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#50 Albert Einstein

Everyone sits in the prison of his own ideas; he must burst it open, and that in his youth, and so try to test his ideas on reality. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about reality
#150 Albert Einstein

We often discussed his notions on objective reality. I recall that during one walk Einstein suddenly stopped, turned to me and asked whether I really believed that the moon exists only when I look at it. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about reality
#162 Albert Einstein

How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality? Is human reason, then, without experience, merely by taking thought, able to fathom the properties of real things? .

Albert Einstein Quotes about reality
#164 Albert Einstein

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about reality
#359 Albert Einstein

My religiosity consists in a humble admiration of the infinitely superior spirit that reveals itself in the little that we, with our weak and transitory understanding, can comprehend of reality. Morality is of the highest importance — but for us, not for God. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about reality
#586 Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security and that security must be a reality. .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about reality
#788 Martin Luther King, Jr.

Everymust now develop an overridingtoas a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual . This call for a worldwide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one's tribe, race, class, and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing, unconditionalfor all men. .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about reality
#1290 Bertrand Russell

The question of "unreality," which confronts us at this point, is a very important one. Misled by grammar, the great majority of thosewho have dealt with this question have dealt with it on mistaken lines. They have regarded grammatical form as a surer guide in analysis than, in fact, it is. And they have not known what differences in grammatical form are important. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about reality
#1291 Bertrand Russell

For want of the apparatus of propositional functions, manyhave been driven to the conclusion that there are unreal objects. It is argued, e.g., by , that we can speak about "the golden mountain," "the round square," and so on; we can make true propositions of which these are the subjects; hence they must have some kind of logical being, since otherwise the propositions in which they occur would be meaningless. In such theories, it seems to me, there is a failure of that feeling for reality which ought to be preserved even in the most abstract studies. Logic, I should maintain, must no more admit a unicorn than zoology can; for logic is concerned with the real world just as truly as zoology, though with its more abstract and general features. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about reality
#1292 Bertrand Russell

In obedience to the feeling of reality, we shall insist that, in the analysis of propositions, nothing "unreal" is to be admitted. But, after all, if there is nothing unreal, how, it may be asked, could we admit anything unreal? The reply is that, in dealing with propositions, we are dealing in the first instance with symbols, and if we attribute significance to groups of symbols which have no significance, we shall fall into the error of admitting unrealities, in the only sense in which this is possible, namely, as objects described. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about reality
#1794 Jean Paul Sartre

Generally speaking there is no irreducible taste or inclination. They all represent a certain appropriative choice of being. It is up to existential psychoanalysis to compare and classify them. Ontology abandons us here; it has merely enabled us to determine the ultimate ends of human reality, its fundamental possibilities, and the value which haunts it. .

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes about reality
#3226 John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury

We often hear of bad weather, but in reality no weather is bad. It is all delightful, though in different ways. Some weather may be bad for farmers or crops, but for man all kinds are good. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating. .

John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury Quotes about reality
#5331 Karl Marx

Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence. .

Karl Marx Quotes about reality
#5403 Karl Marx

Beauty is the main positive form of the aesthetic assimilation of reality, in which aesthetic ideal finds it direct expression... .

Karl Marx Quotes about reality
#5421 Karl Marx

A commodity appears, at first sight, a very trivial thing, and easily understood.Its analysis shows that it is, in reality, a very queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties. .

Karl Marx Quotes about reality
#5435 Karl Marx

A spider conducts operations that resemble those of a weaver, and a bee puts to shame many an architect in the construction of her cells. But what distinguishes the worst of architects from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality. .

Karl Marx Quotes about reality
#5453 Karl Marx

In reality, the labourer belongs tobefore he has sold himself to capital. .

Karl Marx Quotes about reality
#6275 Henry David Thoreau

Have no mean hours, but be grateful for every hour, and accept what it brings. The reality will make any sincere record respectable. No day will have been wholly misspent, if one sincere, thoughtful page has been written. Let the daily tide leave some deposit on these pages, as it leaves sand and shells on the shore. So much increase of terra firma. this may be a calendar of the ebbs and flows of the soul; and on these sheets as a beach, the waves may cast up pearls and seaweed. .

Henry David Thoreau Quotes about reality
#6932 Charles de Gaulle

No policy is worth anything outside of reality. .

Charles de Gaulle Quotes about reality
#7210 Adolf Hitler

Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race. There does, however, exist a community, to which, in fact, the term can be applied and the existence of which is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the spiritually homogeneous group, to membership of which all Jews throughout the world deliberately adhere, regardless of their whereabouts and of their country of domicile; and it to this group of human beings to which we give the title Jewish race. (13th February 1945) .

Adolf Hitler Quotes about reality
#8640 Samuel Johnson

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about reality
#9017 Bill Watterson

Hobbes: Virtual reality is already here. p132 .

Bill Watterson Quotes about reality
#9159 Donald Knuth

By understanding a machine-oriented language, the programmer will tend to use a much more efficient method; it is much closer to reality. .

Donald Knuth Quotes about reality
#11028 George W. Bush

Abroad, our nation is committed to an historic, long-term goal — we seek the end of tyranny in our world. Some dismiss that goal as misguided idealism. In reality, the future security of America depends on it. .

George W. Bush Quotes about reality
#12576 John Stuart Mill

The perception of distance by the eye, which seems so like intuition, is thus, in reality, an inference grounded on experience; an inference, too, which we learn to make; and which we make with more and more correctness as our experience increases; though in familiar cases it takes place, so rapidly as to appear exactly on a par with those perceptions of sight which are really intuitive, our perceptions of colour. .

John Stuart Mill Quotes about reality
#13522 T. S. Eliot

Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow .

T. S. Eliot Quotes about reality
#13576 T. S. Eliot

All things become less real, man passes From unreality to unreality. .

T. S. Eliot Quotes about reality
#14882 Edmund Burke

Circumstances (which with some gentlemen pass for nothing) give in reality to every political principle its distinguishing colour, and discriminating effect. The circumstances are what render every civil and political scheme beneficial or noxious to mankind. .

Edmund Burke Quotes about reality
#15065 Ronald Reagan

We must all educate ourselves to the reality of the horrors taking place. .

Ronald Reagan Quotes about reality
#15174 Erica Jong

Photographs... are the most curious indicators of reality. .

Erica Jong Quotes about reality

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