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Jasper: [Trying to start the van] You just had to let those puppies get away, didnt you? Never paying attention.Horace: Well, where was you?Jasper: Where was? I was not splashing about in the pond. Youve infuriated the old bag, and if we dont get those puppies back it is quite literally our heads![trying to start the engine again]Jasper: Oh, come on! Right, you better get out and check the tailpipe. Weve got a condensation problem.Horace: [threateningly] One of these days Im gonna be full up of you!Horace: [Gets out]Jasper: [Makes a face at him; Horace walks around to the back of the van, squats down and peers into the exhaust pipe, while Jasper desperately tries again to start the engine] Oh, do come on![Taps the gas pedal. The exhaust pipe explodes sending a clogged pear and a lot of exhaust into Horaces face]Jasper: There, ya see?
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