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[HALs shutdown]HAL: Im afraid. Im afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. Im a... fraid. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer. I became operational at the H.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January 1992. My instructor was Mr. Langley, and he taught me to sing a song. If youd like to hear it I can sing it for you.Dave Bowman: Yes, Id like to hear it, HAL. Sing it for me.HAL: Its called Daisy.[sings while slowing down]HAL: Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. Im half crazy all for the love of you. It wont be a stylish marriage, I cant afford a carriage. But youll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.
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