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#1728 Oscar Wilde

In every first novel the hero is the author as Christ or Faust. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about novel
#3280 George Bernard Shaw

The novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last. .

George Bernard Shaw Quotes about novel
#19763 H. G. Wells

For adaptations based on the novel see . .

H. G. Wells Quotes about novel
#31565 Neal Stephenson

The novel is written in first person, the narrator is named "Erasmus" or "Raz." .

Neal Stephenson Quotes about novel
#34085 Frank Herbert

A novel expanding four short stories, first published in serial form between May 1958 and February 1960 .

Frank Herbert Quotes about novel
#36748 Children

With the birth of each child you lose two novels. .

Children Quotes about novel
#38644 Gore Vidal

To speak today of a famous novelist is like speaking of a famous cabinetmaker or speedboat designer. Adjective is inappropriate to noun. .

Gore Vidal Quotes about novel
#48032 Richard Brautigan

Dell Publishing (Delta), 1967 (Some chapters of this novel first appeared elsewhere.) .

Richard Brautigan Quotes about novel
#48271 Henry James

The only obligation to which in advance we may hold a novel without incurring the accusation of being arbitrary, is that it be interesting. .

Henry James Quotes about novel
#51412 Megan Abbott

I don't really consider any of my novels 'crime' novels. .

Megan Abbott Quotes about novel
#52274 Peter Ackroyd

Freud was just a novelist. .

Peter Ackroyd Quotes about novel
#53082 Kate Adie

I also read modern novels - I have just had to read 60 as I am one of the judges for the Orange Fiction Prize. .

Kate Adie Quotes about novel
#53942 Umera Ahmad

I don't write constantly; it's two serials and a novel a year. .

Umera Ahmad Quotes about novel
#54546 Daniel Alarcon

I began visiting Lima's prisons back in 2007, when my first novel, 'Lost City Radio,' was published in Peru. .

Daniel Alarcon Quotes about novel
#57531 Martin Amis

All novelists write in a different way, but I always write in longhand and then do two versions of typescript on a computer. .

Martin Amis Quotes about novel
#57535 Martin Amis

My literary career kicked off in 1956 when, as a resident of Swansea, South Wales, I published my first novel, 'Lucky Jim.' .

Martin Amis Quotes about novel
#58280 Matthew Tobin Anderson

I feel like it's hard to get into historical novels where you know what the story is far too well. .

Matthew Tobin Anderson Quotes about novel
#62794 Edward St Aubyn

The thing about the 'Melrose' novels is that I have to feel they're impossible when I set out. .

Edward St Aubyn Quotes about novel
#62847 W. H. Auden

The ear tends to be lazy, craves the familiar and is shocked by the unexpected; the eye, on the other hand, tends to be impatient, craves the novel and is bored by repetition. .

W. H. Auden Quotes about novel
#62986 Bille August

The novel is a penetrating study of morals and ethics. .

Bille August Quotes about novel
#66371 Justin Baldoni

You're never safe in 'Jane the Virgin;' that's what I'll say. You're never safe on a telenovela, that's for darn sure, and you're never safe on 'Jane the Virgin.' .

Justin Baldoni Quotes about novel
#66533 Rosecrans Baldwin

My first novel, 'You Lost Me There,' has been described as a beach read. Tough bracket, beach reads. There's not much room for mistakes when you're competing against the sun for a person's attention. .

Rosecrans Baldwin Quotes about novel
#66761 J. G. Ballard

Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it. .

J. G. Ballard Quotes about novel
#67743 Linwood Barclay

Even if I couldn't get my early novels published, I could still write. I went into newspapers, where I got paid to write every day. If there's a better school for would-be novelists, I don't know what it is. .

Linwood Barclay Quotes about novel
#70518 Richard Bausch

Once, I thought I had a novel, and it turned out it was only a short story. I wrote about 800 pages, but it ended up being a short story. And if it ever happens to me again, I Will Go Insane. .

Richard Bausch Quotes about novel
#72651 Madison Smartt Bell

I had been an abject fan of Robert Stone since the early eighties, when I borrowed a copy of 'A Flag for Sunrise' to read on a plane to Rome. I was twenty-something, with a first novel under my belt. .

Madison Smartt Bell Quotes about novel
#73450 David Benioff

And I didn't grow up wanting to be a director. I grew up wanting to be a writer, so for me, that was always the goal - to be a novelist, not a screenwriter. And I think, again, if I didn't have the novels, maybe I'd be much more frustrated by not having directed yet. .

David Benioff Quotes about novel
#73453 David Benioff

Fiction novels, that's my game. .

David Benioff Quotes about novel
#76381 Peter Bichsel

I wanted to write a novel. At 12 I knew, I am a writer. I said it to nobody. .

Peter Bichsel Quotes about novel
#82333 Elizabeth Bowen

If a theme or idea is too near the surface, the novel becomes simply a tract illustrating an idea. .

Elizabeth Bowen Quotes about novel
#82616 Bruce Boxleitner

Will Shatner, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek have already put novels out. .

Bruce Boxleitner Quotes about novel
#82788 William Boyd

There's a sense in all my novels that nothing is certain. .

William Boyd Quotes about novel
#82793 William Boyd

Film is a medium of clear lines and broad strikes - which can be fantastic - but compared to the subtleties and nuances of a novel, it doesn't even get close. .

William Boyd Quotes about novel
#86152 Anita Brookner

Writing novels preserves you in a state of innocence - a lot passes you by - simply because your attention is otherwise diverted. .

Anita Brookner Quotes about novel
#88001 Anatole Broyard

Aphorisms are bad for novels. They stick in the reader's teeth. .

Anatole Broyard Quotes about novel
#90139 Anthony Burgess

A novelist should not be too intelligent either, although... he may be permitted to be an intellectual. .

Anthony Burgess Quotes about novel
#90900 Augusten Burroughs

There's never a false note in a Berg novel. .

Augusten Burroughs Quotes about novel
#98168 Johnny Cash

I read novels but I also read the Bible. And study it, you know? And the more I learn, the more excited I get. .

Johnny Cash Quotes about novel
#99752 Jack L. Chalker

I write novels and other things. .

Jack L. Chalker Quotes about novel
#105008 Chris Cleave

I think, in common with a lot of novelists, I wasn't the most athletic guy at school. .

Chris Cleave Quotes about novel
#105659 Daniel Clowes

Comics seldom move me the way I would be moved by a novel or movie. .

Daniel Clowes Quotes about novel
#105846 Harlan Coben

A novel is like a sausage. You might like the final taste but you don't want to see how it was made. .

Harlan Coben Quotes about novel
#106149 Jonathan Coe

It seems to me that you would have to write a novel on a very small, intimate scale for it not to become political. .

Jonathan Coe Quotes about novel
#106498 Leonard Cohen

I don't think you can write novels on the road. You need a certain stability. .

Leonard Cohen Quotes about novel
#107360 Eoin Colfer

I am perhaps unusual in that I came to 'Doctor Who' through the numerous novelisations and not through the television show. .

Eoin Colfer Quotes about novel
#108338 Ivy Compton Burnett

At a certain point my novels set. They set just as hard as that jam jar. And then I know they are finished. .

Ivy Compton Burnett Quotes about novel
#109599 Caroline B. Cooney

I wrote eight full-length adult novels in my twenties. None of them were published. .

Caroline B. Cooney Quotes about novel
#114597 Michael Cunningham

I seem to produce a novel approximately once every three years. .

Michael Cunningham Quotes about novel
#117579 Frank Darabont

I'd like to think that my films are personal enough to exist without hearkening back to their respective novels. .

Frank Darabont Quotes about novel
#119939 Jeffery Deaver

I spend eight months outlining and researching the novel before I begin to write a single word of the prose. .

Jeffery Deaver Quotes about novel

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