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#76668 Buffalo Bill

But the love of adventure was in father's blood. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about love
#76669 Buffalo Bill

It was because of my great interest in the West, and my belief that its development would be assisted by the interest I could awaken in others, that I decided to bring the West to the East through the medium of the Wild West Show. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about belief
#76670 Buffalo Bill

I could never resist the call of the trail. .

Buffalo Bill
#76671 Buffalo Bill

The first trip of the Pony Express was made in ten days - an average of two hundred miles a day. But we soon began stretching our riders and making better time. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about time
#76672 Buffalo Bill

My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about home
#76673 Buffalo Bill

You who live your lives in cities or among peaceful ways cannot always tell whether your friends are the kind who would go through fire for you. But on the Plains one's friends have an opportunity to prove their mettle. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about peace
#76674 Buffalo Bill

The greatest of all the Sioux in my time, or in any time for that matter, was that wonderful old fighting man, Sitting Bull, whose life will some day be written by a historian who can really give him his due. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about life
#76675 Buffalo Bill

I felt only as a man can feel who is roaming over the prairies of the far West, well armed, and mounted on a fleet and gallant steed. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about man
#76676 Buffalo Bill

Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about men
#76677 Buffalo Bill

Excitement was plentiful during my two years' service as a Pony Express rider. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about men
#76678 Buffalo Bill

We got more provisions for our whiskey than the same money, which we paid for the liquor, would have bought; so after all it proved a very profitable investment. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about money
#76679 Buffalo Bill

My great forte in killing buffaloes was to get them circling by riding my horse at the head of the herd and shooting their leaders. Thus the brutes behind were crowded to the left, so that they were soon going round and round. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about leaders
#76680 Buffalo Bill

Some days I would go without any fire at all, and eat raw frozen meat and melt snow in my mouth for water. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about fire
#76681 Buffalo Bill

As a good horse is not very apt to jump over a bank, if left to guide himself, I let mine pick his own way. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about self
#76682 Buffalo Bill

I was persuaded now that I was destined to lead a life on the Plains. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about life
#76683 Buffalo Bill

It was my effort, in depicting the West, to depict it as it was. .

Buffalo Bill
#76684 Buffalo Bill

But the West of the old times, with its strong characters, its stern battles and its tremendous stretches of loneliness, can never be blotted from my mind. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about time
#76685 Buffalo Bill

I had many enemies among the Sioux; I would be running considerable risk in meeting them. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about man
#76686 Buffalo Bill

My debut upon the world's stage occurred on February 26, 1845, in the State of Iowa. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about world
#76687 Buffalo Bill

The cholera had broken out at the post, and five or six men were dying daily. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about men
#76688 Buffalo Bill

My mother's sympathies were strongly with the Union. She knew that war was bound to come, but so confident was she in the strength of the Federal Government that she devoutly believed that the struggle could not last longer than six months at the utmost. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about war
#76689 Buffalo Bill

Quick as lightning Wild Bill pulled his revolver. The stranger fell dead, shot through the brain. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about light
#76690 Buffalo Bill

Frontiersmen good and bad, gunmen as well as inspired prophets of the future, have been my camp companions. Thus, I know the country of which I am about to write as few men now living have known it. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about future
#76691 Buffalo Bill

Having secured my Indian actors, I started for Baltimore, where I organized my combination, and which was the largest troupe I had yet had on the road. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about art
#76692 Buffalo Bill

The first presentation of my show was given in May, 1883, at Omaha, which I had then chosen as my home. From there we made our first summer tour, visiting practically every important city in the country. .

Buffalo Bill Quotes about home
#93927 Jeanne Calment

Always keep your smile. That's how I explain my long life. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about life
#93928 Jeanne Calment

I think I will die laughing. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about will
#93929 Jeanne Calment

I took pleasure when I could. I acted clearly and morally and without regret. I'm very lucky. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about regret
#93930 Jeanne Calment

I have legs of iron, but to tell you the truth, they're starting to rust and buckle a bit. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about truth
#93931 Jeanne Calment

I've only got one wrinkle, and I'm sitting on it. .

Jeanne Calment
#93932 Jeanne Calment

I never wear mascara; I laugh until I cry too often. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about cry
#93933 Jeanne Calment

Every age has its happiness and troubles. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about happiness
#93934 Jeanne Calment

I'm interested in everthing but passionate about nothing. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about passion
#93935 Jeanne Calment

Death doesn't frighten me; now I can think peacefully of ending a long life. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about life
#93936 Jeanne Calment

Excuse me if I'm clinging on to life, but my parents wove me from tight thread. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about life
#93937 Jeanne Calment

He who hugs too much, hugs badly! .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about bad
#93938 Jeanne Calment

All babies are beautiful. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about beautiful
#93939 Jeanne Calment

I'm not afraid of anything. .

Jeanne Calment
#93940 Jeanne Calment

I see badly, I hear badly, and I feel bad, but everything's fine. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about bad
#93941 Jeanne Calment

In life, people sometimes make rotten deals. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about life
#93942 Jeanne Calment

I wait for death and journalists. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about death
#93943 Jeanne Calment

I'd like to go to the Moon. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about moon
#93944 Jeanne Calment

I've been forgotten by our Good Lord. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about good
#93945 Jeanne Calment

Not having children is one less worry. Children are a worry! .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about children
#93946 Jeanne Calment

Wit doesn't make girls pretty. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about girls
#93947 Jeanne Calment

There are so many good authors; there's no shortage of them. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about man
#93948 Jeanne Calment

I didn't like mundane life. .

Jeanne Calment Quotes about life
#99144 Edgar Cayce

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions. .

Edgar Cayce Quotes about questions
#99145 Edgar Cayce

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! .

Edgar Cayce Quotes about war
#99146 Edgar Cayce

It is thought and feeling which guides the universe, not deeds. .

Edgar Cayce Quotes about universe

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