ocean quotes

#3567 Douglas Adams

It'd be like a bunch of rivers, the Amazon and the Mississippi and the Congo asking how the Atlantic Ocean might affect them… and the answer is, of course, that they won't be rivers anymore, just currents in the ocean. .

Douglas Adams Quotes about ocean
#6482 James A. Michener

About a billion years ago, long before the continents had separated to define the ancient oceans, or their own outlines had been determined, a small protuberance jutted out from the northwest corner of what would later become North America. .

James A. Michener Quotes about ocean
#17366 William Wordsworth

Ocean is a mighty harmonist. .

William Wordsworth Quotes about ocean
#17766 John Milton

Who best Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best: his state Is kingly; thousands at his bidding speed, And post o'er land and ocean without rest;They also serve who only stand and wait. .

John Milton Quotes about ocean
#27907 William Cullen Bryant

Old ocean's gray and melancholy waste. .

William Cullen Bryant Quotes about ocean
#32690 Andrew Marvell

Where the remoteride, In th' ocean's bosom unespied. .

Andrew Marvell Quotes about ocean
#35366 Julian (emperor)

Of all things nothing exists that is not by its substance the offspring of ocean. .

Julian (emperor) Quotes about ocean
#43000 Sherlock Holmes

Indeed, I cannot think why the whole bed of the ocean is not one solid mass of oysters, so prolific the creatures seem. .

Sherlock Holmes Quotes about ocean
#46437 Rumi

Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end. .

Rumi Quotes about ocean
#60279 Nina Arianda

My favorite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean. .

Nina Arianda Quotes about ocean
#62567 Jami Attenberg

An ellipsis is a giant ocean of possibilities. .

Jami Attenberg Quotes about ocean
#82722 Brandon Boyd

As a surfer, I am interested in the ocean. And I am concerned and interested in all of these natural and cultural rumblings underfoot as well. .

Brandon Boyd Quotes about ocean
#90250 Brooke Burke

I'm horrified of lobsters. And shrimp and lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean. .

Brooke Burke Quotes about ocean
#101946 Kenny Chesney

I've always been drawn to the ocean. .

Kenny Chesney Quotes about ocean
#108307 Perry Como

We also own a little boat and I'm like a kid with it. I take off early in the morning, fishing rod in tow, and just drift about the ocean all day. .

Perry Como Quotes about ocean
#126395 Brad Dourif

We all have an edge. We all are floating our psyche on top with a great ocean underneath. .

Brad Dourif Quotes about ocean
#149486 Kyle Gallner

I am terrified of flying. I am a wreck right before I get on an airplane. That, and the ocean. I can only get in there for 10 minutes, I have this strong urge to run out and I won't go back in for the rest of the day. I've always been like that. .

Kyle Gallner Quotes about ocean
#155908 William Godwin

To him it is an ocean, unfathomable, and without a shore. .

William Godwin Quotes about ocean
#164369 Hubert H. Humphrey

American public opinion is like an ocean, it cannot be stirred by a teaspoon. .

Hubert H. Humphrey Quotes about ocean
#173190 Henry J. Heinz

Mountains and oceans do not furnish any impassable barrier to the extension of trade. .

Henry J. Heinz Quotes about ocean
#173806 Luke Hemsworth

I've seen sharks in the ocean, it hasn't made me get out of the ocean; that's for sure. .

Luke Hemsworth Quotes about ocean
#178689 John Holdren

The whole climate is changing: the winds, the ocean currents, the storm patterns, snow packs, snowmelt, flooding, droughts. Temperature is just a bit of it. .

John Holdren Quotes about ocean
#180630 Ryunosuke Satoro

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. .

Ryunosuke Satoro Quotes about ocean
#192540 Luke Hemsworth

Ive seen sharks in the ocean, it hasnt made me get out of the ocean; thats for sure. .

Luke Hemsworth Quotes about ocean
#194452 John King

I miss the ocean; I miss Fenway. .

John King Quotes about ocean
#195372 John F Lehman Jr

We are opening up an enormous new era in archaeology. Time capsules in the deep oceans. .

John F Lehman Jr Quotes about ocean
#209960 David Mitchell

What is any ocean but a multitude of drops? .

David Mitchell Quotes about ocean
#223283 Criminal Minds

Morgan: We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came. John F. Kennedy .

Criminal Minds Quotes about ocean
#504667 Europe

The ocean is rough and whirling, and the currents go to two possible endings: the autocrat, or the United States of Europe.Carlo Cattaneo .

Europe Quotes about ocean
#663249 Freddie Mcgregor

Big ship sailing on the ocean, we dont need no commotion. .

Freddie Mcgregor Quotes about ocean

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