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Physician quotes

I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.
Florence Nightingale success
The great fault of all ethics hitherto has been that they believed themselves to have to deal only with the relations of man to man. In reality, however, the question is what is his attitude to the world and all life that comes within his reach.
Albert Schweitzer life
Life is short, and Art long; the crisis fleeting; experience perilous, and decision difficult.
Hippocrates experience
My brother Jim and I spent many wonderful summers working on dairy farms in Wisconsin owned by Mom's cousins, and as members of our local Boy Scout troop.
Peter Agre work
The incorrectness and weaknesses of a theory cause other minds to formulate the problems more exactly and in this way scientific progress is made.
Robert Barany mind
On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned.
Christiaan Barnard world
The experimenter who does not know what he is looking for will not understand what he finds.
Claude Bernard men
I had found myself a new mission - and once more my recurring dilemma between corporate commercial needs and personal scientific ambitions was solved unexpectedly.
James W. Black self
In modern pharmacology it's so clear that even if you have a fixed dose of a drug, the individuals respond very differently to one and the same dose.
Arvid Carlsson you
The quality of life is more important than life itself.
Alexis Carrel life
It struck me what we should be trying to do was pluck the egg from the ovary and fertilise it in the laboratory. We could do this in animals increasingly... this was the way to go in the human species.
Robert Edwards man
The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed.
Samuel Hahnemann people
But what is more, if we have succeeded in adding to the basic understanding of our universe and ourselves, we will have made a contribution to the totality of human culture.
Haldan Keffer Hartline understanding
All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.
William Harvey
The goal of physiological research is functional nature.
Walter Rudolf Hess nature
Nature can refuse to speak but she cannot give a wrong answer.
Charles Brenton Huggins wrong
I hope that some day the practice of producing cowpox in human beings will spread over the world - when that day comes, there will be no more smallpox.
Edward Jenner hope
My intent was to carry out my duty as a doctor, to end their suffering. Unfortunately, that entailed, in their cases, ending of the life.
Jack Kevorkian life
The thyroid cells take up iodine with particular avidity and are able to store it up in great quantities.
Emil Theodor Kocher art
In the giraffe with a total height of 5 m., the heart is at a height of about 2.5 m., and it would be extremely interesting to know just how the giraffe avoids the development of filtration oedema in its long legs.
August Krogh art
Just as a mother finds pleasure in taking her little child on her lap, there to feed and caress him, in like manner our loving God shows His fondness for His beloved souls who have given themselves entirely to Him and have placed all their hope in His goodness.
Alphonsus Liguori love
I am a believer in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity.
Joseph Lister men
Good sense travels on the well-worn paths; genius, never. And that is why the crowd, not altogether without reason, is so ready to treat great men as lunatics.
Cesare Lombroso men
My only wish would be to have 10 more lives to live on this planet. If that were possible, Id spend one lifetime each in embryology, genetics, physics, astronomy and geology. The other lifetimes would be as a pianist, backwoodsman, tennis player, or writer for the National Geographic.
Joseph Murray life
Being a native of Spain, the country to which I owe much of my education and cultural background, I was deeply influenced by my great predecessor Santiago Ramon y Cajal.
Severo Ochoa education
Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.
Paracelsus age
The belief is growing on me that the disease is communicated by the bite of the mosquito... She always injects a small quantity of fluid with her bite - what if the parasites get into the system in this manner.
Ronald Ross belief
Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.
Jonas Salk dreams
Nothing can be found in the intellect if previously has not been found in the senses.
Michael Servetus intellect
The task of science is to stake out the limits of the knowable, and to center consciousness within them.
Rudolf Virchow science
νοῦς μὲν γὰρ μὴ σκεδαννύμενος ἐπὶ τὰ ἔξω μηδὲ ὑπὸ τῶν αἰσθητηρίων ἐπὶ τὸν κόσμον διαχεόμενος ἐπάνεισι μὲν πρὸς ἑαυτόν, δἰ ἑαυτοῦ δὲ πρὸς τὴν περὶ Θεοῦ ἔννοιαν ἀναβαίνει.When the mind is not dissipated upon extraneous things, nor diffused over the world about us through the senses, it withdraws within itself, and of its own accord ascends to the contemplation of God.vol. 1, p. 15
Basil of Caesarea god
My personal advice: lifetime no. It should allow for the rehabilitation of an athlete. This is a common principle of due justice.
Jacques Rogge life
I had the opportunity of making necropsies on patients dead from malignant fever and of studying the melanaemia, i.e., the formation of black pigment in the blood of patients affected by malaria.
Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran men
Progress depends on our brain. The most important part of our brain, that which is neocortical, must be used to help others and not just to make discoveries.
Rita Levi-Montalcini art