Gustave Flaubert

He was happy now, without a care in the world. A meal alone with her, a stroll along the highway in the evening, the way she touched her hand to her hair, the sight of her straw hat hanging from a window hasp, and many other things in which it had never occurred to him to look for pleasure -- such now formed the steady current of his happiness.

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Top 10 words of Gustave Flaubert

you 22.22%
Love 3.7%
true 3.7%
Pleasure 3.7%
stupidity 3.7%
democracy 3.7%
dream 3.7%
desire 3.7%
beautiful 3.7%
memory 3.7%

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Anger : 17.72 %
Fear : 16.46 %
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Sadness : 17.72 %
Disgust : 12.66 %
Surprise : 10.13 %

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