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#1975 Ambrose Bierce

Helpmate, n. A wife, or bitter half. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about wife
#3717 Woody Allen

I tended to place my wife under a pedestal. .

Woody Allen Quotes about wife
#8231 H. L. Mencken

Wealth — Any income that is at least $100 more a year than the income of one's wife's sister's husband. .

H. L. Mencken Quotes about wife
#18535 Jonathan Swift

There was all theand his wife. .

Jonathan Swift Quotes about wife
#31114 John Heywood

Who is worse shod than the shoemaker's wife? .

John Heywood Quotes about wife
#49837 Kurt Vonnegut

I never knew a 's wife who wasn't . .

Kurt Vonnegut Quotes about wife
#52543 Don Adams

I am a quick study - I can memorize a script in an hour - but I can't remember a name three seconds. I've even forgotten my wife's name on occasion. .

Don Adams Quotes about wife
#70614 Frances Bay

I can swear like a fishwife. .

Frances Bay Quotes about wife
#73125 Richie Benaud

When my hair is long enough to be cut, I go to my wife's hairdresser, and she generally pays for it. .

Richie Benaud Quotes about wife
#77814 William Blackstone

The husband and wife are one, and that one is the husband. .

William Blackstone Quotes about wife
#79113 Roy Blount, Jr.

When I weed, I like to get off into my own head. For one thing, my wife plants and I have trouble telling which plants are weeds and which are my favorite plants. So I tend to hop around and grab the weeds that I know are weeds. So I don't weed all that linearly. I tend to weed haphazardly. .

Roy Blount, Jr. Quotes about wife
#81471 Victor Borge

He was happily married - but his wife wasn't. .

Victor Borge Quotes about wife
#85645 Paula Broadwell

Yes, I wear a number of hats. But my most important title is mom and wife. .

Paula Broadwell Quotes about wife
#87210 James Brown

I got a wife who likes expensive things, so she takes all the cash. .

James Brown Quotes about wife
#87400 Monica Denise Brown

I'm a traditional wife in every sense. .

Monica Denise Brown Quotes about wife
#93330 Julius Caesar

Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. .

Julius Caesar Quotes about wife
#104591 Jeremy Clarkson

I'm not capable of having an affair. You can ask my wife. I'm not physically capable. .

Jeremy Clarkson Quotes about wife
#107066 Chad Coleman

I've always been a person who tries to build bridges and not walls. Whether it's my ex-wife and my step-son, or my daughter and my ex, I'm that guy in the middle, and I try to make sure we all stay together. .

Chad Coleman Quotes about wife
#116433 Alan Dale

My wife says I'm much happier when I'm not a regular on a TV show. .

Alan Dale Quotes about wife
#123642 Taye Diggs

My wife never throws anything at me that I can't handle. .

Taye Diggs Quotes about wife
#132474 Peter Eisenman

My wife has her stuff and her taste, and I have my stuff and my taste. .

Peter Eisenman Quotes about wife
#135246 Ahmet Ertegun

My first wife was a theater person. .

Ahmet Ertegun Quotes about wife
#139543 Adam Ferrara

I do stupid stuff like that: I'll call my wife from the road, send her pictures of glaciers. .

Adam Ferrara Quotes about wife
#149810 Joe Garagiola

I know a baseball star who wouldn't report the theft of his wife's credit cards because the thief spends less than she does. .

Joe Garagiola Quotes about wife
#151487 Tyson Gay

I'm 29 years old and, sure, I'm looking to find a wife. .

Tyson Gay Quotes about wife
#156618 Jerry Goldsmith

My wife has them all in a vault... a copy of every album. .

Jerry Goldsmith Quotes about wife
#156637 Oliver Goldsmith

I chose my wife, as she did her wedding gown, for qualities that would wear well. .

Oliver Goldsmith Quotes about wife
#156865 Ian Gomez

I met my wife, Nia Vardalos, at The Second City, and she was chomping at the bit to move to L.A. .

Ian Gomez Quotes about wife
#160517 Alan C. Greenberg

My wife made me get a cellphone, which I keep in my briefcase. I've never used it. .

Alan C. Greenberg Quotes about wife
#163191 Texas Guinan

A guy who'd cheat on his wife would cheat at cards. .

Texas Guinan Quotes about wife
#163720 John Gutfreund

I have never been a social lion; I was misidentified as one because I have a very attractive second wife. .

John Gutfreund Quotes about wife
#167664 Sean Hannity

My wife does wish I dressed better. .

Sean Hannity Quotes about wife
#167872 Taylor Hanson

My wife is amazing. She had to know she was getting into a heap of trouble when we met. .

Taylor Hanson Quotes about wife
#169002 Charlaine Harris

I'm a middle-class former housewife who goes to my daughter's softball games. .

Charlaine Harris Quotes about wife
#187681 Chad Coleman

Ive always been a person who tries to build bridges and not walls. Whether its my ex-wife and my step-son, or my daughter and my ex, Im that guy in the middle, and I try to make sure we all stay together. .

Chad Coleman Quotes about wife
#210803 Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Goren: He ran out on his wife. Hitchens used him to get at me. And the pattern. One, one, two-- its Wally Stevens. .

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Quotes about wife
#211446 The Simpsons/Season 25

Ned: Sighs as he looks at his late wife, Edna Krabappel and wearing a black armband Sure do miss that laugh. .

The Simpsons/Season 25 Quotes about wife
#220002 M*A*S*H TV series

Potter: Ive got a soft spot for Klinger. He looks a little like my son and he dresses a lot like my wife. .

M*A*S*H TV series Quotes about wife
#421279 Last words

Ill finally get to see Marilyn.Who: Joe DiMaggio, talking about his former wife, Marilyn Monroe. .

Last words Quotes about wife
#421416 Last words

I know that I am going where Lucy is.Who: Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States, speaking of his late wife .

Last words Quotes about wife
#2289077 Laurence J. Peter

The cave-dwellers wife complained that he hadnt dragged her anywhere in months. .

Laurence J. Peter Quotes about wife
#268427 Inception 2010

Cobb: I knew Inception was possible because Id done it to my wife. .

Inception 2010 Quotes about wife
#795510 Rodney Dangerfield

What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bee and he told me about the butcher and my wife. .

Rodney Dangerfield Quotes about wife
#310021 The Sopranos TV Series 1999–2007

Eugene Pontecorvo: The only thing I ever found in the street was my first wife. .

The Sopranos TV Series 1999–2007 Quotes about wife
#842960 Yung Joc

Ice piece on my wife beat I call it Ice-T. Kush by the seven, I call it Mike Vick. .

Yung Joc Quotes about wife
#271674 Die Hard 1988

John McClane: [huddled in an air vent, recalls his wifes invitation] Come out to the coast, well get together, have a few laughs... .

Die Hard 1988 Quotes about wife
#314561 The Big Short 2015

Jared Vennett: Tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and Ill have my wifes brother arrested. .

The Big Short 2015 Quotes about wife
#296066 Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000

Drycoff: Whos Eleanor?Det. Roland Castlebeck: Its a damn car. And dont ever talk about my wife. .

Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000 Quotes about wife
#2072195 Myles Munroe

The husband provides direction; the wife, maintenance. .

Myles Munroe Quotes about wife
#267098 Random Access Memory 2009

Wife: Look, a Shoe! .

Random Access Memory 2009 Quotes about wife

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