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#348 Albert Einstein

I have never imputed to Nature a purpose or a goal, or anything that could be understood as anthropomorphic. What I see in Nature is a magnificent structure that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of "humility." This is a genuinely religious feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about purpose
#894 John Cage

"Art's purpose is to sober and quiet the mind so that it is in accord with what happens." .

John Cage Quotes about purpose
#944 Harry S. Truman

We are in a troublesome period, and some "nonsense" as you term it — but this is a great nation with a high purpose, and we shall come to our senses and resume our course. .

Harry S. Truman Quotes about purpose
#978 Harry S. Truman

It is an awful responsibility which has come to us. We thank God that it has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes. .

Harry S. Truman Quotes about purpose
#1137 Bertrand Russell

I shall keep it [the manuscript] by me until the end of May for purposes of revision, and of adding malicious foot-notes. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about purpose
#2792 Napoleon I of France

Destiny urges me to a goal of which I am ignorant. Until that goal is attained I am invulnerable, unassailable. When Destiny has accomplished her purpose in me, a fly may suffice to destroy me. .

Napoleon I of France Quotes about purpose
#3741 Aristotle

The single harmony produced by all the heavenly bodies singing and dancing together springs from one source and ends by achieving one purpose, and has rightly bestowed the name not of "disordered" but of "ordered universe" upon the whole. .

Aristotle Quotes about purpose
#4990 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. Together we must learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose. .

Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes about purpose
#7322 Leo Tolstoy

Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen. .

Leo Tolstoy Quotes about purpose
#8625 Samuel Johnson

A lawyer has no business with the justice or injustice of the cause which he undertakes, unless his client asks his opinion, and then he is bound to give it honestly. The justice or injustice of the cause is to be decided by the judge. Consider, sir; what is the purpose of courts of justice? It is, that every man may have his cause fairly tried, by men appointed to try causes. A lawyer is not to tell what he knows to be a lie: he is not to produce what he knows to be a false deed; but he is not to usurp the province of the jury and of the judge, and determine what shall be the effect of evidence — what shall be the result of legal argument. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about purpose
#8928 Bill Watterson

[Calvin and Hobbes are waiting for the school bus] Calvin: How long have we been waiting for the bus now? Hobbes: (looking at his watch) About two and a half hours. Calvin: I think mom put me out here this early on purpose! p123 .

Bill Watterson Quotes about purpose
#9050 Bill Watterson

Calvin: Girls are like slugs—they probably serve some purpose, but it's hard to imagine what. p71 .

Bill Watterson Quotes about purpose
#9443 John Lennon

I think a label like "avant-garde" defeats itself. You learn to have avant-garde exhibitions. The very fact that avant-garde can have an exhibition defeats the purpose of avant-garde, because it's already formalised and ritualised. .

John Lennon Quotes about purpose
#9770 Theodore Roosevelt

It is necessary that laws should be passed to prohibit the use of corporate funds directly or indirectly for political purposes; it is still more necessary that such laws should be thoroughly enforced. .

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes about purpose
#9940 Animals

The Dodo never had a chance. He seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of becoming extinct and that was all he was good for. .

Animals Quotes about purpose
#10793 George W. Bush

In the defense of our nation, a president must be a clear-eyed realist. There are limits to the smiles and scowls of diplomacy. Armies and missiles are not stopped by stiff notes of condemnation. They are held in check by strength and purpose and the promise of swift punishment. .

George W. Bush Quotes about purpose
#12792 Richard Dawkins

This is one of the hardest lessons for humans to learn. We cannot admit that things might be neither good nor evil, neither cruel nor kind, but simply callous – indifferent to all suffering, lacking all purpose. .

Richard Dawkins Quotes about purpose
#12795 Richard Dawkins

The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference. .

Richard Dawkins Quotes about purpose
#13614 T. S. Eliot

The circle of our understanding Is a very restricted area. Except for a limited number Of strictly practical purposes We do not know what we are doing; And even then, when you think of it, We do not know much about thinking. .

T. S. Eliot Quotes about purpose
#13948 Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks; The long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep Moans round with many voices.Come, my friends. 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars, until I die. .

Alfred, Lord Tennyson Quotes about purpose
#14091 Emily Bront

Yesterday, you know, Mr. Earnshaw should have been at the funeral. He kept himself sober for the purpose - tolerably sober; not going to bed mad at six o'clock, and getting up drunk at twelve. Consequently he rose, in suicidal low spirits; as fit for the church as for a dance; and instead, he sat down by the fire and swallowed gin or brandy by tumblerfuls. .

Emily Bront Quotes about purpose
#14466 Percy Bysshe Shelley

GOVERNMENT has no rights; it is a delegation from several individuals for the purpose of securing their own. It is therefore just, only so far as it exists by their consent, useful only so far as it operates to their well-being. .

Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes about purpose
#14777 Edmund Burke

Parliament is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests; which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates; but parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole; where, not local purposes, not local prejudices ought to guide, but the general good, resulting from the general reason of the whole. You choose a member indeed; but when you have chosen him, he is not a member of Bristol, but he is a member of parliament. .

Edmund Burke Quotes about purpose
#14969 Ronald Reagan

Welfare's purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence. .

Ronald Reagan Quotes about purpose
#15052 Ronald Reagan

I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience. .

Ronald Reagan Quotes about purpose
#17373 William Wordsworth

Thought and theory must precede all action that moves to salutary purposes. Yet action is nobler in itself than either thought or theory. .

William Wordsworth Quotes about purpose
#17433 William Wordsworth

The grim shape Towered up between me and the stars, and still, For so it seemed, with purpose of its own And measured motion like a living thing, Strode after me. .

William Wordsworth Quotes about purpose
#18267 Edward Young

At thirty, man suspects himself a fool; Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan; At fifty chides his infamous delay, Pushes his prudent purpose to resolve; In all the magnanimity of thought Resolves, and re-resolves; then dies the same. .

Edward Young Quotes about purpose
#18271 Edward Young

Thy purpose firm is equal to the deed: Who does the best his circumstance allows Does well, acts nobly; angels could no more. .

Edward Young Quotes about purpose
#18617 Joseph Addison

Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly. .

Joseph Addison Quotes about purpose

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