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Comic Artist quotes

Life in Hell is a comic strip series, much of which has been collected into a series of books
Matt Groening books
Faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or going to the dentist, we generally tried to ride out the bad tooth.
Joseph Barbera choice
I always felt myself to be an unlucky person like Donald, who is a victim of so many circumstances. But there isn't a person in the United States who couldn't identify with him. He is everything, he is everybody; he makes the same mistakes that we all make.
Carl Barks self
Humor has historically been tied to the mores of the day. The Yellow Kid was predicated on what people thought was funny about the immigrant Irish. When you're different in a society, you're funny.
Will Eisner funny
A legend - now I am like a unicorn.
Jean Giraud end
Life is too short to be lived badly.
Marjane Satrapi live
Life at best is bittersweet.
Jack Kirby sweet
Perfect heroes are cool, but no one can really empathize or identify with them.
Masashi Kishimoto path
The message is that if you believe in what you create, its enjoyable and people will follow. The talented mangaka should know that; otherwise, no one would read or enjoy it. So believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is important.
Tite Kubo people
I love Marvel and the people there. Im glad Im still part of it.
Stan Lee love
The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. Hes dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that hes a hero the whole time.
Frank Miller time
The roots of the word anarchy are an archos, no leaders, which is not really about the kind of chaos that most people imagine when the word anarchy is mentioned. I think that anarchy is, to the contrary, about taking personal responsibility for yourself.
Alan Moore people
Hes dreaming with his eyes open, and those that dream with their eyes open are dangerous, for they do not know when their dreams come to an end.
Hugo Pratt dreams