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#55 Albert Einstein

Our experience hitherto justifies us in trusting that nature is the realization of the simplest that is mathematically conceivable. I am convinced that purely mathematical construction enables us to find those concepts and those lawlike connections between them that provide the key to the understanding of natural phenomena. Useful mathematical concepts may well be suggested by experience, but in no way can they be derived from it. Experience naturally remains the sole criterion of the usefulness of a mathematical construction for physics. But the actual creative principle lies in mathematics. Thus, in a certain sense, I take it to be true that pure thought can grasp the real, as the ancients had dreamed. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#84 Albert Einstein

It is easier to denature plutonium than it is to denature the evil spirit of man. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#100 Albert Einstein

I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#245 Albert Einstein

When the number of factors coming into play in a phenomenological complex is too large, scientific method in most cases fails us. One need only think of the weather, in which case prediction even for a few days ahead is impossible. Nevertheless no one doubts that we are confronted with a causal connection whose causal components are in the main known to us. Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#337 Albert Einstein

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#436 Albert Einstein

The idea of a personal God is quite alien to me and seems even naive. However, I am also not a "Freethinker" in the usual sense of the word because I find that this is in the main an attitude nourished exclusively by an opposition against naive superstition. My feeling is insofar religious as I am imbued with the consciousness of the insufficiency of the human mind to understand deeply the harmony of the Universe which we try to formulate as "laws of nature." It is this consciousness and humility I miss in the Free-thinker mentality. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about nature
#524 Martin Luther King, Jr.

By its very ,destroys and tears down; by its very nature,creates and builds up. Love transforms with redemptive . .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about nature
#1103 Bertrand Russell

I hate the world and almost all the people in it. I hate the Labour Congress and the journalists who send men to be slaughtered, and the fathers who feel a smug pride when their sons are killed, and even the pacifists who keep saying human nature is essentially good, in spite of all the daily proofs to the contrary. I hate the planet and the human race – I am ashamed to belong to such a species. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about nature
#1439 Bertrand Russell

Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about nature
#1661 Oscar Wilde

Misery and poverty are so absolutely degrading, and exercise such a paralysing effect over the nature of men, that no class is ever really conscious of its own suffering. They have to be told of it by other people, and they often entirely disbelieve them. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about nature
#1765 Jean Paul Sartre

The real nature of the present revealed itself: it was what exists, all that was not present did not exist. .

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes about nature
#1951 Ambrose Bierce

Cat, n. A soft, indestructible automaton provided by nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about nature
#1972 Ambrose Bierce

Generous, adj. Originally this word meant noble by birth and was rightly applied to a great multitude of persons. It now means noble by nature and is taking a bit of a rest. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about nature
#2012 Ambrose Bierce

Religion, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about nature
#2812 Napoleon I of France

The great mass of society are far from being depraved; for if a large majority were criminal or inclined to break the laws, where would the force or power be to prevent or constrain them? And herein is the real blessing of civilization, because this happy result has its origin in her bosom, growing out of her very nature. .

Napoleon I of France Quotes about nature
#3058 Macbeth

The raven himself is hoarse That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan Under my battlements. Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts! unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toe, top-full Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between The effect and it! Come to my woman's breasts, And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers, Wherever in your sightless substances You wait on nature's mischief! .

Macbeth Quotes about nature
#3118 Othello

The Moor is of a free and open nature, That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, And will as tenderly be led by the nose As asses are. .

Othello Quotes about nature
#3133 King Lear

Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take More composition and fierce quality Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed, Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops Got 'tween asleep and wake? .

King Lear Quotes about nature
#3337 George Bernard Shaw

THEODOTUS: Caesar: you are a stranger here, and not conversant with our laws. The kings and queens of Egypt may not marry except with their own royal blood. Ptolemy and Cleopatra are born king and consort just as they are born brother and sister. BRITANNUS (shocked): Caesar: this is not proper. THEODOTUS (outraged): How! CAESAR (recovering his self-possession): Pardon him. Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature. .

George Bernard Shaw Quotes about nature
#3445 George Bernard Shaw

You see, lots of the real people can't do it at all: they're such fools that they think style comes by nature to people in their position; and so they never learn. There's always something professional about doing a thing superlatively well. .

George Bernard Shaw Quotes about nature
#3743 Aristotle

It is the mark of an educated man to look for precision in each class of things just so far as the nature of the subject admits; it is evidently equally foolish to accept probable reasoning from a mathematician and to demand from a rhetorician scientific proofs. .

Aristotle Quotes about nature
#3778 Aristotle

It is of the nature ofnot to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it. .

Aristotle Quotes about nature
#3800 Aristotle

Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite. .

Aristotle Quotes about nature
#3873 Francis Bacon

Man, being the servant and interpreter of Nature, can do and understand so much and so much only as he has observed in fact or in thought of the course of nature. Beyond this he neither knows anything nor can do anything. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3878 Francis Bacon

We cannot command nature except by obeying her. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3890 Francis Bacon

There is a great difference between the Idols of the human mind and the Ideas of the divine. That is to say, between certain empty dogmas, and the true signatures and marks set upon the works of creation as they are found in nature. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3894 Francis Bacon

The Idols of Tribe have their foundation in human nature itself, and in the tribe or race of men. For it is a false assertion that the sense of man is the measure of things. On the contrary, all perceptions as well of the sense as of the mind are according to the measure of the individual and not according to the measure of the universe. And the human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3898 Francis Bacon

The human understanding is of its own nature prone to suppose the existence of more order and regularity in the world than it finds. And though there be many things in nature which are singular and unmatched, yet it devises for them parallels and conjugates and relatives which do not exist. Hence the fiction that all celestial bodies move in perfect circles, spirals and dragons being (except in name) utterly rejected. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3956 Francis Bacon

Revenge is a kind of wild justice; which the more man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature
#3977 Francis Bacon

There is in human nature generally more of the fool than of the wise. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about nature

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