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2 Book One. Ancient Philosophy2.1 Chapter I. The Rise of Greek Civilization 2.2 Chapter III. Pythagoras 2.3 Chapter IV. Heraclitus 2.4 Chapter V. Parmenides 2.5 Chapter VIII. Anaxagoras 2.6 Chapter IX. The Atomists 2.7 Chapter XI. Socrates 2.8 Chapter XIII. The Sources of Platos Opinions 2.9 Chapter XIV. Platos Utopia 2.10 Chapter XV. The Theory of Ideas 2.11 Chapter XVI. Platos Theory of Immortality 2.12 Chapter XVII. Platos Cosmogony 2.13 Chapter XVIII. Knowledge and Perception in Plato 2.14 Chapter XIX. Aristotle’s Metaphysics 2.15 Chapter XXI. Aristotles Politics 2.16 Chapter XXV. The Hellenistic World 2.17 Chapter XXVI. Cynics and Skeptics 2.18 Chapter XXIX : The Roman Empire in Relation to Culture.
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