amnesia or if I feel like mooning someone in the audience.
Daryl Hannah moon
From my subjective position, there was no honeymoon.
John Hickenlooper moon
Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase.
Katie Holmes moon
Apollo 11 was the movie premiere of moon landings, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Neil was a bit of a mystic, but also a taciturn guy from what I can tell. He really saw the moon as looking like the American high desert. He wasnt someone who dealt in metaphors.
Lily Koppel moon
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.
Alfred Noyes moon
For a deeper interest in the Moon than I ever felt before.
Warren De La Rue moon
Dont even try to talk to me when Im watching the moon. Thats my moon, baby.
Wendelin Van Draanen moon
DiC dub I cant be defeated again! Ive waited too long for this! Tell me how to win this!Who: Queen Beryl Source: Sailor Moon 1st season Notes: After being defeated by Endymion, Beryl begs for Metallias help in both versions. Metallia possesses her, and they proceed to be defeated and killed in the very next battle.
Fictional last words in animated television series moon
Klinger: Sir, I only want a small, quick little wedding in Toledo then a teeny-tiny, one-two-three honeymoon!
M*A*S*H TV series moon
Connie: I think Ill have some Tang.Prymatt Conehead: Ah Tang, the drink astronauts took to the moon.Beldar Conehead: Astronauts to the moon?[Beldar and Prymatt laugh]
Coneheads 1993 moon
Who: Keith Moon, drummer for the British rock group The Who. He asked his girlfriend to cook him breakfast, but she complained and that made him angry. He died approximately six hours later.
Last words moon
The noble sister of Publicola, The moon of Rome; chaste as the icicle, Thats curded by the frost from purest snow, And hangs on Dians temple: – dear Valeria!Coriolanus, scene iii
Coriolanus moon
Colonel Tigh: Well, why operate this far from Cylon without base ships when it isnt necessary? They wouldve been well out of our range at the old moon!
Battlestar Galactica 1978 moon
Sure, so far, ... The honeymoon is still going right now. Ask me in a couple weeks, and the answer may be different.
Romeo Crennel moon
Ray Velcoro: I used - I used to want to be an astronaut. But astronauts dont even go to the moon anymore.
True Detective TV series moon
I ask to hit it from the back she agreed that Im loony, but proceeded to moon me.
Camron moon
Crichton: I haven’t heard of anything like anything happening before. My planet doesn’t even go to the moon anymore.
Farscape moon
Derek: The full moon is coming, and with the way things are going, I have a feeling its gonna be a rough one.
Teen Wolf Season 2 moon
Zhao: I am Zhao the Conqueror! I am the Moonslayer! I will capture the Avatar! I am Zhao the Conqueror! I am the Moonslayer! I will capture the Avatar!
The Legend of Korra moon
[Spotting a tornado]Beltzer: Thats no moon, thats a space station!
Twister 1996 moon
Uncle Frank McCallister: [as the others look at their motel in disgust] Didnt look this bad on our honeymoon.
Home Alone 2 Lost in New York 1992 moon
Bing Bong: Take her to the moon for me. Okay?
Inside Out 2015 moon
James Bond: [after he gives Col. Moon the briefcase full of diamonds, rigged with explosives] Dont blow it all at once.
Die Another Day 2002 moon
Gonard going through a photo album: This is me wrestling aligators. Oh, and this is me playing ping-pong on the moon. And this is when I invented penicillin at the prom.
Kappa Mikey moon
Jackie Moon: Im so excited I cant feel my arms!
Semi Pro 2008 moon
Assistant: Well Mr. Mooney is downstairs and he is P-I-S-E-D.Jane: Pised?
The Sweetest Thing 2002 moon
I carry the Sun in a Golden Cup, and the Moon in a Silver Bag....
William Butler Yeats moon
Ted Maul: From the moon, Cowsicks a little dot. From the ground, its a huge mess! Like Dante meets Bosch in a crack lounge!
Brass Eye TV Series 1997–2001 moon
Et illa erant fercula, in quibus mihi esurienti te inferebatur sol et luna.And these were the dishes wherein to me, hunger-starven for thee, they served up the sun and the moon. III, 6
Augustine of Hippo moon
This is a modest request. We could have asked for the moon, but were not.
David Carle moon
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Check the angular vector of the moon!
Flash Gordon 1980 moon
notice the convulsed orange inch of moon perching on this silver minute of evening
e. e. cummings moon
We know what the surface of the moon is better than we know what the surface of the sea floor is.
James Garner moon
Hes stuck at 3:14 a.m. with only the moon to talk to.
Miranda July moon
Ah, pray make no mistake, We are not shy; We’re very wide awake, The moon and I!
sir william s gilbert moon
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi: Thats no moon. Its a space station.
Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope 1977 moon
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