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It really is a nice theory. The only defect I think it has is probably common to all philosophical theories. It's wrong.
Saul Kripke philosophical
Anti-Semitism has no historical, political and certainly no philosophical origins. Anti-Semitism is a disease.
Daniel Barenboim philosophical
I'd never say I'll never have a facelift, but I'm way too scared of looking like a different person. I have no philosophical or political position on plastic surgery; I just don't want to look crazy. And I don't like not being able to tell how old someone is: It's creepy.
Ellen Barkin philosophical
Philosophically, I don't like doing commercials.
Herb Caen philosophical
It is always incorrect to assume you can know what someone's moral convictions are based on their philosophical theories.
Stanley Fish philosophical
Surrogate motherhood has been the subject of much philosophical and political dispute over the years.
Thomas Frank philosophical
The winding down of summer puts me in a heavy philosophical mood.
Robert Fulghum philosophical
Well, I don't like to get involved in these philosophical issues very much.
Murray Gell Mann philosophical
And you finally get to a consensus, where you get a sense of what really ought to be done, and then they give it to me and then I draw it. I mean draw it in the sense, the philosophical sense.
Lawrence Halprin philosophical
And what sort of philosophical doctrine is thi - that numbers confer unlimited rights, that they take from some persons all rights over themselves, and vest these rights in others.
Auberon Herbert philosophical
Marigold: We have philosophical differences. Im Horde, hes Alliance. Hes a Paragon, Im a Renegade. Im tiles, hes ASCII.
Questionable Content philosophical
That brings up an interesting philosophical question is it okay to snitch to the police on the police?
Riley Freeman philosophical
To some it is Napoleon, to some it is a philosophical struggle, to me it is allegro con brio.
Arturo Toscanini philosophical
20 Philosophical Debates20.1 Leo Gold 20.2 Isaac 20.3 Morpheus 20.4 Helios 20.5 NSF 20.6 Lebedev and Navarre 20.7 UNATCO troops 20.8 Greene 20.9 Paul Denton, La Guardia 20.10 Paul Denton, Area 51
Deus Ex philosophical
A philosophical problem has the form: I dont know my way about.
Ludwig Wittgenstein philosophical
The quest for philosophical beginnings is idle, for everywhere in all beginnings we find only the crude, the unformed, the empty and the ugly. What matters in all things is the higher levels.p. 30.
Friedrich Nietzsche philosophical
A company of tyrants is inaccessible to all seductions.Voltaire, A Philosophical Dictionary, Tyranny.
Tyranny philosophical
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