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#847 Martin Luther King, Jr.

The drum major instinct can lead to exclusivism in one's thinking and can lead one to feel that because he has some training, he's a little better than that person who doesn't have it. Or because he has some economic security, that he's a little better than that person who doesn't have it. And that's the uncontrolled, perverted use of the drum major instinct. .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about thinking
#4880 Saddam Hussein

I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking. .

Saddam Hussein Quotes about thinking
#5120 Mark Twain

We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking. And out of it we get an aggregation which we consider a boon. Its name is public opinion. It is held in reverence. Some think it the voice of God. .

Mark Twain Quotes about thinking
#6122 Pierre Trudeau

I remember thinking that walking on the beach as a free man is pretty desirable. .

Pierre Trudeau Quotes about thinking
#7022 Albert Camus

The preceding merely defines a way of thinking. But the point is to live. .

Albert Camus Quotes about thinking
#9094 Robert Benchley

There is no such place as Budapest. Perhaps you are thinking of Bucharest, and there is no such place as Bucharest, either. .

Robert Benchley Quotes about thinking
#10100 Technology

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them. .

Technology Quotes about thinking
#11157 Arthur C. Clarke

I don't pretend we have all the answers. But the questions are certainly worth thinking about.. .

Arthur C. Clarke Quotes about thinking
#11825 Linus Torvalds

Most days I wake up thinking I'm the luckiest bastard alive. .

Linus Torvalds Quotes about thinking
#12307 Terry Pratchett

I asked a teacher what the opposite of a miracle was and she, without thinking, I assume, said it was an act of God. You shouldn't say something like that to the kind of kid who will grow up to be a writer; we have long memories. .

Terry Pratchett Quotes about thinking
#12892 Boris Yeltsin

sets the, fostersand unorthodox thinking and ideas... .

Boris Yeltsin Quotes about thinking
#12949 Walt Whitman

I was thinking the day most splendid, till I saw what the not-day exhibited; I was thinking this globe enough, till there sprang out so noiseless around me myriads of other globes. .

Walt Whitman Quotes about thinking
#13734 Thomas Paine

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. .

Thomas Paine Quotes about thinking
#14295 Robert Frost

Till we came to be There was not a trace Of a thinking race Anywhere in space. .

Robert Frost Quotes about thinking
#15772 E. E. Cummings

There are certain things in which one is unable to believe for the simple reason that he never ceases to feel them. Things of this sort— things which are always inside of us and in fact are us and which consequently will not be pushed off or away where we can begin thinking about them— are no longer things; they, and the us which they are, equals A Verb; an IS. .

E. E. Cummings Quotes about thinking
#15953 Ludwig Wittgenstein

Philosophy unravels the knots in our thinking; hence its results must be simple, but its activity is as complicated as the knots that it unravels. .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about thinking
#15979 Ludwig Wittgenstein

A man's thinking goes on within his consciousness in a seclusion in comparison with which any physical seclusion is an exhibition to public view. .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about thinking
#16062 Ludwig Wittgenstein

It's only by thinking even more crazily than philosophers do that you can solve their problems. .

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes about thinking
#16927 Lord Byron

What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking! .

Lord Byron Quotes about thinking
#17643 Thomas Carlyle

Literature is the Thought of thinking Souls. .

Thomas Carlyle Quotes about thinking
#17672 Thomas Carlyle

Philosophy complains that Custom has hoodwinked us, from the first; that we do everything by Custom, even Believe by it; that our very Axioms, let us boast of Free-thinking as we may, are oftenest simply such Beliefs as we have never heard questioned. Nay, what is Philosophy throughout but a continual battle against Custom; an ever-renewed effort to transcend the sphere of blind Custom, and so become Transcendental? .

Thomas Carlyle Quotes about thinking
#18483 Jonathan Swift

The Bulk of mankind is as well equipped for flying as thinking. .

Jonathan Swift Quotes about thinking
#19616 Jane Austen

I cannot help thinking that it is more natural to have flowers grow out of the head than fruit. .

Jane Austen Quotes about thinking
#19867 E. M. Forster

But that was only the beginning of her mortification. Harold had proved her wrong. He had seen that she was a shifty, shallow hypocrite. She had not dared to be alone with him since her exposure. She had never looked at him and had hardly spoken. He seemed cheerful, but what was he thinking? He would never forgive her. .

E. M. Forster Quotes about thinking
#21947 Pinky and the Brain

Pinky: You know Brain I've been thinking I don't want to be an elf anymore. Brain: What do you want to be Pinky? Pinky: ! .

Pinky and the Brain Quotes about thinking
#22512 Joseph Brodsky

The surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even — if you will — eccentricity. That is, something that can't be feigned, faked, imitated; something even a seasoned imposter couldn't be happy with. .

Joseph Brodsky Quotes about thinking
#24352 Larry Wall

The way these things go, there are probably 6 or 8 kludgey ways to do it, and a better way that involves rethinking something that hasn't been rethunk yet. .

Larry Wall Quotes about thinking
#24408 Larry Wall

So I'm thinking about ??, or !!, or //, or \\, or whatever. But I think I like ?? the best so far. Or the least worst. .

Larry Wall Quotes about thinking
#25448 Blaise Pascal

If our condition were truly happy we should not need to divert ourselves from thinking about it. .

Blaise Pascal Quotes about thinking
#25629 Blaise Pascal

Thinking too little about things or thinking too much both make us obstinate and fanatical. .

Blaise Pascal Quotes about thinking
#25968 Fernando Pessoa

Clear in thinking, and clear in feeling, and clear in wanting .

Fernando Pessoa Quotes about thinking
#26069 Fernando Pessoa

To think is to destroy. The very process of thought indicates it for the same thought, as thinking is decomposing. .

Fernando Pessoa Quotes about thinking
#26374 Emil Cioran

Whether or not there exists a solution to problems troubles only a minority; that the emotions have no outcome, lead to nothing, vanish into themselves - that is the great unconscious drama, the affective insolubility everyone suffers without even thinking about it. .

Emil Cioran Quotes about thinking
#27428 Samuel Butler (novelist)

To be is to think and to be thinkable. To live is to continue thinking and to remember having done so. .

Samuel Butler (novelist) Quotes about thinking
#31736 They Might Be Giants

Well he had a point. Of course, he carried it a bit too far. He thought that every windmill was a giant. That's . But, thinking that they might be... well… .

They Might Be Giants Quotes about thinking
#33955 Dune

"An Ixian machine? You defy the Jihad!" "There's a lesson in that, too. What do such machines really do? They increase the number of things we can do without thinking. Things we do without thinking — there's the real danger." .

Dune Quotes about thinking
#36183 Donald Rumsfeld

Now, you're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe. .

Donald Rumsfeld Quotes about thinking
#36311 Will Cuppy

Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons. .

Will Cuppy Quotes about thinking
#36420 Richard Feynman

Weare clever — too clever — are you not satisfied? Is four square miles in one bomb not enough? Men are still thinking. Just tell us how big you want it. .

Richard Feynman Quotes about thinking
#36612 Tupac Shakur

It's not like I idolize this one guy Machiavelli. I idolize that type of thinking where you do whatever's gonna make you achieve your goal. .

Tupac Shakur Quotes about thinking
#37334 Philip K. Dick

“Mountains, Bruce, mountains,” the manager said. “Mountains, Bruce, mountains,” Bruce said and gazed. “Echolalia, Bruce, echolalia,” the manager said. “Echolalia, Bruce—” “Okay, Bruce,” the manager said, and shut the cabin door behind him, thinking, I believe I’ll put him among the carrots. Or beets. Something simple. Something that won’t puzzle him. .

Philip K. Dick Quotes about thinking
#39553 Logic

No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical. .

Logic Quotes about thinking
#40846 Eric Hoffer

What merit there is in my thinking is derived from two peculiarities: (1) My inability to be familiar with anything. I simply can't take things for granted. (2) My endless patience. I assume that the only way to find an answer is to hang on long enough and keep groping. .

Eric Hoffer Quotes about thinking
#40859 Eric Hoffer

It is the Frenchman's readiness to exaggerate that is at the root of his intellectual lucidity and also of his capacity for acknowledging merit. The English were not afraid to exaggerate in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and they were then not far behind the French in the lucidity of their thinking.... There is hardly a single instance of cultural vigor marked by moderation in expression. .

Eric Hoffer Quotes about thinking
#43235 Aleister Crowley

Sit still. Stop thinking. Shut up. Get out! .

Aleister Crowley Quotes about thinking
#43714 The Catcher in the Rye

They don't do any damn more molding at Pencey than they do at any other school. And I didn't know anybody there that was splendid and clear-thinking and all. Maybe two guys. If that many. And they probably came to Pencey that way. .

The Catcher in the Rye Quotes about thinking
#45769 Julia Cameron

Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite — getting something down. .

Julia Cameron Quotes about thinking
#45806 Colin Powell

What the hell, what are these guys thinking about? Can’t you get these guys back in the box? .

Colin Powell Quotes about thinking
#46959 William James

My thinking is first and last and always for the sake of my doing. .

William James Quotes about thinking
#48187 William Hazlitt

To get others to come into our ways of thinking, we must go over to theirs; and it is necessary to follow, in order to lead. .

William Hazlitt Quotes about thinking

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