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Rhodey: As liaison to Stark Industries, I have a unique privilege of serving with a real patriot. He is my friend, and he is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present this years Apogee Award to Mr. Tony Stark![crowd applauds]Rhodey: Tony?[Stark is not present, so Stane approaches the stage]Obadiah Stane: [accepting the award] Thank you, Colonel. This is beautiful. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful. Well, Im not Tony Stark.[laughter]Obadiah Stane: But if I were Tony, I would tell you how honored I feel, and what a joy it is to receive this very prestigious award. Tony, you know, the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing - hes always working.[cuts to Stark playing craps in a casino]
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