sky quotes

#6290 Henry David Thoreau

The bluebird carries the sky on his back. .

Henry David Thoreau Quotes about sky
#11979 Miguel Cervantes

No limits but the sky. .

Miguel Cervantes Quotes about sky
#17509 William Wordsworth

A violet by a mossy stone Half hidden from the eye; Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky. .

William Wordsworth Quotes about sky
#18959 Daniel Webster

is in the clear upper sky. .

Daniel Webster Quotes about sky
#25990 Fernando Pessoa

We are two abysses -- a well staring at the sky. .

Fernando Pessoa Quotes about sky
#27895 William Cullen Bryant

When April winds Grew soft, the maple burst into a flush Of scarlet flowers. The tulip tree, high up, Opened in airs of June her multitude Of golden chalices to humming-birds And silken-wing'd insects of the sky. .

William Cullen Bryant Quotes about sky
#33303 Carl Sandburg

Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders. .

Carl Sandburg Quotes about sky
#55825 George Allen

Before I was governor, tuition was skyrocketing, and we stopped that. We capped and then we froze college tuition. .

George Allen Quotes about sky
#57014 Francis Alys

In the eye of the tornado, there's no more high and low, no floor and sky. .

Francis Alys Quotes about sky
#58653 Ursula Andress

I fell from the sky. I'm a parachutist, and I missed my mark. .

Ursula Andress Quotes about sky
#79841 Wade Boggs

Then there's Johnny Pesky, hit me countless number of ground balls and improved my fielding so much. .

Wade Boggs Quotes about sky
#87809 Sylvia Browne

See, Heaven is not someplace on a disc in the sky floating around, it's right here amongst us. .

Sylvia Browne Quotes about sky
#94546 Luther Campbell

I want to do a record with Monica Lewinsky. .

Luther Campbell Quotes about sky
#123454 Joan Didion

Late afternoon on the West Coast ends with the sky doing all its brilliant stuff. .

Joan Didion Quotes about sky
#125116 Jason Dolley

I have one chocolate Lab named Jasmine. I also had a rat named Sky. .

Jason Dolley Quotes about sky
#126095 Gabby Douglas

I want to do all roles. The sky's the limit. .

Gabby Douglas Quotes about sky
#137460 Agnetha Faltskog

I have one pug and one Czechoslovakian dog called Prazsky krysarik. .

Agnetha Faltskog Quotes about sky
#151717 Clifford Geertz

I agree with Chomsky in almost nothing. When it comes to innate structures and so on, I'm very skeptical. .

Clifford Geertz Quotes about sky
#165577 Bridget Hall

I had to jump out of a plane! The shoot was for an editorial for a magazine; and it called for skydiving. .

Bridget Hall Quotes about sky
#172010 Dave Haywood

I've always been drawn to city skylines. .

Dave Haywood Quotes about sky
#178903 Francois Hollande

We have chased away the clouds, the sky is all 'rose.' .

Francois Hollande Quotes about sky
#183943 Francis Alys

In the eye of the tornado, theres no more high and low, no floor and sky. .

Francis Alys Quotes about sky
#195062 K D Lang

The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at whats happening up there. .

K D Lang Quotes about sky
#198276 Allen Neuharth

I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didnt fall down. .

Allen Neuharth Quotes about sky
#200345 Jack Reynor

My favorite thing about New York is the view, the skyline. .

Jack Reynor Quotes about sky
#202643 Catherine Helen Spence

A glass of whisky in Scotland in the thirties cost less than a cup of tea. .

Catherine Helen Spence Quotes about sky
#205312 John Sergeant Wise

The attack of John Brown upon Harpers Ferry came upon Virginia like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky. .

John Sergeant Wise Quotes about sky
#207877 Tom Hiddleston

The skys the limit. Your sky. Your limit. .

Tom Hiddleston Quotes about sky
#209103 William Faulkner

If I had not existed, someone else would have written me, Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, all of us. .

William Faulkner Quotes about sky
#216376 Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media

So Banners the only—Who: Major Kathleen Sparr Note: Shot down by Blonsky while is interrogating Dr. Sterns about Banner. .

Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media Quotes about sky
#218177 Peep Show

Jez: We might need to tidy up a bit. And we may have to untape the DVD and video and TV and Sky remotes .

Peep Show Quotes about sky
#222426 Steven Universe

Ronaldo: Is that giant hand from the sky sitting right in the middle of the beach?! I gotta get some of this for my blog! .

Steven Universe Quotes about sky
#222662 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Announcer: And now, the only married news team in the tri-county area, Jan and Wayne Skylar! With Special news correspondent, Dr. Steve Brule. .

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Quotes about sky
#397224 Ace Attorney

1.5 Rise From the Ashes1.5.1 Ema Skye 1.5.2 Judge 1.5.3 Phoenix Wright 1.5.4 Miles Edgeworth 1.5.5 Dick Gumshoe 1.5.6 Jake Marshall 1.5.7 Dialogue 1-5 .

Ace Attorney Quotes about sky
#397477 Ace Attorney

Edgeworth: These counter windows offer a glimpse of the sky, but these clouds, they tell me nothing. .

Ace Attorney Quotes about sky
#364092 Fanboy and Chum Chum

Fanboy and Chum Chum: flying through the sky, accompanied by clones of themselves Refill! Refill! Refill! Refill! Refill! .

Fanboy and Chum Chum Quotes about sky
#407109 DuckTales

Ice cream and whipped cream fall from the sky and land in the kiddie pool, but a giant cherry lands on Hueys head. .

DuckTales Quotes about sky
#705655 Joel Zimmerman

Day 3... Okay, so were over bunjee jumping, now were gunna go jump off the fuckinn sky tower after lunch. .

Joel Zimmerman Quotes about sky
#361165 Johnny Bravo

Whoa! A castle in the sky! Just like in that fairy tale of Little Red Rumplestiltskin and the Three Bears and Gretel! .

Johnny Bravo Quotes about sky
#314828 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: Max. My name is Max. Thats my name. .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#314835 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: How much more can they take from me? They got my blood, now its my car! .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#314839 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: Thats my head! .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#314840 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: [to Nux] Thats *my jacket...!* .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#314853 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: CONFUCAMUS! .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#314868 Mad Max Fury Road 2015

Max Rockatansky: [to Furiosa] I am so sorry...[stabs her] .

Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Quotes about sky
#432161 Third Watch

Monroe: No, Im not a detective anymore. Swersky said I could ride with Sullivan and get my shield the right way. .

Third Watch Quotes about sky
#291314 50 First Dates 2004

Ula: [to Henry] My shirt size is medium husky. .

50 First Dates 2004 Quotes about sky
#301959 Along Came Polly 2004

Stan Indursky: Im gonna vomit! .

Along Came Polly 2004 Quotes about sky
#273710 Catch Me If You Can 2002

Earl Amdursky: [while Carl is setting the trap for Frank at the Miami airport] Why wont he just take a taxi to New York or Atlanta?Carl Hanratty: Because *Im* not in New York. *Im* not in Atlanta. .

Catch Me If You Can 2002 Quotes about sky
#403996 Glee Season 2

Kurt: Im sorry Finn, but theres nothing to talk about. Karofskys coming back tomorrow, so that means I wont be. .

Glee Season 2 Quotes about sky

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