physics quotes

#43652 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

It is because the method of physics does not satisfy the comprehension that we have to go on further. .

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes about physics
#78834 Barbara Block

I remember being in strong physics, physiology and biology classes. .

Barbara Block Quotes about physics
#94183 John Cameron

Medical physics is an applied area of physics. .

John Cameron Quotes about physics
#97855 John Henry Carver

I was so pleased to be at university to do physics and mathematics. .

John Henry Carver Quotes about physics
#105943 Thomas Cochrane

Relativity must replace absolutism in the realm of morals as well as in the spheres of physics and biology. .

Thomas Cochrane Quotes about physics
#110311 Piers Corbyn

I gained a first class degree in Physics at Imperial College London in 1968 and did research in solid state physics, but did not pursue meteorology matters until gaining an M.Sc. in astrophysics from Queen Mary College London in 1981, after which I investigated and attempted to construct theories of solar activity. .

Piers Corbyn Quotes about physics
#113027 James Cronin

In 1971 I returned to the University of Chicago as Professor of Physics. .

James Cronin Quotes about physics
#117894 James Dashner

I've always been fascinated by quantum physics and the possibility of alternate realities. .

James Dashner Quotes about physics
#118152 Adam Davidson

Unlike physics, economists don't settle things. There seems to be plenty of room for different conclusions that are still accepted in the academy. .

Adam Davidson Quotes about physics
#131397 Arthur Eddington

It is impossible to trap modern physics into predicting anything with perfect determinism because it deals with probabilities from the outset. .

Arthur Eddington Quotes about physics
#151956 Margaret Geller

I didn't know what kinds of questions to ask in mathematics. In physics, I could see there were things that were known and things that weren't. .

Margaret Geller Quotes about physics
#162726 Vinny Guadagnino

I am fascinated by quantum physics. .

Vinny Guadagnino Quotes about physics
#175621 Antony Hewish

Teaching physics at the University, and more general lecturing to wider audiences has been a major concern. .

Antony Hewish Quotes about physics
#176369 David Hilbert

Physics is becoming too difficult for the physicists. .

David Hilbert Quotes about physics
#341040 Don Juan Byron

Explaining Metaphysics to the nation — I wish he would explain his explanation.Dedication, st. 2 on Samuel Taylor Coleridge .

Don Juan Byron Quotes about physics
#712752 John Ray

Algebra is the metaphysics of arithmetic. .

John Ray Quotes about physics
#756723 Michael Polanyi

But even physics cannot be defined from an atomic topography. .

Michael Polanyi Quotes about physics

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