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The picture rises before us vivid and bright: the finely carved, dragon-shaped prow; the high, curving stern; the long row of shields, black and yellow alternately, ranged along the sides; the gleam of steel; the scent of murder.
Winston Churchill murder
Decline of the English Murder
George Orwell murder
I say a murder is abstract. You pull the trigger and after that you do not understand anything that happens.
Jean Paul Sartre murder
That, Senators, is what a favour from gangs amounts to. They refrain from murdering someone; then they boast that they have spared him!
Cicero murder
I had been sent to Mexico to cover a murder, one of a remarkable kind.
James A. Michener murder
They come together like the Coroner's Inquest, to sit upon the murdered reputations of the week.
William Congreve murder
Unless we show the Arabs that there is a high price to pay for murdering Jews, we won't survive.
Ben Gurion murder
There were enough corpses to put a mass murderer to shame.
Max Payne murder
Oh dear, I never realized what a terrible lot of explaining one has to do in a murder!
Agatha Christie murder
A duel is just two murderers who agree to take turns trying to kill each other.
Orson Scott Card murder
War is organized murder and torture against our brothers.
Alfred Adler murder
Murder is commoner among cooks than among members of any other profession.
W. H. Auden murder
Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.
Napoleon Bonaparte murder
Gun bans disarm victims, putting them at the mercy of murderers or terrorists who think nothing of breaking the gun laws.
Michael Badnarik murder
Solo concerts are murder, I find; I don't like doing them.
Derek Bailey murder
The idea was to make a movie ourselves with everyone playing a cameo role. Preferably before we all go, 'cos poor old Charlie Wilson was murdered, and of course Buster has gone.
Ronald Biggs murder
A diplomat had been kidnapped, a cabinet minister had been kidnapped, they were under threats of murder. The police forces were rather tired. After a whole week, we were unable to find those that had effected the kidnappings.
Robert Bourassa murder
Police are reluctant to label a murder as a possible serial homicide.
Pat Brown murder
I'm still angry with Simpson for getting by with two murders.
Vincent Bugliosi murder
After Versace was murdered, the first person to call me was Mandela.
Naomi Campbell murder
I was in prison for a charge in Texas, murder one. Back in the '70s in Texas, I was there. I heard the shot. I was in the car.
Duane Chapman murder
Punitive murder by the police and by vigilantes has existed in all societies at some point, and probably still exists in most.
Teju Cole murder
I have never yet heard of a murderer who was not afraid of a ghost.
John Philpot Curran murder
We must now make clear to Lebanon that it will not benefit from U.S. assistance and support as long as it harbors this brutal terrorist and murder.
Jim DeMint murder
I like going to areas where the murder rate is high and dropping it.
Snoop Dogg murder
I came to my first Colts training camp in July of 1950, and it was murder, absolute murder. We had a coach named Clem Crow who must have been nuts. You got to remember that I'd been a Marine, had gone through basic training and spent 26 months in the Pacific during WWII, but the Marine drill instructors had nothing on Clem.
Art Donovan murder
Good ideas are often murdered by better ones.
Roddy Doyle murder
I made no pretense of doing balanced reporting about murder. I was appalled by defense attorneys who would do anything to win an acquittal for a guilty person.
Dominick Dunne murder
It is surely easier to confess a murder over a cup of coffee than in front of a jury.
Friedrich Durrenmatt murder
It's like an act of murder; you play with intent to commit something.
Duke Ellington murder
The liberation of those who commit murder and terrorism is unacceptable.
Alberto Fujimori murder
The more real the murder is, the less interested I am in seeing it. It's hard enough to watch the news.
Bryan Fuller murder
The head of the CIA, it seems to me, would think long and hard before he admitted that former employees of his had been involved in the murder of the President of the United States-even if they weren't acting on behalf of the Agency when they did it.
Jim Garrison murder
The roads are filled with armed robbers, and murders for mere plunder are of daily occurrence.
John White Geary murder
If you play a gay role, it sticks more than it does if an actor were to play a murderer or a psychopath.
Harry Hamlin murder
Unlike the Holocaust, Stalin's murders are forgotten: dust blowing in the wind.
Robert Harris murder
Unprovoked attacks on Israel's borders, murdering Israeli soldiers, taking Israeli hostages and showering rockets targeting and killing Israeli civilians are not furthering any legitimate goal.
Alcee Hastings murder
They committed murder, it is true; but their situation may have rendered it inevitable.
Philip Hone murder
Carver: Charge them for a murder they didnt commit of a person who isnt dead? I cant begin to count the number of violations that would entail.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent murder
Papa Smurf and Brainy are in Vanitys house, investigating the latters murder, in a parody of Seven.
Robot Chicken murder
Those who give drugs for procuring abortion, and those who receive poisons to kill the foetus, are subjected to the penalty of murder.Council of Trullo, canon XCI, 692.
Abortion murder
Lois: Okay. Better make sure that camera is loaded with ammo because I got tomorrows headline. Daughter of Nobel-Winning Astronomer Murdered.
Smallville murder
And now, our submarines are armed with mass murder, our silly, only way of deterring mass murder.Pt. 1
John Steinbeck murder
Guinevere su Britannia: Guards! Take that fool and execute him! Hes guilty of murdering our Emperor!!!
Code Geass murder
Ursula Bonadeo: You bought those three weeks with murder! tearfully I told you he was riding on the road to Ostia that night. pulls the veil off her face and stares at him Admit it, Cardinal!
The Borgias 2011 TV series murder
Mark: Yeah, murdering your enemies is quite a simple solution. Which I guess is why in ethics and law its so frowned upon.
Peep Show murder
Bloody pumps, face flat on the concrete. Here comes the white sheet. Mister Coroner, caught with some yellow tape, but the murderers escaped.
Death murder
Does the fact that most of us know the names of mass murderers but never heard of Jan Oort say anything about us?
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey murder
Stone: If abortion is murder, then no matter how you feel about Mary Donovan, arent you guilty of the murder of her unborn child?
Law and Order/Season 1 murder
Sol: I dont want a fuss, and I dont want to put a bullet in your face, but unless you give me exactly what I want, there will be fucking murders.
Snatch film murder
Genade, genade! We kunnen er toch over praten?Translation: Mercy, mercy! Cant we talk this over? Who: Theo van Gogh, Dutch film director and publicist.Note: Van Gogh said this to his murderer Mohammed Bouyeri, just before the latter stabbed him in his throat.
Last words murder
Um, maybe I shouldnt be saying this But he definitely did it. Murder. At least once. Maybe twice.
Ace Attorney murder
Lorna Cole: This PMS. Its murder.Roger Murtaugh: Yeah, I know what you mean. Ive been married 25 years.
Lethal Weapon 3 1992 murder
Toki: And I made you this macaroni murder lady. What used to be the red hots were the blood, but I ates them.
Metalocalypse murder
If theres anybody here that dont wanna get murdered...get the fuck out! -St. Louis
The Players Club murder
Finn: I know — you knew he was the murderer all along. I couldnt have done it without you you, you, you.
Adventure Time murder
You murdered him, said Dunbar. I heard you kill him, said Yossarian. You killed him because he was a nigger, Dunbar said. You fellas are crazy, the Texan cried. They dont allow niggers in here. They got a special place for niggers. The sergeant smuggled him in, Dunbar said. The Communist sergeant, said Yossarian. And you knew it.p. 9
Catch 22 murder
No helicopter looking for a murder. Two in the mornin got the Fatburger.
Ice Cube murder
Lucifer: Nazis. No extradition treaty in Argentina. Just a nasty bunch of miscreants hiding in plain sight. Gosh, they got away with murder.
Lucifer TV series murder
This done, he felt a little—not much, but a little—better. Before, he would have gladly murdered Beach and James and danced on their graves. Now, he would have been satisfied with straight murder.
P. G. Wodehouse murder
Phill Jupitus: “Police were baffled in London tonight by a series of murders committed around corners.”
QI murder
Myrtle Tilly Dunnage: Take your clothes offMolly Dunnage: A murderer... and a lesbian...
The Dressmaker 2015 murder
Sully: Defend her? I didnt even tell him that I knew her. I mean, what am I gonna say, my wife may be a whore, but shes no murderer? Madjanski says that she was with him just two weeks ago.
Third Watch murder
Marcy: No matter how gruesome or horrible the murder, you can always find someone wholl buy the house.
American Horror Story murder
U want my permission to murder me?Its not murder if we have ur permission
Angel TV show murder
Esposito: Well, four years between murders. One’s a popsicle, one just got popped. How could they possibly be connected?
Castle TV series murder
Foggy Nelson: Misspelling Hanukkah is a mistake. Attempted murder is a little something else. You ever stop to think what would happen if you went to jail? Or worse?
Daredevil TV series murder
Daria: Yeah, why shouldnt you be afraid? Of mass murders, serial killers, tortures, cannibals, puppy kickers?
Daria murder
Crais: I like your style hombre, but this is no laughing matter. Assault on a police officer. Theft of police property. Illegal possession of a firearm. FIVE counts of attempted murder. That comes to 29 dollars and 40 cents. Cash, cheque or credit card?
Farscape murder
Walter Finch: I didnt murder her. I killed her, but it just ended up that way.
Insomnia 2002 murder
Jonah: Im going to murderball you!
Knocked Up 2007 murder
Novak: Youve gotta be kidding me! What you were doing nearly killed her! Im charging you with fraud and attempted murder.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit murder
[talking about her ex-boyfriend]Natalie: He says no ones gonna fancy a girl with thighs the size of big tree trunks. Not a nice guy, actually, in the end.Prime Minister: Ah! You know, um, being Prime Minister, I could just have him murdered.Natalie: Thank you, sir. Ill think about it.Prime Minister: Do. The SAS are absolutely charming. Ruthless trained killers are just a phone call away.
Love Actually 2003 murder
Lt. Ray Jenkins: I just got transferred here from a real rough neighborhood. Now to me, a murder is when a guy in a bar kills another guy in a bar.
Murder She Wrote murder
What the detective story is about is not murder but the restoration of order.
P. D. James murder
Getting away, Getting away, Getting away...murder.
Papa Roach murder
Bitches be thinkin that we dont have a fuckin pocket full of stones. I done drunk Miller with killers Sipped syrup with murderers.
Pimp C murder
Red: I am not gonna wake up murdered tomorrow!
Pineapple Express 2008 murder
Clinton: Dammit, my hand is stuck in murder-mode. Lets go to the grocery store, I need to find something trachea-like for it to crush.
Questionable Content murder
Jennifer: [to John] Come on. You have made millions off the story of her murder. Youre obsessed with her and youre obsessed with her daughter.Jennifer: Easy Geraldo.
Scream 3 2000 murder
Erin: Too late! Its already been wished! And you promised it would come true. You wrote it in an email! So, which one are you? A murderer or a liar?
The Office U.S. TV series murder
Rhys: Now you tell me. Tell me quickly, you bastard! You murdering bastard! Come on! Tell me before I get the boys round. Before I shout your name out loud in the street and fetch the bloody mob, tell me, what do you want?!
Torchwood murder
Israel being condemned by the EU, which 66 years ago watched with glee as its Jews were being mass murdered. That is pretty rich.
Ben Stein murder
Murder will out, this my conclusion
Geoffrey Chaucer murder
Mr. Gold: Yeah, but murder seems so much worse here, though doesnt it? You cant just turn someone into a snail and then step on them, can you?
Once Upon a Time TV series murder
[from trailer]Clyde Shelton: Youre the one who makes deals with murderers yeah? Well Ive come to make mine. Release me.Nick Rice: [smugly] Or what?Clyde Shelton: Or I kill everyone.
Law Abiding Citizen 2009 murder
Newscaster: The Jigsaw Killer may be dead but the murders still continue...
Saw VI 2009 murder
You hung us out to dry. If we dont handle this right, were gonna all get murdered. Including her unborn British child.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou murder
[on killing Loren][Katherine throws the knife onto the ground]Katherine Winter: You do it.[Doug picks up the knife but doesnt use it]Katherine Winter: You cant do it, can you? Because you already tried and she survived.Doug Blackwell: No, thats not true.Katherine Winter: [beginning to get upset] You deceived me so I would murder her. This... this innocent child.[helps Loren to her feet and into her arms]Doug Blackwell: Shes not innocent, Katherine.[signals fire]Doug Blackwell: Look what shes done already. You see it with your own eyes.Katherine Winter: You killed Ben... so I would blame her.[has a vision of Doug stabbing Ben]Katherine Winter: [to Loren] Come on.
The Reaping 2007 murder
Booth: Yeah, well, you know, I did arrest her father for murder. She could be having trouble with that.
Bones Season 3 murder
Ice Truck Driver: Do you guys need help back to the main road?Fuller Thomas: No, were okay, now that were not murdered or anything.
Joy Ride 2001 murder
Master Shake: Look, hes gonna resist it. You know how proud he is. Thats why I think we should frame him for murder!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 7 murder
Angela Dodson: Mr. Constantine, I saw you...John Constantine: I remember.Angela Dodson: And then I saw you at the...John Constantine: Regular kismet.Angela Dodson: Id like to ask you a few questions, if that would be okay?John Constantine: Im not really in the talking mood right now.Angela Dodson: Well, maybe you could just listen then?[shows her badge]Angela Dodson: Please?John Constantine: Always a catch.Angela Dodson: My sister was murdered yesterday.John Constantine: Sorry to hear.Angela Dodson: Thanks.
Constantine 2005 murder
Leaven: *You* figure it out! You havent done anything! All you do is freak out, you murderer!
Cube 1997 murder
Henry Hill: Killings got to be accepted. Murder was the only way that everybody stayed in line. You got out of line, you got whacked. Everybody knew the rules.
Goodfellas 1990 murder
There are glances of hatred that stab and raise no cry of murder.George Eliot, Felix Holt, Introduction.
Hatred murder
The problem with cats is that they get the same exact look whether they see a moth or an ax murderer.
paula poundstone murder
Luger: [after robbing Walter in disguise] Howd I sound?John Shaft: How did you sound?Luger: Freeze mofo Ill bust a cap in your domeJohn Shaft: You are a pure notorious P.I.G, how much we got?Luger: [looking through the bag] forty two thousand , its a lot of cash for a simple murder around here
Shaft 2000 murder
I think Bush is a murderer. ... Im going to head the march against him stepping foot on Argentine soil.
Diego Maradona murder
Pete: Aww, whats the matter, Vinnie? You scared of the dark? You all creeped out by that murder at the nuthouse?
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning murder
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