Woody Allen

Allen: That's quite a lovely , isn't it?Woman: Yes, it is.Allen: What does it say to you?Woman: It restates the negativeness of the universe. The hideous lonely emptiness of existence. Nothingness. The predicament of man forced to live in a barren, godless eternity like a tiny flame flickering in an immense void with nothing but waste, horror, and degradation, forming a useless, bleak straitjacket in a black, absurd cosmos.Allen: What are you doing Saturday night?Woman: Committing suicide.Allen: What about Friday night?

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you 16.28%
want 9.3%
life 6.98%
bad 6.98%
live 4.65%
wife 4.65%
good 4.65%
idea 2.33%
happy 2.33%
being 2.33%

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Surprise : 13.58 %

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