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How sweet the air does smell — even the air of a back-street in the suburbs — after the shut-in, subfaecal stench of the spike!
George Orwell sweet
It is sweet to dance to violins When Love and Life are fair: To dance to flutes, to dance to lutes Is delicate and rare: But it is not sweet with nimble feet To dance upon the air!
Oscar Wilde sweet
Revenge is sweet and not fattening.
Alfred Hitchcock sweet
The daintiest last, to make the end most sweet.
Richard II (play) sweet
Hisis sweetened by his gravity.
George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) sweet
Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore Than labour in the deep mid-ocean, wind and wave and oar; O, rest ye, brother mariners, we will not wander more.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson sweet
Once, early in the morning, Beelzebub arose, With care his sweet person adorning, He put on his Sunday clothes.
Percy Bysshe Shelley sweet
I hear in the chamber above me The patter of little feet, The sound of a door that is opened, And voices soft and sweet.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow sweet
Abroke in upon my brain, — It was the carol of a bird; It ceased, and then it came again, The sweetest song ear ever heard.
Lord Byron sweet
Green grow the rashes, O; Green grow the rashes, O; The sweetest hours that e'er I spend Are spent among the lasses, O.
Robert Burns sweet
Pleasures newly found are sweet When they lie about our feet.
William Wordsworth sweet
The mountain nymph, sweet Liberty.
John Milton sweet
As aromatic plants bestow No spicy fragrance while they grow; But crush'd or trodden to the ground, Diffuse their balmy sweets around.
Oliver Goldsmith sweet
The fly that sips treacle is lost in the sweets.
John Gay sweet
He rolls it under his tongue as a sweet morsel.
Matthey Henry sweet
The day is gone, and all its sweets are gone! Sweet voice, sweet lips, soft hand, and softer breast.
John Keats sweet
Revenge is not always sweet, once it is consummated we feel inferior to our victim.
Emil Cioran sweet
Roses red and violets blew, And all the sweetest flowres that in the forrest grew.
Edmund Spenser sweet
Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, A box where sweets compacted lie.
George Herbert sweet
I am glad that my Adonis hath a sweete tooth in his head.
John Lyly sweet
I like to do just like the rest, I like my sugar sweet, but guarding fumes and making haste, it ain't my cup of meat.
Bob Dylan sweet
The hor air inside was like an invisible wall, thick with incense and something else, a sickly sweet smell that made you gag. This was the rotten core of the big apple. Lupino lurked somewhere ahread, like a spider at the center of his web waiting.
Max Payne sweet
Success is counted sweetest By those who ne'er succeed. To comprehend a nectar Requires a sorest need. Not one of all the purple Host Who took the Flag today Can tell the definition So clear of Victory As he defeated — dying — On whose forbidden ear The distant strains of triumph Burst agonized and clear!
Emily Dickinson sweet
Look at me! I'm sweet and lovable!
Donald Rumsfeld sweet
Is it sweet, your sting?
Tori Amos sweet
Robot #1: Administer the test. Robot #2: Which of the following would you most prefer? A: a puppy, B: a pretty flower from your sweetie, or C: a large properly formatted data file? Robot #1: Choose! [Fry and Leela confer for a bit.] : Uh, is the puppy mechanical in any way? Robot #2: No, it is the bad kind of puppy. : Then we'll go with that data file! Robot #2: Correct! Robot #1: The flower would also have been acceptable.
Futurama sweet
For discords make the sweetest airs.
Composer sweet
Say what you will about the sweetof unquestioning , I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile.
Kurt Vonnegut sweet
I think this is the sweetest tribute I have ever seen in this town.
Don Ameche sweet
Memories, even bittersweet ones, are better than nothing.
Jennifer Armentrout sweet
Life is too sweet and too short to express our affection with just our thumbs. Touch is meant for more than a keyboard.
Kristin Armstrong sweet
Ah, sweet Content, where doth thine harbour hold.
Barnabe Barnes sweet
Not all roles you do can be chocolate sweet.
Kabir Bedi sweet
I didn't have a sweet tooth, but I liked butter, and I liked sauces, and I liked wine... and curry... and cheeses.
Maeve Binchy sweet
There are a lot of girls I've found attractive, but we could never date. If a girl can make me laugh, that's really attractive to me. I have a soft spot for southern girls who are sweet, like Taylor Swift!
Spencer Boldman sweet
Life is very sweet, brother; who would wish to die?
George Borrow sweet
People have this notion of me being this sweet, nice girl, but I'm kind of a pervert.
Michelle Branch sweet
Being able to breathe underwater would be sweet.
Cameron Bright sweet
I played a real nasty little girl but most of the roles I had up until then were very sweet and very nice.
Morgan Brittany sweet
Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet. With needles in their jaws and feet.
Pam Brown sweet
Be sweet and honest always, but for God's sake don't eat my doughnuts!
Emma Bunton sweet
And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see.
Donald Cargill sweet
It's sweet to hear, but anyone who says that they want to be the next John Cassavetes is crazy. He had it so tough. No one would want to walk a step in his shoes. Believe me - I wouldn't.
Alexandra Cassavetes sweet
The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures.
Luc de Clapiers sweet
My husband is very proud of me and what I do. Which I think is really sweet.
Nicola Cornick sweet
I have always liked Taylor Swift - there is just something about her that is very genuine and sweet. She also has naturally curly hair like me, so that's cool.
Lilla Crawford sweet
Delayed gratification is a sweet lesson whose teacher knows the best is not right now, it is yet to be.
Maximillian Degenerez sweet
Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.
Sarah Louise Delany sweet
You really get the most out of sweet corn if you pick the corn off the stalk and rush it to a pot of boiling water. The longer you wait, the more sugar you lose. But if you get it in the first half hour, that is the sweetest corn ever.
Sam Donaldson sweet
I was always a sensitive, sweet kid, but I got brutalized and I became brutal. And frankly, I don't think it was my natural makeup. I don't think its anyone's natural makeup to be a violent brawler.
Andre Dubus III sweet
I always play the sweet girl next door.
Tiffany Dupont sweet
I have a constant sweet tooth, so I like anything from the bakery, like cupcakes, cookies.
Carmen Electra sweet
People don't remember. Revenge is sweet.
Tracey Emin sweet
I do watch what I eat but I've got a real sweet tooth.
Jessica Ennis sweet
O friend unseen, unborn, unknown, Student of our sweet English tongue, I never indulge in poetics - Unless I am down with rheumatics.
Quintus Ennius sweet
Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.
Malcolm Forbes sweet
Heroes can be sweet.
Oriana Fallaci sweet
Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.
Henry Fielding sweet
I have some sweets now and then, but I wouldn't say I have a major sweet tooth.
Larry Fitzgerald sweet
I'm not a cheerleader. I'm not trying to pretend to be sweet and then come out and be bad. This is who I am.
Willa Ford sweet
I don't really like sweets, so that's never been a problem. Instead I'll have Kettle potato chips, which are gluten-free.
Scott Michael Foster sweet
I'm not a big drinking person and hardly ever have alcohol. Perhaps it's not sweet enough for my sweet tooth.
Dawn French sweet
Because the sweeter the cake, the more bitter the jelly can be.
Lady Gaga sweet
There's a fine line between being sweet and innocent and being a tough broad.
Phyllis George sweet
I had never been to Texas. I'd been through Texas, but I'm so glad to be back in a place that's not L.A. or New York. To talk about Dallas, to talk about there being sweet tea on the catering table, it's rich and saturated in American-ness.
Kelli Giddish sweet
Oh how sweet it is to hear one's own convictions from another's lips.
Frank Gifford sweet
My twin in the show is Molly Stanton who is so sweet and great and she is totally different from me.
Sara Gilbert sweet
How sweet it is!
Jackie Gleason sweet
I have reached out my hand, I have plucked the fruits of the Gospel, I have eaten of them, and they are sweet, yea, above all that is sweet.
Heber J. Grant sweet
Biscuits are sweet things in Britain, and apparently in America a biscuit is something like a scone, something savory that you'd have with soup.
Mini Grey sweet
I'm lucky, I don't like sweets, not even chocolate.
Eva Herzigova sweet
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
Aristotle sweet
The thing about the wacky fans is that theyre really sweet.
Margot Kidder sweet
Life at best is bittersweet.
Jack Kirby sweet
Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do.
Jemima Kirke sweet
Look for a sweet person. Forget rich.
Estee Lauder sweet
When I was blonde I was perceived as an innocent and sweet young girl.
Samantha Mathis sweet
We had the skirts with the slits up the side, sort of tough, sort of Spanish Harlem cool, but sweet too.
Ronnie Spector sweet
Im just a sweet little kid.
Bobbe J Thompson sweet
So was she soon exhaled, and vanished hence; As a sweet odour, of a vast expense. She vanished, we can scarcely say she died.
Death sweet
Lorne: Who wouldnt? With that sweet Irish lullaby you crooned. Just a hair flat on the bridge, but - more to the point - Cordelia?
Angel 1999 TV series sweet
I thank you for your voices, — thank you, — Your most sweet voices.Third Citizen, quoting Coriolanus, scene iii
Coriolanus sweet
Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted.
Chinese Proverb sweet
Miley: Thanks for letting me cut in line, sweetie. My boyfriend had his tonsils out, he can barely talk.
Hannah Montana sweet
Ice King: Gbye Gunter! Sorry sweetie, but Im never gonna get any princesses if youre stinkin up the place!
Adventure Time sweet
Master Shake: Dude, show him that sweet lung tat you got. Ohwait till you see this. This is so awesome.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 2 sweet
We let their two leading scorers get off. Theyre both great players. Thats why they got to the Sweet 16 last year.
Brian Clodi sweet
Bree: Oh sweetie, they didnt abandon you because youre a whore. They abandoned you because you werent that nice to begin with.
Desperate Housewives sweet
Dont be sweet, lest you be eaten up; dont be bitter, lest you be spewed out.
Jewish Proverb sweet
Full of all this catalyst, mixed with ice, unsweetened. I think were all lazy. especially sonny.
Joel Zimmerman sweet
You poor sweet innocent thing, dry your eyes and testify.
Evanescence sweet
If all the eighteen loads of vegetation became fruits, and the growing grass became sweet rice; if I were able to stop the sun and the moon in their orbits and hold them perfectly steady - even then, I would worship and adore You, and my longing to chant Your Praises would not decrease.
Granth Sahib sweet
Merc Recruiter: Well, arent you sweet? Youre in the wrong place, honey. Strippers corner is that way.
Mass Effect 2 sweet
Sweetie Belle: Punch! We made punch. We were gonna set up a stand and try to sell it but, heh, we needed somepony to taste-test it first.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sweet
Sweet Jones or Sweet James? Switched my name and finger fucked the game.
Pimp C sweet
When we both do hit. We go on and on and on and on and on and sweeter than Ben & Jerry.
Q tip sweet
quae fuit durum pati, meminisse dulce est.Things ’twas hard to bear ’tis pleasant to recall.Hercules Furens The Madness of Hercules, lines 656-657; Amphitryon Alternate translation: Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. translator unknown.
Seneca the Younger sweet
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter: therefore, ye soft pipes, play onJohn Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn.
Silence sweet
Turkish: You take sugar?Brick Top: No thank you, Turkish; Im sweet enough.
Snatch 2000 sweet
It was baffling that Stanley was still just sitting in the broom closet. He wasnt even doing anything. At least if there was something to interact with, hed be justified in some way. As it is, hes literally just standing there, doing sweet FA.
Stanley Parable sweet
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