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#51113 Hank Aaron

My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about feeling
#51114 Hank Aaron

The thing I like about baseball is that it's one-on-one. You stand up there alone, and if you make a mistake, it's your mistake. If you hit a home run, it's your home run. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about home
#51115 Hank Aaron

Failure is a part of success. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about success
#51116 Hank Aaron

I don't feel right unless I have a sport to play or at least a way to work up a sweat. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about work
#51117 Hank Aaron

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about teen
#51118 Hank Aaron

On the field, blacks have been able to be super giants. But, once our playing days are over, this is the end of it and we go back to the back of the bus again. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about day
#51119 Hank Aaron

I never doubted my ability, but when you hear all your life you're inferior, it makes you wonder if the other guys have something you've never seen before. If they do, I'm still looking for it. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about life
#51120 Hank Aaron

I'm hoping someday that some kid, black or white, will hit more home runs than myself. Whoever it is, I'd be pulling for him. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about self
#51121 Hank Aaron

I never smile when I have a bat in my hands. That's when you've got to be serious. When I get out on the field, nothing's a joke to me. I don't feel like I should walk around with a smile on my face. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about smile
#51122 Hank Aaron

You can only milk a cow so long, then you're left holding the pail. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about you
#51123 Hank Aaron

The pitcher has got only a ball. I've got a bat. So the percentage in weapons is in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about age
#51124 Hank Aaron

Guessing what the pitcher is going to throw is 80% of being a successful hitter. The other 20% is just execution. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about success
#51125 Hank Aaron

The triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about win
#51126 Hank Aaron

I looked for the same pitch my whole career, a breaking ball. All of the time. I never worried about the fastball. They couldn't throw it past me, none of them. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about time
#51127 Hank Aaron

I don't see pitches down the middle anymore - not even in batting practice. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about practice
#51128 Hank Aaron

I never thought we'd ever have a black president. President Obama has done such a tremendous job... He just has been unable to get what he needs to be moved at the level it should be moved. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about men
#51129 Hank Aaron

Didn't come up here to read. Came up here to hit. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about read
#51130 Hank Aaron

I am very proud to be an American. This country has so much potential, I'd just like to see things better, or whatever, and I think it will be. .

Hank Aaron Quotes about hate
#123902 Joe DiMaggio

When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about fun
#123903 Joe DiMaggio

A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about leader
#123904 Joe DiMaggio

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about war
#123905 Joe DiMaggio

There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first time. I owe him my best. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about time
#123906 Joe DiMaggio

I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about good
#123907 Joe DiMaggio

I'm just a ballplayer with one ambition, and that is to give all I've got to help my ball club win. I've never played any other way. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about ambition
#123908 Joe DiMaggio

A ball player has to be kept hungry to become a big leaguer. That's why no boy from a rich family has ever made the big leagues. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about family
#123909 Joe DiMaggio

You start chasing a ball and your brain immediately commands your body to 'Run forward, bend, scoop up the ball, peg it to the infield,' then your body says, 'Who me?' .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about war
#123910 Joe DiMaggio

All pitchers are born pitchers. .

Joe DiMaggio
#123911 Joe DiMaggio

I can remember a reporter asking me for a quote, and I didn't know what a quote was. I thought it was some kind of soft drink. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about quote
#123912 Joe DiMaggio

I feel like I have reached the stage where I can no longer produce for my club, my manager, and my teammates. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about man
#123913 Joe DiMaggio

Now I've had everything except for the thrill of watching Babe Ruth play. .

Joe DiMaggio Quotes about play

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