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Your favourite virtue ... SimplicityYour favourite virtue in man ... StrengthYour favourite virtue in woman ... WeaknessYour chief characteristic ... Singleness of purposeYour idea of happiness ... To fightYour idea of misery ... SubmissionThe vice you excuse most ... GullibilityThe vice you detest most ... ServilityYour aversion ... Favourite occupation ... Book-wormingFavourite poet ... , , Favourite prose-writer ... Favourite hero ... , Favourite heroine ... Gretchen [Heroine of Goethe's ]Favourite flower ... DaphneFavourite colour ... RedFavourite name ... Laura, JennyFavourite dish ... FishFavourite maxim ... Nihil humani a me alienum puto [Nothing human is alien to me]Favourite motto ... De omnibus dubitandum [Everything must be doubted].

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