Snooker quotes

#176122 John Higgins

People have been to jail when they're innocent. I knew I would never miss a single ball on a snooker table on purpose and, until then, I was sure the evidence would support me. .

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#176123 John Higgins

It would be fantastic to have the two top-ranked players in the world playing out of the same club. .

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#176124 John Higgins

It was fantastic when I came into snooker, when tobacco was throwing lots of money at it, and even when they fell away we thought others would come in because of all the TV exposure. But it didn't happen. .

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#198642 Ronnie Osullivan

My dads method in his madness was to try every sport and then observe what I liked. I played football, tennis, golf, cricket but I loved my snooker. .

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