Kitchen Nightmares uncensored

Gordon: digging into the shepherds pie with his fork Its just a big ball of grease. eats it and grimaces Just very, very greasy. coughs and gags Oh, God! Thats disgusting.

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Top 10 words of Kitchen Nightmares uncensored

you 35.79%
food 6.32%
right 4.21%
help 4.21%
need 3.16%
want 2.11%
respect 2.11%
You 2.11%
Soul 2.11%
time 2.11%

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Anger : 22.22 %
Fear : 15.56 %
Joy : 15.56 %
Disgust : 17.78 %
Sadness : 17.78 %
Surprise : 11.11 %

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