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Diplomats are useful only in fair weather. As soon as it rains they drown in every drop.
Charles de Gaulle rain
"I think I have a dick in my brain. I don't need to have one between my legs."
Madonna rain
A fool’s brain digestsinto ,into , andinto .
George Bernard Shaw rain
My brain: it's my second favorite organ.
Woody Allen rain
Against the Grain : An Autobiography (1990)
Boris Yeltsin rain
A difference of taste inis a great strain on the affections.
George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) rain
Sweet the rain's new fall, Sunlit from , Like the first dewfall On the first grass.
Eleanor Farjeon rain
Are ye, two vultures sick for battle, Two scorpions under one wet stone, Two bloodless wolves whose dry throats rattle, Two crows perched on the murrained cattle, Two vipers tangled into one.
Percy Bysshe Shelley rain
There is a Reaper, whose name is Death, And, with his sickle keen, He reaps the bearded grain at a breath, And the flowers that grow between.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow rain
Who, doomed to go in company with Pain, And Fear, and Bloodshed, miserable train! Turns his necessity to glorious gain.
William Wordsworth rain
That strain once more; it bids remembrance rise.
Oliver Goldsmith rain
Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint.
Daniel Webster rain
Pinky: Egad, Brain!
Pinky and the Brain rain
If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.
Homosexuality rain
 : And it goes against the grain of building small tools. Innocent, Your Honor. Perl users build small tools all day long.
Larry Wall rain
Philosophy will clip an Angel’s wings, Conquer all mysteries by rule and line, Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine — Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made The tender-person’d Lamia melt into a shade.
John Keats rain
The rain fell alike upon the just and upon the unjust, and for nothing was there a why and a wherefore.
W. Somerset Maugham rain
On ne doit plus craindre les mots lorsqu'on a consenti aux choses.
Marguerite Yourcenar rain
The train slows down, it's the Cais do Sodr
Fernando Pessoa rain
Whilst the misguided Follower climbs with Pain, Mountains of Whimsies, heapt in his own Brain, Stumbling from Thought to Thought, falls headlong down Into Doubt’s boundless Sea, where like to drown, Books bear him up a-while, and make him try To swim with Bladders of Philosophy.
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester rain
I shall stay him no longer than to wish him a rainy evening to read this following discourse; and that if he be an honest angler, the east wind may never blow when he goes a-fishing.
Izaak Walton rain
For we by conquest, of our soveraine might, And by eternall doome of Fate's decree, Have wonne the Empire of the Heavens bright.
Edmund Spenser rain
I once more smell the dew and rain,
George Herbert rain
It was England in the autumn; the sun was, by definition, something that only happened when it wasn't cloudy or raining.
Neil Gaiman rain
It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.
Bob Dylan rain
Many harebrained interpretations were also widely available, especially in weekly newspapers.
Carl Sagan rain
My cover had been blown. The doors slammed shut behind me, and then I was dodging bullets like raindrops.
Max Payne rain
Muad'Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn...
Dune rain
My brain is open!
Paul Erd¶s rain
Get out of my BRAIN!
Joss Whedon rain
Killer on the road His brain is squirming like a toad.
Jim Morrison rain
When a fact appears to be opposed to a long train of deductions, it invariably proves to be capable of bearing some other interpretation.
Sherlock Holmes rain
I long for the rain on my face. [to Hana]
The English Patient rain
There are ideal series of events which run parallel with theones. They rarely coincide. Men and circumstances generally modify the ideal train of events, so that it seems imperfect, and its consequences are equally imperfect. Thus with the Reformation; instead of Protestantism came Lutheranism.
Novalis rain
Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow!
The Wizard of Oz rain
It is no longer a question anywhere of inventing interconnections from out of our brains, but of discovering them in the facts.
Friedrich Engels rain
ofis, to be under no other restraint but theof Nature.
John Locke rain
Back to the Army again, sergeant, Back to the Army again: Out o' the cold an' the rain, sergeant, Out o' the cold an' the rain.
Rudyard Kipling rain
Dennett, D.C. & Kinsbourne, M. (1995). "". Behavioral and Brain Sciences (15 (2)).
Daniel Dennett rain
Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more.
Henri Frederic Amiel rain
Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
Maya Angelou rain
When I'm forced by circumstances to be in a crowd of prisoners, it's all I can do to refrain from attack.
Jack Henry Abbott rain
In basic training we had been told to watch out for Japanese spies.
Jack Adams rain
Our lab had always refrained from keeping our studies secret.
Peter Agre rain
Doctors say there's no such thing as chemo brain, but ask any chemo patient.
Sarah Addison Allen rain
I never sit down and write. I just sorta let things form in my brain.
Mose Allison rain
I actually wanted to be an astronaut, but I don't have a mathematical brain.
Eva Amurri rain
People who wear fur smell like a wet dog if they're in the rain. And they look fat and gross.
Pamela Anderson rain
I train for about an hour five days a week and feel I'm in the best shape I've ever been. I can eat what I want and that includes scoffing half a big bar of Cadbury's a day.
Peter Andre rain
British actors behave like Europeans; they are also extremely well trained.
Jean Jacques Annaud rain
Mr. Reagan spent World War II, the global conflict fought and won by his generation, making training films in Hollywood.
R. W. Apple, Jr. rain
Agents need to be free to pursue investigations in ways that they haven't. There have been restraints that a reformed FBI needs to make sure we don't impose.
John Ashcroft rain
Because I trained in theater, I always leave a film shoot feeling like I haven't done anything, like I just sat in front of the camera and whispered, essentially.
Hayley Atwell rain
I was not a trained actor.
Frankie Avalon rain
Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.
Robert Baden Powell rain
One of the points in which I was especially interested was the Jim Crow regulations, that is, the system of separation of the races in street cars and railroad trains.
Ray Stannard Baker rain
I'm not a trained chef, so I end up making stuff up. It either turns out brilliant or an absolute disaster. I just go for it.
Eric Balfour rain
Energy, like the biblical grain of the mustard-seed, will remove mountains.
Hosea Ballou rain
And I've had vocal training on and off for years.
Julia Barr rain
If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer's crop, who are we to say it shouldn't rain?
Tom Barrett rain
Some brains are easy to hack into, and other brains are nearly impossible to hack into because they are so complex.
Keith Barry rain
I think for more than half of my career, I have refrained from talking to the media.
Kathleen Battle rain
I come to spring training and just try to do my job, try to do the best I can. That's all any player can do.
Danny Bautista rain
The horns came riding in like the rainbow masts of silver ships.
Peter S. Beagle rain
If it was raining soup, the Irish would go out with forks.
Brendan Behan rain
Christ, seven years of college, down the drain.
John Belushi rain
I trained 8 hours a day 7 seven days a week and I had 2 weeks off in a year.
Julie Benz rain
Rough Riders took 13 weeks to shoot, plus a week of training. The same guy trained us trained the cast in Platoon. Except, instead of radios, we used bugles to signal.
Tom Berenger rain
There's a difference between criminals and crooks. Crooks steal. Criminals blow some guy's brains out. I'm a crook.
Ronald Biggs rain
I was a mime. I'm not kidding. I went to Northwestern University and they have a mime company, so we did a lot of training and then a lot of mime shows around Chicago.
Kerry Bishe rain
There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Karen Black rain
I'm a mediator by training and inclination.
Joan Blades rain
I'm trained as a teacher; that's the only thing I've got a certificate for.
Quentin Blake rain
I'm a fully trained cosmonaut and have completed 800 hours training, which has made me the No. 1 civilian reserve ready to visit the International Space Station. I am determined to go up, and I want to explore the Moon, Mars and beyond!
Brian Blessed rain
You know growing up in Sweden meant we had a lot of rain when we played tennis. We were taught on clay courts but because of the weather, we had to go indoors a lot.
Bjorn Borg rain
I was interested in big unknowns, and the brain is one of the biggest, so building tools that allow us to regard the brain as a big electrical circuit appealed to me.
Edward Boyden rain
Theatre sports is the best improv training period.
Wayne Brady rain
My brain is just always going and going and going.
Nicholas Brendon rain
I know that if odour were visible, as colour is, I'd see the summer garden in rainbow clouds.
Robert Bridges rain
You increase muscle bulk by training against resistance. For example, weights. And in ballet, this isn't the case.
Deborah Bull rain
It was ingrained in me to be gracious.
Tory Burch rain
I never did improv professionally, but that was certainly in my training as an actor. I like it.
Steve Buscemi rain
I have a form of Parkinson's disease, which I don't like. My legs don't move when my brain tells them to. It's very frustrating.
George H. W. Bush rain
Resting for me is fitness training.
Jenson Button rain
In Hollywood, the rainbow hits the ground for composers.
Hoagy Carmichael rain
Salzburg... is a mountain town with a rushing river running right through the center, everything in the rain various shades of green and brown.
Jonathan Carroll rain
Even though I'm a jazz-trained drummer, I cut my teeth playing rock.
Jimmy Chamberlin rain
I know I have to run 20 more minutes if I eat ice cream. Basically, I eat everything, but I just do more training.
Jackie Chan rain
I train hard Monday to Friday. I'll do weights and cardio in the gym most mornings and do a spinning class, too.
Amy Childs rain
I specialise in taking teams of designers, psychologists, usability experts, sociologists and ethnographers into the field. It's called 'corporate anthropology,' but personally I'm more comfortable with 'design research,' because I'm not an anthropologist by training.
Jan Chipchase rain
I think gymnastics trained me as a person, too. Without the lessons I learned in gymnastics, I would be crushed.
Liang Chow rain
I generally circuit train and do Pilates.
Emmanuelle Chriqui rain
I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine.
Gwendoline Christie rain
We've had such thorough training, we've had an excellent team on the ground. With the minor glitches that have occurred, we've been able to take care of them. And the teams on the ground are getting tons of incredible data.
Laurel Clark rain
All of the press and stuff - that's the scary stuff. The acting is what I got trained to do.
Emilia Clarke rain
If my gravy train stops at SAG, honey, it's been a great ride.
Patricia Clarkson rain
In my preaching the shafts are ever aimed at the brainwashed horde.
Powell Clayton rain
I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead.
Clarence Clemons rain
I skate about 15 to 20 hours a week and also incorporate a lot of off-ice training. I take ballet and Pilates classes and lift weights with my physical therapist when I'm not on the ice.
Sasha Cohen rain
I think the shocking thing to discover is the owls are not stupid and very feral, very hard to train.
Robbie Coltrane rain
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