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#20861 William Blake

Sing louder around To the bells' cheerful sound, While our sports shall be seen On the ecchoing green. .

William Blake Quotes about sports
#51785 Jack Abramoff

I don't pay much attention to sports. .

Jack Abramoff Quotes about sports
#55357 Shaun Alexander

My favorite sports movies, I like 'Remember the Titans' and 'Hoosiers' Jimmy Chitwood, from the corner. .

Shaun Alexander Quotes about sports
#56002 Kris Allen

I am a huge sports fan. .

Kris Allen Quotes about sports
#59399 Marc Anthony

I'm a huge sports fan. .

Marc Anthony Quotes about sports
#61738 Arthur Ashe

There is a syndrome in sports called 'paralysis by analysis.' .

Arthur Ashe Quotes about sports
#62371 Christopher Atkins

I wanted to be a doctor in sports medicine; I was into sailing and all that sort of thing. .

Christopher Atkins Quotes about sports
#64658 Howard Bach

Badminton in Beijing is huge - it's one of their top three sports. .

Howard Bach Quotes about sports
#68463 Matthew Barney

A lot of these angles are really about trying to mimic broadcast sports angles in order to anchor the scene, to sort of normalize it before it becomes abstracted. .

Matthew Barney Quotes about sports
#69864 Bonnie Bassler

I was a huge athlete as a kid. I was on every sports team. .

Bonnie Bassler Quotes about sports
#69945 Bipasha Basu

I want to do a movie on sports - like a movie on a racer or a marathon runner - as I feel I'll fit that bill perfectly. .

Bipasha Basu Quotes about sports
#78908 Moon Bloodgood

I've always been into sports and being physical. .

Moon Bloodgood Quotes about sports
#81850 Ian Botham

Soccer and cricket were my main sports growing up. I had trials as a soccer player with a few clubs interested, Crystal Palace being one, but it was cricket which became my chosen profession. .

Ian Botham Quotes about sports
#82867 Danny Boyle

I'm a big sports fan. Football. Cricket. .

Danny Boyle Quotes about sports
#86378 Mehcad Brooks

I'm such a huge sports video game fan. These games are getting so realistic, it's amazing. .

Mehcad Brooks Quotes about sports
#88442 Luke Bryan

I'm a big sports fan in general. .

Luke Bryan Quotes about sports
#88808 Sergei Bubka

My main idea was to create a sports facility for the basics. This is why I established the club. .

Sergei Bubka Quotes about sports
#91658 Reggie Bush

I'm a sports fan. I'm not just an athlete who plays football. .

Reggie Bush Quotes about sports
#94872 Trishelle Cannatella

Because I just like sports, I like athletics and I like competition. .

Trishelle Cannatella Quotes about sports
#94958 Jimmy Cannon

A rabid sports fan is one that boos a TV set. .

Jimmy Cannon Quotes about sports
#100900 Josh Charles

I grew up in Baltimore. And yes, I am a big sports fan, especially when it comes to my local teams. .

Josh Charles Quotes about sports
#101483 Dave Checketts

The aura of soccer is very different from other sports. .

Dave Checketts Quotes about sports
#108783 Kevin Connolly

It's amazing what we remember as sports fans, right? .

Kevin Connolly Quotes about sports
#125511 Emma Donoghue

I am clumsy, a late and nervous driver, and despise all sports except a little gentle dancing or yoga. .

Emma Donoghue Quotes about sports
#125924 Tony Dorsett

My four older brothers were my favorite players. That's why I got into football and sports. .

Tony Dorsett Quotes about sports
#127814 Mike Duke

I probably went into sports with a sense of competitiveness and came out of it even more competitive. .

Mike Duke Quotes about sports
#128863 Sean Durkin

I would like to do a sports movie. .

Sean Durkin Quotes about sports
#132405 Jesse Eisenberg

I don't follow sports that much now, but I was a Phoenix Suns fanatic in the early '90s. .

Jesse Eisenberg Quotes about sports
#140817 Jim Finks

The guy who enters pro sports hasn't run scared from the 7th grade on. Until he enters the pros, it's been nothing but roses. .

Jim Finks Quotes about sports
#144310 Steve Fossett

I pick projects according to how fascinating they are to me, and it has resulted in a broad reach. My records are actually in five different sports: balloons, airplanes, airships, gliders, and sailboats. .

Steve Fossett Quotes about sports
#146649 Judah Friedlander

Soccer and ping-pong are my two favorite sports to play. .

Judah Friedlander Quotes about sports
#152837 Tavi Gevinson

Oh God, I'm awful at sports. In gym I just try and avoid getting hit in the face. .

Tavi Gevinson Quotes about sports
#157498 Retief Goosen

I'm not that clued up on the American sports yet, really. .

Retief Goosen Quotes about sports
#162929 Lisa Guerrero

On my morning run, I listen to sports talk radio. .

Lisa Guerrero Quotes about sports
#165639 Dante Hall

Sports are not for everyone. .

Dante Hall Quotes about sports
#175297 Eva Herzigova

But I was very much into sports when I was a child. .

Eva Herzigova Quotes about sports
#180208 Mark Hoppus

The last few years I became a lot more into sports. Growing up, the sports I liked were independent sports, like skateboarding. I was really into skateboarding, and not necessarily team televised sports. .

Mark Hoppus Quotes about sports
#194810 Stan Kroenke

Economics is about creating win-win situations. But in sports, someone loses. .

Stan Kroenke Quotes about sports
#207147 Alexander Wang

I don’t do any sports. I only wear sports clothing. .

Alexander Wang Quotes about sports
#2384102 Brian Regan

Go my favorite sports team go! Score a goal. Unit. Basket. Go squadron! Defeat the opponents soundly in this...skirmish. .

Brian Regan Quotes about sports
#281034 Home Alone 1990

Kate McCallister: Where are the passports and tickets?Peter McCallister: I put them in the microwave to dry em off. .

Home Alone 1990 Quotes about sports
#627567 Chuck Zito

When I was old enough to ride a motorcycle and got my license, I bought a 69 Sportster. .

Chuck Zito Quotes about sports
#695292 Jason Statham

I used to play a lot of racket sports, tennis and squash. .

Jason Statham Quotes about sports
#747897 Mark Wahlberg

Tiger Woods is the only sports star whos worth every penny he makes. .

Mark Wahlberg Quotes about sports
#428900 Xiaolin Showdown

Clay: Oh sure Rai, yeah. Tractors and mystical flying transports are like two peas from the same pod. .

Xiaolin Showdown Quotes about sports
#326109 dennis rodman

There is so much hypocrisy in sports. .

dennis rodman Quotes about sports
#326110 dennis rodman

I’m nothing more than a sports slave. .

dennis rodman Quotes about sports
#301929 Bedazzled 2000

Dr. Ngegitigegitibaba: [Sportscaster Lamar Garrett] He was Phi Slamma Jamma runnin stank all over it with rib-ticklin jumps of double vanilla funk! .

Bedazzled 2000 Quotes about sports
#634994 Dave Barry

The problem with winter sports is that, follow me closely here, they generally take place in winter. .

Dave Barry Quotes about sports
#380300 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Harry: Yeah. We stay around for a while, grab a couple of phony passports and then hightail it to some foreign country. .

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Quotes about sports

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