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#31036 John Heywood

True (quoth Ales) thinges doone can not be vndoone, Be they done in due tyme, to late, or to soone, But better late than neuer to repent this, To late (quoth my aunt) this repentance showd is, Whan the st .

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#31391 Robert M. Pirsig

Any philosophic explanation of Quality is going to be both false and true precisely because it is a philosophic explanation. .

Robert M. Pirsig Quotes about true
#31625 Inferno (Dante) full was I of slumber at that point where I abandoned the true way. .

Inferno (Dante) Quotes about true
#31810 Max Payne

You piece together a jigsaw and the final picture is you finishing that same puzzle, a mad green-eyed killer standing behind you. An urban legend come true. .

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#35337 Julian (emperor)

Who and from where are you ? Since by the true Bacchus, I do not recognize you; I know only the son of Zeus.While he smells like nectar, you smell like a goat. Can it be then that the Celts because of lack of grapes Made you from cereals? Therefore one should call you Demetrius, not Dionysus, rather wheat born and Bromus, Not Bromius. .

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#36372 Nancy Peters

The most important of the beat poets. He was a really true poet with an original voice, probably the most lyrical of those poets. .

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#36457 Richard Feynman

This is theof modernand is the beginning of the trueof . This . That to look at the things, to record the details, and tothat in thethus obtained, may lie a clue to one or another of a possible theoretical interpretation. .

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#38221 Agatha Christie

I can imagine anything! That's the trouble with me. I can imagine things now — this minute. I could even make them sound all right, but of course none of them would be true. .

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#39660 Futurama

[Bender is watching a cooking show called Essence of Elzar] : Hey, whatcha watching? : Is that a cooking show? : [turns off the TV] No, of course not. It was... uh... porno. Yeah, that's it. Leela: [turns the TV back on] Bender, I didn't know you liked cooking. That's so cute. Bender: Aww, it's true. I've been hiding it for so long. Fry: It's okay, Bender. I like cooking too. Bender: [sotto voce] Pansy. .

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#43942 James Branch Cabell

Now, thewhich we as yet await (continued Imlac), will be that of , who will come as a Silver Stallion: alland every sort of folly will perish at the coming of this Kalki: truewill be restored, and theofwill be made as clear as crystal. .

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#44166 Arthur Conan Doyle


Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes about true
#44542 Novalis

is more indispensable to true religiosity than a mediator that links us with divinity. .

Novalis Quotes about true
#45170 Walt Disney

ourcan come true — if we have theto pursue them. .

Walt Disney Quotes about true
#46751 Orson Scott Card

You always do that. Make all the questions harder. I make them truer. .

Orson Scott Card Quotes about true
#46888 Orson Scott Card

Folks always seemed to think that as long as they didn’t know about something bad, it wasn’t happening, so whoever told them actually caused it to be true. .

Orson Scott Card Quotes about true
#48152 William Hazlitt

The true barbarian is he who thinks every thing barbarous but his own tastes and prejudices. .

William Hazlitt Quotes about true
#48518 Rudyard Kipling

Now this is the Law of the Jungle—as old and as true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die. .

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#49819 Kurt Vonnegut

in thisis true. .

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes about true
#50027 Kurt Vonnegut

During the Vietnam War,announced that the new high was banana peels taken rectally. So then FBI scientists stuffed banana peels up their asses to find out if this was true or not. .

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes about true
#50135 Lincoln

I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views. .

Lincoln Quotes about true
#52308 Brian Acton

Yes, I was a big math and computer geek, that's true. I was driven by the scholastic side of things. For me, it was all about what I could do with math and computers. .

Brian Acton Quotes about true
#52981 Naima Adedapo

Always stay true to yourselves. .

Naima Adedapo Quotes about true
#54829 Amos Bronson Alcott

A true teacher defends his students against his own personal influences. .

Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes about true
#55454 William R. Alger

False eloquence is exaggeration; true eloquence is emphasis. .

William R. Alger Quotes about true
#55868 Hervey Allen

Local color has a fatal tendency to remain local; but it is also true that the universal often borders on the void. .

Hervey Allen Quotes about true
#56802 Walt Alston

Perhaps the truest axiom in baseball is that the toughest thing to do is repeat. .

Walt Alston Quotes about true
#57839 Elena Anaya

If you have what you want to say inside, and if you are crying for something that is true inside, it doesn't matter. The camera always sees it. .

Elena Anaya Quotes about true
#60047 Joan of Arc

It is true that the king has made a truce with the duke of Burgundy for fifteen days and that the duke is to turn over the city of Paris at the end of fifteen days. Yet you should not marvel if I do not enter that city so quickly. .

Joan of Arc Quotes about true
#62185 John Astin

My background is basically scientific math. My Dad was a physicist, so I have it in my blood somewhere. Scientific method is very important to me. I think anything that contradicts it is probably not true. .

John Astin Quotes about true
#62731 Margaret Atwood

Before the Civil War, Canada was at the top of the underground railroad. If you made it into Canada, you were safe unless someone came and hauled you back. That was also true during the Vietnam War for draft resisters. .

Margaret Atwood Quotes about true
#63206 J. L. Austin

Sentences are not as such either true or false. .

J. L. Austin Quotes about true
#66098 Tammy Faye Bakker

People think that if they read something in the newspaper or see it on TV, it has to be true. .

Tammy Faye Bakker Quotes about true
#66557 Stephen Baldwin

Evolution isn't true, because if we evolved from monkeys, how can they still be here? .

Stephen Baldwin Quotes about true
#66624 Christian Bale

Working out is incredibly boring. I swear it's true that the bigger your muscles get, the fewer brain cells you have. .

Christian Bale Quotes about true
#67306 Elizabeth Banks

Every once in a while I play a true idiot, and they're really fun to play. .

Elizabeth Banks Quotes about true
#67511 William Banting

It is true I gained muscular vigour, but with it a prodigious appetite, which I was compelled to indulge, and consequently increased in weight, until my kind old friend advised me to forsake the exercise. .

William Banting Quotes about true
#69197 Maria Bartiromo

The amount of data and analysis available for free is a true example of information explosion has leveled the playing field for individual investors. .

Maria Bartiromo Quotes about true
#70327 Jean Baudrillard

The abjection of our political situation is the only true challenge today. Only facing up to this situation in all its desperation can help us get out of it. .

Jean Baudrillard Quotes about true
#71048 Emmanuelle Beart

I'm less desperate now to express what's inside me, that's true - I act these days because it keeps me awake and interested, an eternal student. .

Emmanuelle Beart Quotes about true
#71818 David A. Bednar

Knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion. .

David A. Bednar Quotes about true
#76205 Harsha Bhogle

Cliches are cliches because they are true. .

Harsha Bhogle Quotes about true
#79267 Judy Blume

I wanted to write what I remembered to be true. .

Judy Blume Quotes about true
#79784 Peter Bofinger

It is true that a population which is growing older needs to save, but the question is in what form the savings are made. .

Peter Bofinger Quotes about true
#79797 Dirk Bogarde

It was said of me recently that I suffered from an Obsessional Privacy. I can only suppose it must be true. .

Dirk Bogarde Quotes about true
#79989 Henry George Bohn

Few there are that will endure a true friend. .

Henry George Bohn Quotes about true
#80006 Niels Bohr

Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true. .

Niels Bohr Quotes about true
#82565 Josh Bowman

It's true to say that I'm a budding young actor. But I'd rather get my name out there because of my acting rather than who I'm being photographed with. .

Josh Bowman Quotes about true
#83353 Tom Brady

The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win. .

Tom Brady Quotes about true
#84143 Kurt Braunohler

New York is a place that can grind you down and spit you out. A true New Yorker doesn't get ground down - he gets polished. .

Kurt Braunohler Quotes about true
#85284 Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin

Those persons who suffer from indigestion, or who become drunk, are utterly ignorant of the true principles of eating and drinking. .

Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin Quotes about true

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