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#5008 Bill Gates

Instead of buying airplanes and playing around like some of our competitors, we've rolled almost everything back into the company. .

Bill Gates Quotes about play
#9121 Charles Barkley

Can I Play?? .

Charles Barkley Quotes about play
#9224 List of misquotations

"Oooh, Betty", Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (played by Michael Crawford) .

List of misquotations Quotes about play
#10070 Computers

The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games. .

Computers Quotes about play
#12475 Dorothy Parker

The House Beautiful is, for me, the play lousy. .

Dorothy Parker Quotes about play
#15969 Ludwig Wittgenstein

To obey a rule, to make a report, to give an order, to play a game of chess, are customs (uses, institutions) .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about play
#21006 Dr. Seuss

Thedid not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house All that cold, cold, wet . .

Dr. Seuss Quotes about play
#25761 Paul Desmond

I tried practicing for a few weeks and ended up playing too fast. .

Paul Desmond Quotes about play
#25766 Paul Desmond

Well, that I'm not playing better. .

Paul Desmond Quotes about play
#30414 Frank Zappa

The ...I find this unfathomable, but I can easily understand why a person could get excited about playing the bassoon. .

Frank Zappa Quotes about play
#32863 Elizabeth Bowes Lyon

Whilst playing cards, .

Elizabeth Bowes Lyon Quotes about play
#34711 William Butler Yeats

All perform their tragic play, There struts , there is , That’s Ophelia, that Cordelia. .

William Butler Yeats Quotes about play
#40400 Jim Morrison

Always a playground instructor, never a Killer .

Jim Morrison Quotes about play
#40975 Elevator music

""The barbarians are inside the gate. They're playing Muzak in ." .

Elevator music Quotes about play
#41054 Composer

Jack Whaley had a cow, And he had nought to feed her; He took his pipe and played a tune, And bid the cow consider. .

Composer Quotes about play
#44779 Get Shorty

Listen, "Touch of Evil"'s playing near my hotel. You wanna go check it out? Watch Charlton Heston play a Mexican? .

Get Shorty Quotes about play
#45711 Khalil Gibran

And now let us play our reeds together... .

Khalil Gibran Quotes about play
#48508 Rudyard Kipling

Oh the road to Mandalay Where the flyin'-fishes play An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay! .

Rudyard Kipling Quotes about play
#49848 Kurt Vonnegut

A play, performed in New York City from- .

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes about play
#50800 Sparky Anderson

Players have two things to do. Play and keep their mouths shut. .

Sparky Anderson Quotes about play
#53543 Casey Affleck

I'm tired of playing the brat. .

Casey Affleck Quotes about play
#53652 James Agate

Shaw's plays are the price we pay for Shaw's prefaces. .

James Agate Quotes about play
#55350 Shaun Alexander

I always play every game like my back is against the wall, that this could be it. .

Shaun Alexander Quotes about play
#55356 Shaun Alexander

We play a violent sport. .

Shaun Alexander Quotes about play
#55755 Debbie Allen

Michael Ralph brilliantly plays the street prophet, a West Indian who foreshadows the Harlem riot. .

Debbie Allen Quotes about play
#56132 Richie Allen

I can play anywhere. First, third, left field, anywhere but Philadelphia. .

Richie Allen Quotes about play
#56136 Richie Allen

I'll play first, third, left. I'll play anywhere - except Philadelphia. .

Richie Allen Quotes about play
#56472 Mose Allison

All the classic jazz players all sang and a lot of 'em sang blues. .

Mose Allison Quotes about play
#56500 Gregg Allman

I play every show like it's my last. Fortunately, that's never turned out to be the case. .

Gregg Allman Quotes about play
#56675 Roberto Alomar

A ballplayer doesn't make excuses. .

Roberto Alomar Quotes about play
#56770 Herb Alpert

I wake up in the morning, I do a little stretching exercises, pick up the horn and play. .

Herb Alpert Quotes about play
#56824 Carol Alt

I found my prince - he's a hockey player and we met at an NHL event, the last place I'd ever expect to meet someone, but there he was. .

Carol Alt Quotes about play
#57326 Jeff Ament

I played djembe, percussion, keyboards and I sang. .

Jeff Ament Quotes about play
#57655 Tori Amos

I'm not like a poker player. I'm not into bluff. My way is to look someone in the eye and tell them the way I'm intending to go. My cards are always on the table. .

Tori Amos Quotes about play
#57694 David Amram

Esquire, in a July, 1957 issue, has a photograph of me playing the French horn at the Five Spot. .

David Amram Quotes about play
#57769 Viswanathan Anand

Each match I play is the most important one yet. .

Viswanathan Anand Quotes about play
#57810 Trey Anastasio

I can't wait to play the Hammerstein shows. Things have been exploding in the last week, and that's going to be the exclamation point. .

Trey Anastasio Quotes about play
#57858 David Anders

I did a 'Children of the Corn' remake for Sci Fi Channel. I play the Peter Horton role from the original, and Candace McClure from 'Battlestar Galactica' is my Linda Hamilton. .

David Anders Quotes about play
#58726 Rob Andrew

The players must be at the centre of their industry. .

Rob Andrew Quotes about play
#58728 Rob Andrew

You are always going to get extreme views around coaches and players. .

Rob Andrew Quotes about play
#59164 Jean Jacques Annaud

I had to choose between American and British actors, and it didn't take me more than a second to decide: Russians are Europeans and should be played by other Europeans. .

Jean Jacques Annaud Quotes about play
#59360 Carmelo Anthony

Man, I'm not trying to be important; I just go out and play. .

Carmelo Anthony Quotes about play
#59606 Tariq Anwar

Bio-Technology is expected to play a major role in improving productivity. .

Tariq Anwar Quotes about play
#60048 Sebastian Arcelus

My big break was back in the third grade playing the third monkey in 'Horton Hears a Who.' .

Sebastian Arcelus Quotes about play
#60759 Curtis Armstrong

I'm not a nerd, I play one on TV. .

Curtis Armstrong Quotes about play
#61693 John Ashcroft

I don't play full court anymore. I just play half-court. .

John Ashcroft Quotes about play
#63064 Scott Aukerman

I guess when I was a kid I wasn't the type of person playing a lot of pranks. I was the type of person upon whom pranks were pulled. .

Scott Aukerman Quotes about play
#63249 Tracy Austin

I began playing in the Pacific Coast Indoor Tennis Championships. .

Tracy Austin Quotes about play
#65047 Diedrich Bader

I like playing a guy who wears pants as opposed to shorts. .

Diedrich Bader Quotes about play
#66307 David Baldacci

I'm a wicked ping-pong player. .

David Baldacci Quotes about play

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