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I cannot explain the sadness That's fallen on my breast. An old, old fable haunts me, And will not let me rest.
Heinrich Heine sadness
Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson sadness
Make me thy lyre, even as the forest is: What if my leaves are falling like its own! The tumult of thy mighty harmonies Will take from both a deep, autumnal tone, Sweet though in sadness. Be thou, Spirit fierce, My spirit! Be thou me, impetuous one!
Percy Bysshe Shelley sadness
As I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion, — bequeathed me by will but poor a thousand crowns, and, as thou say'st, charged my brother, on his blessing, to breed me well: and there begins my sadness.
As You Like It sadness
Deep in the shady sadness of a vale Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn, Far from the fiery noon, and eve’s one star, Sat gray-hair’d Saturn, quiet as a stone, Still as the silence round about his lair; Forest on forest hung about his head Like cloud on cloud.
John Keats sadness
Sadness is also a kind of defence.
Ivo Andric sadness
I know what it's like to have someone coming home who looks at you not in the way they used to in the old days, and I've seen my own face contorted with sadness and rage in the mirror.
Jane Birkin sadness
Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.
Bill Blass sadness
I had no idea that mothering my own child would be so healing to my own sadness from my childhood.
Susie Bright sadness
There's a feeling of elation that comes after getting off stage and then there's a feeling of utter sadness that comes after getting off the stage.
Neve Campbell sadness
The vampire movies I embraced as a kid used vampirism as a metaphor that expressed deep sadness and a lot of human qualities.
Alexandra Cassavetes sadness
I have seen him set fire to his wigwam and smooth over the graves of his fathers... clap his hand in silence over his mouth, and take the last look over his fair hunting ground, and turn his face in sadness to the setting sun.
George Catlin sadness
Talking about the body getting old, there's a sadness to it in a way.
Chick Corea sadness
Music is amazing. There's some metaphysical comfort where it allows you to be isolated and alone while telling you that you are not alone... truly, the only cure for sadness is to share it with someone else.
Wayne Coyne sadness
The sadness of the incomplete, the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art.
E. M. Forster sadness
Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it's there if you look deep.
Taraji P. Henson sadness
Everything's complicated, even those things that seem flat in their bleakness or sadness.
Nick Hornby sadness
Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but its there if you look deep.
Taraji P Henson sadness
First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isnt so great.
Alyssa Milano sadness
I had sadness for breakfast.
Andy Milonakis sadness
Im trying to make sure that theres comedy as well as sadness. It makes the sadness more memorable.
Rick Moody sadness
You never have a comedian who hasnt got a very deep strain of sadness within him or her. Every great clown has been very near to tragedy.
Margaret Rutherford sadness
I actually think sadness and darkness can be very beautiful and healing.
Duncan Sheik sadness
Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.
Patti Smith sadness
And as Paul said these things to himself, a wave of sadness washed over them as though they’d been written in sand. He was understanding now that no man could live without roots—roots in a patch of desert, a red clay field, a mountain slope, a rocky coast, a city street. In black loan, in mud or sand or rock or asphalt or carpet, every man had his roots down deep—in home.Chapter 23 p. 227
Kurt Vonnegut sadness
Magic Man: Someone shines a light into my dark wizard matter. A way to unclose the circuit of magic, madness and sadness.
Adventure Time sadness
The Lord of Silver Fountains. The King of Carven Stone. The King Beneath the Mountain. Shall come into his own. And the bells shall ring in gladness, at the Mountain Kings return. But all shall fail in sadness, and the Lake will shine and burn.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug sadness
Oh the gladness of their gladness when theyre glad, And the sadness of their sadness when theyre sad; But the gladness of their gladness, and the sadness of their sadness, Are as nothing to their badness when theyre bad.Anonymous.
Women sadness
Traces of sadness. No more chain me to the ground. I am limitless. Ever since you came around.
Kerli sadness
Mr. Yoshida: Relief. And also sadness. Nothing can bring Tamiko back, but Im glad the man who did this will pay for his crime
Law and Order/Season 14 sadness
Sadness: Im too sad to walk. Just give me a few... hours.
Inside Out 2015 sadness
You get used to sadness, growing up in the mountains, I guess.
loretta lynn sadness
Elijah Price: It has begun. Tell me something, David. When you woke up this morning Was it still there? The sadness?
Unbreakable film sadness
Sonny: I know this is the right thing because I would die for this kid just so he wont feel one ounce of sadness. Thats why youre here right now, to protect me, to be scared for me to be a good father. And thats exactly what Im gonna be.
Big Daddy 1999 sadness
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