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#38742 Matt Groening

Life in Hell is a comic strip series, much of which has been collected into a series of books .

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#38743 Matt Groening

All my friends say I should leave him because he's mean, angry, and abusive. I need to get some new friends.[] .

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#38744 Matt Groening

Are we alone in an uncaring universe, or is God some kind of wiseguy?[] .

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#38745 Matt Groening

He's very sensitive to my moods. I just wish he didn't cringe so much.[] .

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#38746 Matt Groening

Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig, then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.[] .

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#38747 Matt Groening

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.[] .

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#38748 Matt Groening

The longer it takes me to find Mr. Right, the more he's going to pay for keeping me waiting.[] .

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#38749 Matt Groening

We're getting on each other's nerves too much. I think we need to spend more time together.[] .

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#38751 Matt Groening

Where do babies come from? Don't bother asking adults. They lie like pigs. However, diligent independent research and hours of playground consultation have yielded fruitful, if tentative, results. There are several theories. Near as we can figure out, it has something to do with acting ridiculous in the dark. We believe it is similar to dogs when they act peculiar and ride each other. This is called "making love". Careful study of popular song lyrics, advertising catch-lines, TV sitcoms, movies, and T-Shirt inscriptions offers us significant clues as to its nature. Apparently it makes grown-ups insipid and insane. Some graffiti was once observed that said "sex is good." All available evidence, however, points to the contrary. .

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#67676 Joseph Barbera

Faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or going to the dentist, we generally tried to ride out the bad tooth. .

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#67677 Joseph Barbera

That's what keeps me going: dreaming, inventing, then hoping and dreaming some more in order to keep dreaming. .

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#67678 Joseph Barbera

Making cartoons means very hard work at every step of the way, but creating a successful cartoon character is the hardest work of all. .

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#67679 Joseph Barbera

Despite the rejection, and in violation of all the rules, I came back year after year. .

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#67680 Joseph Barbera

High-level, big-deal publicity has a way of getting old for me, but what never fails to thrill me is when I make personal appearances. .

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#67681 Joseph Barbera

Publicity gets more than a little tiring. You want it, you need it, you crave it, and you're scared as hell when it stops. .

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#67682 Joseph Barbera

My marriage had been impulsive. That marriage should have been short-lived instead of the 23 years it spanned. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about marriage
#67683 Joseph Barbera

Bill Hanna and I owe an awful lot to television, but we both got our start and built the first phase of our partnership in the movies. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about art
#67684 Joseph Barbera

I hope we don't get to the point where we have to have the cat stop chasing the mouse to teach him glassblowing and basket weaving. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about hope
#67685 Joseph Barbera

Los Angeles was an impression of failure, of disappointment, of despair, and of oddly makeshift lives. This is California? I thought. .

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#67686 Joseph Barbera

What about Mickey Mouse? Disney tried very hard to make him a star. But Mickey Mouse is more of a symbol than a real character. .

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#67687 Joseph Barbera

While I have never been a regular churchgoer, I'm anything but immune to the power and the majesty of the religious experience. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about power
#67688 Joseph Barbera

I don't know anyone who enjoys going to the hospital. To help remedy this, I got an idea to create what a Laugh Room in the pediatric ward of hospitals. .

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#67689 Joseph Barbera

I cannot say who, precisely, came up with the idea of a Stone Age family. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about family
#67690 Joseph Barbera

Not once in six years did I make it to the office by 9 on the dot. .

Joseph Barbera
#67691 Joseph Barbera

I have spent a lot of years on the outside looking in. .

Joseph Barbera
#67692 Joseph Barbera

I never got tired of Tom and Jerry, but I did have a dream of doing more with my life than making cartoons. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about life
#67693 Joseph Barbera

I was 82 years old before Who's Who thought I was enough of a big shot to do a piece on me. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about thought
#67694 Joseph Barbera

My last days at MGM were like the fall of the Roman Empire in fast motion. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about man
#67695 Joseph Barbera

One of the most attractive things about writing your autobiography is that you're not dead. .

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#67696 Joseph Barbera

What the real world of 1941 needed most was the release and relief provided by laughter. .

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#67697 Joseph Barbera

You keep pitching. Most of the pitches run wild. A few are caught. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about wild
#67698 Joseph Barbera

In those days, boxing was very glamorous and romantic. You listened to fights on the radio, and a good announcer made it seem like a contest between gladiators. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about man
#67699 Joseph Barbera

I hate fishing, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to hike when you can get in the car and drive. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about hate
#67700 Joseph Barbera

I learned long ago to accept the fact that not everything I create will see the light of day. .

Joseph Barbera Quotes about light
#68101 Carl Barks

I always felt myself to be an unlucky person like Donald, who is a victim of so many circumstances. But there isn't a person in the United States who couldn't identify with him. He is everything, he is everybody; he makes the same mistakes that we all make. .

Carl Barks Quotes about self
#68102 Carl Barks

I was never a Boy Scout, but oh, I wanted to be one when I was a kid about ten or eleven years old. But there wasn't anyplace where I could ever join the Boy Scouts. .

Carl Barks Quotes about want
#68103 Carl Barks

I read some of my stories recently and thought, 'How in the hell did I get away with that?' I had some really raw cynicism in some of them. .

Carl Barks Quotes about stories
#68104 Carl Barks

I've always looked upon the Ducks as caricature human beings. Perhaps I've been years writing in that middle world that J.R.R. Tolkien describes, and never knew it. .

Carl Barks Quotes about writing
#68105 Carl Barks

There was no difference between my characters and the life my readers were going to have to face. .

Carl Barks Quotes about life
#68106 Carl Barks

I enjoyed doing the gag covers better than the story ones because they were usually simpler. A cover based on an incident in the plot took a great deal of staging to tell a little story that was still part of the book. And it had to make sense on its own. .

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#132540 Will Eisner

Humor has historically been tied to the mores of the day. The Yellow Kid was predicated on what people thought was funny about the immigrant Irish. When you're different in a society, you're funny. .

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#132541 Will Eisner

A key to my thinking has always been the almost fanatical belief that what I was engaged in was a literary art form. That belief was compounded out of ego and necessity, I guess, a combination of the two. .

Will Eisner Quotes about art
#132542 Will Eisner

I want to point out to adults that there is a world of good material available to you now in comic form - in this medium - and learn to give it your support because the more you support it, the better the material will be as it comes out. .

Will Eisner Quotes about world
#154691 Jean Giraud

A legend - now I am like a unicorn. .

Jean Giraud Quotes about end
#154692 Jean Giraud

The comics were not only stories to enjoy; for me they were drawings that possessed me. .

Jean Giraud Quotes about joy
#154693 Jean Giraud

The computer is very good for me; I can magnify my work very easily. .

Jean Giraud Quotes about work
#154694 Jean Giraud

I started in 1957 when I sold my first story to a magazine. .

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#162244 Matt Groening

Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems. .

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#162245 Matt Groening

There's always room out there for the hand-drawn image. I personally like the imperfection of hand drawing as opposed to the slick look of computer animation. But you can do good stuff either way. The Pixar movies are amazing in what they do, but there's plenty of independent animators who are doing really amazing things as well. .

Matt Groening Quotes about good
#162246 Matt Groening

Sometimes people try to read into my strip and find out what my state of mind is. And I can say if I'm in a good mood, generally the comic strip starts out in a good mood, but the punchline is very negative and sour. .

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