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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein person
A person is a person because he recognizes others as persons.
Desmond Tutu person
You just cant beat the person who wont give up.
Babe Ruth person
I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person, and when I become interested in something, I give it my all.
Tom Cruise person
Debt is one persons liability, but another persons asset.
Paul Krugman person
The best effect of fine persons is felt after we have left their presence.
Ralph Waldo Emerson person
But when notice is a person's due, process which is a mere gesture is not 'due process.'
Robert H. Jackson person
The original style is not the style which never borrows of any one, but that which no other person is capable of reproducing.
Fran§ois Ren© de Chateaubriand person
Rule forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland person
Personally, I'm not interested in making device drivers look like user-level. They aren't, they shouldn't be, and microkernels are just stupid.
Linus Torvalds person
Amor, ch'al cor gentil ratto s'apprende, prese costui de la bella persona che mi fu tolta; e 'l modo ancor m'offende.
Dante Alighieri person
Chacun dit du bien de son coeur et personne n'en ose dire de son esprit.
La Rochefoucauld person
A person's a , no matter how small.
Dr. Seuss person
Ne tenir dans la main de personne,
Nicolas Chamfort person
"personally i prefer the MX RR and a stylized name, but i was trying to solve the problem rather than create an industry." ()
Paul Vixie person
If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.
Carl Jung person
Personally, I like to defiantly split my infinitives.
Larry Wall person
One must have deeper motives and judge everything accordingly, but go on talking like an ordinary person.
Blaise Pascal person
The end is low, like all quantitative ends, personal or not, and it can be attained and verified.
Fernando Pessoa person
Ni ne estas tiel naivaj, kiel pensas pri ni kelkaj persono; ni ne kredas, ke ne
Ludoviko Lazaro Zamenhof person
Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them.
Elbert Hubbard person
There is only one kind of person, Ph
Robert M. Pirsig person
Nothing so aggravates an earnest person as a passive resistance.
Herman Melville person
A person talks in such generalities that everyone can understand him and it's considered to be some deep . However, I would like to be very rather more special and I would like to be understood in anway, rather than in a vague way.
Richard Feynman person
Bender: Not enough room? My place is two cubic meters, and we only take up 1.5 cubic meters. We've got room for a whole 'nother two thirds of a person!
Futurama person
Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person.
Sherlock Holmes person
We favor the visible, the embedded, the personal, the narrated, and the tangible; we scorn the abstract.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb person
Success is the person who year after year reaches the highest limits in his field.
Sparky Anderson person
Criticize the act, not the person.
Mary Kay Ash person
I don't get easily bored. I'm not that kind of person.
Sade Adu person
Now, an embryo may seem like some scientific or laboratory term, but, in fact, the embryo contains the unique information that defines a person.
Todd Akin person
I personally call one of my fans every month. I answer all of my own fan mail.
Keegan Allen person
I'm a very private person that prefers a low profile.
Paul Allen person
I can't take a well-tanned person seriously.
Cleveland Amory person
A Cannibal is a person who walks into a restaurant and orders a waiter.
Morey Amsterdam person
I'm a tomorrow's person. I don't collect memorabilia.
Gerry Anderson person
Almost every person over 45, and definitely those who have ever smoked, should have a spirometry test.
Loni Anderson person
I'm trying figuring out how to be the best person I can be. But it's been a process of trial and error.
David Arquette person
Anything by Lorrie Moore speaks to a certain kind of person.
Jami Attenberg person
I'm a person of whim, and easily distracted. I don't like multitasking. When I'm doing one thing, I like to do just that thing.
Margaret Atwood person
We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.
Jane Austen person
Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be.
Bill Ayers person
Have I personally ever seen a ghost? Not one.
Dan Aykroyd person
I understand personally that it is frustrating to lose presidential elections by narrow margins.
James Baker person
I've always been a shy person.
Simon Baker person
Character is better than ancestry, and personal conduct is of more importance than the highest.
Thomas John Barnardo person
There is scarcely anything that drags a person down like debt.
P. T. Barnum person
I do have rituals. I'm a fairly superstitious person.
Justin Bartha person
I am a person of the 18th century.
Cecilia Bartoli person
I'm a very determined person.
Kim Basinger person
Each of us is incomplete compared to someone else - an animal's incomplete compared to a person... and a person compared to God, who is complete only to be imaginary.
Georges Bataille person
I would say it simply: No one can give that which he doesn't personally possess, which means we cannot transmit the Holy Spirit in an effective way, render the Spirit perceptible, if we ourselves aren't close to the Spirit.
Pope Benedict XVI person
Asking someone to describe what something sounds like is like telling a blind person to guess what I look like.
Chester Bennington person
Insider trading is hard to prove. To be convicted, a person must have bought or sold a stock based on material information that is both unknown to the general public and likely to have had an important effect on a company's stock price.
Alex Berenson person
No one person is an island.
Yehuda Berg person
I'm sure that Jesus was an incredible person.
Sandra Bernhard person
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
Jeff Bezos person
Something becomes personal when it deviates from the norm.
Kathryn Bigelow person
'A Christmas Story' has always meant a lot to me personally.
Peter Billingsley person
You can tell a lot about a person from his underwear.
Rachel Bilson person
A journalist is a person who has mistaken their calling.
Otto von Bismarck person
I'm not a violent person.
Manute Bol person
The celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.
Daniel J. Boorstin person
There are persons who, when they cease to shock us, cease to interest us.
F. H. Bradley person
I'm basically quite a cheerful person.
Kenneth Branagh person
I was the only person of color in the Senate, and my colleagues were Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott.
Carol Moseley Braun person
I'm a very modest person.
Drew Brees person
I'm not the neatest person in the kitchen by any means.
Amy Brenneman person
But once the person is selected, at that point that person is independent.
Stephen Breyer person
I'm a generally optimistic person.
Alison Brie person
If I don't direct a movie at some point, I've failed personally.
Adam Brody person
I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property.
Norman O. Brown person
I tend to over-analyse things. I'm not the type of person to flip a coin and let things happen.
Emily Browning person
Through the Thou a person becomes I.
Martin Buber person
Everything I do - if I do it, is going to be personal.
Eric Burdon person
The best person to get something done is a busy person.
Mark Burnett person
Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.
Nolan Bushnell person
I went through a period when I was rebellious and a mess of a person.
Austin Butler person
Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.
George Carlin person
I'm a huge shoe person, and I have lots of shoes.
Kimberly Caldwell person
I have long begged off the question of my albums reflecting where I am 'at' personally. There is more inaccuracy in that approach than accuracy.
Bill Callahan person
I mean, I feel like just a new person completely.
Jennifer Capriati person
Circumstances don't make a person; they reveal him or her.
Richard Carlson person
I took it personal. I got slammed quite a bit.
Steve Carlton person
Let me just say that while I personally am very fond of John Boehner, his record of predicting what would happen if certain policies, economic policies were instituted is abysmal, okay?
Jay Carney person
I am kind of a curmudgeonly person, so I don't gravitate to groups or traditions, which is probably just pretentious of me.
Anne Carson person
I know I'm not an anti-Semitic person.
Jim Caviezel person
I've always viewed Mitt Romney as a very conservative person.
Jason Chaffetz person
Love is reaching out to try to get to the other person.
Gary Chapman person
I'm actually an incredibly disorganized, messy person.
Georgina Chapman person
Money, like vodka, turns a person into an eccentric.
Anton Chekhov person
I've always been a very competitive person.
Kenneth Chenault person
The price I have personally paid for these extra Sisyphean years has been prohibitive.
Caryl Chessman person
I try personally not to be nostalgic.
Daniel Clowes person
The tendency of taxation is to create a class of persons who do not labor, to take from those who do labor the produce of that labor, and to give it to those who do not labor.
William Cobbett person
The only sport I'm not interested in is horse racing. That's because I don't know the horses personally.
Nat King Cole person
I am a restless person.
Jenna Louise Coleman person
I certainly feel as if I've been blessed professionally and personally, but I've still got moves I'd like to make.
Kevin Connolly person
Personally, I'm a little more confident when I have a script.
Allen Covert person
I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person - they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated.
Russell Crowe person
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